Carevelle Hotel Trip HCMC

Today, we went to the Caravelle hotel because we were there to see how they recycle water, air con, and more! That hotel is the only hotel in HCMC to recycle water, wind, and plastic.

Here is a presentation of energy saving from Mr. Tim.

Another photo of mr. Tim showing the presentation.

Here is Gavin riding a bicycle to make electricity.

A photo of us at the heating system that creates cold air.

This machine is a ‘recycle waste water machine.’

Here’s us with the waste water recycle machine.

We are at the roof top watching the beautiful view of HCMC.

Here is 4DR taking a class photo.

Here is 4DR doing funny faces for class photo.


Looking at the waste water treatment area.

Learning Journey

In learning journeys we would show our parents what we did in school and show our learning skills.  One of them was the stream table, I the stream table showed what can happen to sediment and water, like changes are there damps, landslide, etc.  I showed my plan and the writing of my documentary.  I read a book to show the skills of my own.  Finally I showed my math test that I was proud of, pre-test was 0% and pro-test is 100% for difficult fraction solving.

Silk Painting

This is silk painting it’s where you paint on silk.  It took me a few days to make a silk painting. I liked the way I blend colors in and give a little texture from salt. My biggest challenge to trace with fabric paint on silk and not to get splat of fabric paint. If I  do it again then I’d be more careful and make the paint have better looking.

Cultural Fair

A cultural fair is a Vietnamese fair where there are 6 stations to learn about Vietnam culture. We had a cultural fair because in fourth grade our new super unit is called Viable Vietnam. The first station is about ao dai, ao dai is a Vietnamese traditional dress for boys and girls to wear in lunar new year and more events. The second station is playing a traditional flute made of bamboo, we could blow on them it was fun. The third station is the traditional game, this game was usually for farmers when they had break time they would play “O an Quan” in English is called “The game of squares” you can online about the game. Fourth station is about rice farming, we learned how rice is made and got to learn some facts about it: Vietnam is the world’s seventh largest rice consumer. Fifth station is the conical hats, we got to learned how the conical hat was made and we got to decorate the conical hats in class. The final but not least the sixth station, it’s about the fish sauce that Vietnam make, we were tasting three of fish sauce we dip in with small pieces of beef. From the least saltiest sauce to the saltiest one. The fact i learned from there is that ao dai is made from silkworm cocoon. My favorite station is the rice farming and fish sauce, so delicious!

Pottery Field Trip

I went to a pottery studio called ‘Spin & Gogh’ it was fun! Here are three things i learned how to do in the studio, I learned how to make a bowl with a wheel and clay. The second thing I learned is to make a box made out of clay and clay super glue. The final thing I learned is making a rose out of clay and super glue. My favorite part was when I was making the bowl. Here are some photos and video!!!

My G4 Exploration Station

I am proud of my class expo because I could present my work, and talk about how it will work. I am also proud of teaching my dad how to paint and draw Santa Clause because I wish to be an art teacher, and I can see how well is his drawing skills are. I am proud of all of those things i said because it was like being with a family for a fiesta.

Amazing Artist

I chose a artist that i like his name is Menace, he is a good artist. I think he is creating art by himself with his own strategy. What my favorite thing about Menace and his artwork is that it got that cool and awesome way to paint. His way of doing it is one good way of showing love to art. It made me feel so surprise because i never knew that we can paint with hands this way. check out his work down here!