IB Art Meeting

Last week, My class went to meet the IB’s ( High school students who love art ) and my parter up with them. We talked to Polly, She showed us a few of her artwork. Her first one was art drawing of beauty. I mean like she used acrylic paint and newspaper to make a beauty drawing. Beauty was her main point. The second one was moto print, it’s where they draw on the back of the paper and smooth out to print on the front with some colors. The last one is called soft kut, It when she has a clay platform and use the small knifes to carve the picture. Here is some photos of here artwork down below. The soft kut artwork is very smooth and beautiful, it makes me feel like I’m in heaven. I wish I could make art in heaven. What her medium she used is acrylic paint because it is easy to use and better to create texture.

Amelia Earhart

About Amelia EarHart

What did Amelia Earhart explore?

She explored about airplanes and new islands

What motivated her to explore?

It motivated her to explore about that because she learned about engines of airplanes and

to prove woman can go fly on airplanes and its not to risky

What characteristics did she show?

Her characteristics is brave, crazy, and inpirations

How did she go about exploring?

She took lessons, learned, and was inspired about airplane

Sleepover at SCHOOL!

Yesterday, we had a sleepover at school! I was excited! We got to make our mat for sleeping and eat restaurants across the street. After that we shower then played some games and went to sleep. The whole fourth grade stayed alive for the night, which is great! I liked the activities before bed and the dinner we had. When i was eating dinner, I ate some Vietnamese food and they were delicious and crunchy! It smell good. When we were playing silence ball, it was fun and quiet. While we were doing some quiet activity, i played with rainbow looms they were good for calming down and good to touch, the rubber bands felt very smooth and rubbery. The sleepover started pretty well. I liked it very much! I would like to say thank you to the people who helped us made this happen!


Thank you to: Ms. Ha, Mr. Hoa, Mr. James, Ms. Thy, Ms.Chau, Dr.Keller, Dr. Norkeliunus, Ms.Mandy, Ms. Regina, Mr.Alan, Mr.Steven, Ms. Ronzetti, Ms.Fox, Ms. Nicky, Nurse Thu, Ms. Sylvester, Mr. Ross, Mr. Edward

Special thanks to: Ms. Laura for being my BEST teacher roommate


G4 Talk Celebration!

Today we presented our topic on stage for our G4 talk. Me and my partner’s topic is about Screen Time. When we talk about it, at the same time I was nervous and confident. Before i went upstage I felt a bit nervous because I would be talking in front of a big audience. While I was upstage, I liked how I memorized my script and gestures. I think that how it went was good. I am proud of when I did eye-contact and smiling at the audience. I think what i could do differently is to make more expressions. I would like to say thank you for these people for helping us with our G4 talk!

Thank you to: Mr. Ross, Mr. Papasite, Ms. Ronzetti, Mr. Steven ,Mr. Hoa, Ms. Fox, Mr. Thanh, Ms.Yuki

Special thank you to: Rainver Romero for helping out doing the G4 talk together

The Touch Of Nerves

Have you ever felt something bad or good? Well, I did!! I did some games  about the nervous system with my group. The nervous system is where you feel something that goes through your nerves to brain back to the part you touched. What i found interesting to learn about is the spine and nerve cells are connected, because I got to learn that the nerve cells transfer the signal from the spine to the brain back down, without the spine you couldn’t feel anything. Try the games at home!! Down description!


Games About the Nervous System:

  1. Deer and the dark forest, How to play: 3 players at lease. One player will need a tail (can be a towel, napkin, or tissue for tail) and needs blind fold for the eyes, also that player needs to stand in the middle to sense the people around it and point and say “gotta”. The other players have to begin at the wall, then someone say “start” to begin. the players start sneaking to catch the one player’s Tail. if the one player sense you, you get caught, so be careful!!!
  2. Squeeze and sense, How to play: 3 players at least. Everyone sit on the floor and close their eyes. one player has a ball down. Everyone needs to hold hand, the first player squeezes the next player and if that next player feels it then squeezes the next player on and on and on until the last player gets the ball. ( Stopwatch more fun)