I think there are two different kinds of conflicts in this novel. The first important conflict is Morrie Vs.Lugaric Disease, and the second conflict might be Mitch Vs. himself. When Morrie gets Lugaric disease, he couldn't go to the clubs anymore, and he just has to fight with his own sickness until he dies. For Mitch, he forgets about the promise of contacting with Morrie after graduating College. He also gets irresponsible with his wife since he is so busy with reporting sport news. One day, Morrie comes out in TV talking about his sickness. Once Mitch watches that, he remembers what the promise was after graduating. I think that he feels quite sorry or sympathy for Morrie because he didn't keep in touch for years and his wife also thinks about breaking up with Mitch. So thats why another central conflict might be Mitch versus himself.

In the book Tuesdays with Morrie, Mitch is the protagonist (main character). At first he was irresponsible of his wife because he had a job of reporting sport stuffs so he rarely came home. Then, when he realizes Morrie (Mitch’s College Teacher) gets a Lugaric disease, he decides to take care of Morrie until he dies. Throughout the book, Mitch becomes more responsible and he changes the most. The reason I say that Mitch changes the most is because once he learns about love with Morrie, he automatically starts caring more of his wife, instead of writing/reporting more news about sports. 

Since Morrie gets a Lugaric disease, I would say that the antagonist is about death. I haven't finished the book yet, but I was able to see that his conditions were getting worse every week. One thing that made me predict that he's going to die is when Morrie asked to do a funeral while he's alive, it made me think that he is going to die soon. The reason why I say this is because maybe Morrie knows that he won't make it anymore. Throughout the book, I was able to analyze that Morrie was starting to more suffer from his sickness and it seems like he also had hard time every single day. 



During this swimming unit, I have learned many life saving things. I have learned how to use the ways to save the people, and also the equipment for lifesaving. I liked the technique where we had to use the long red tube to  reach the person who is drowning. In the swimming class, we played some games at the last 10-20 minutes. I liked Water-Pollo the best, because it is related to handball with soccer. I would give myself a 4 in a range of 1 - 5 for self assessment. I have participated, but misunderstood some things.

This is the digital version of CSI (Color Symbol Image). This CSI represents the word history, and I chose the color grey because it kind of looks like old and not modern. I think it is suitable to this word. Also for this symbol, I drew a pile of papers where they represents the evidences from the past. To the right, it is this image where this person writes all the evidences down.

I learned many things about design process that many different things can make the vehicle powerful, especially the balloon and the rubber ban. It depends on how big the balloon is, but of course, it is a lot more powerful if the balloon is bigger. If I had another chance to do this project again, I think I should use the balloon way, and the reason is because we have kind of wasted a lot of time of deciding whether we should do the rubber ban way or the balloon way. As a result, we had to test them all. Next time, I think I should use the balloon way.  I have learned that the Newton's Laws of Motion is really important to this type of project. First of all, I thought the only way the vehicle could move is using the motors and batteries, but using those laws, I have learned that strong forces can make the vehicles move by itself. If I had a related project to this kind of project, I want to try to make it fly. It might be hard, but I still want to give a try.

Using the Newton's 1st Law of Motion, we decided to use the rubber ban to make the force for the vehicle. Also based on Newton's 2nd Law of Motion, we will use the thick rubber ban for the bigger force. From this law we decided to create the vehicle’s main body with straws and used plastic caps as our wheels. Also we decided to use a thick rubber band to create stronger force so that the vehicle could accelerate faster. Newton’s third law states that if an object exerts force on a different object than the second object will exert the same amount of force in the opposite direction. Based on this law, and when we release the rubber ban, the vehicle will go forward, and it would exert the same force's amount with the opposite direction.

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Gravity is the force that attracts two different objects together, everything that has mas has gravitational pull. Friction is when two objects or surfaces exerts a force on each other, for example when the two surfaces are rubbing on each other causing friction. There are four types of friction: sliding friction, rolling friction, fluid friction and static friction.

Newton's 1st Law of Motion: An object will stay same unless acted upon by a nonzero net force, object moving at a constant velocity will move at a constant velocity unless acted upon by a nonzero net force

Newton's 2nd Law of Motion: acceleration of an object depends on it’s mass and net force who acts on it.

Newton's 3rd Law of Motion: If an object exerts a force with another object, the second object exerts a force of equal strength in opposite direction on the first object. It includes the acceleration of the object. 

For our process of making this vehicle, we are trying to use the balloon to make it go by itself using its own force, and we are trying to connect the end part of the balloon with the straw so that all the air doesn't go out suddenly and makes the vehicle go any direction. The wheels will be the bottle caps, but it will be a bit bigger than the usual ones.If I release the balloon, the vehicle will start going forward. 

Today in science class, we have been doing this thing called coding where we get to code things to let the objects move to different directions and etc. This was my first experience coding things. I had a lot of fun even though I got confused at the very first time I have tried it.

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          In a very fresh day, Hopkinsville Goblin came down from this triangular UFO. Hopkinsville Goblin’s visual aspect looked strange. First of all, their heads were really big, and their eyes were like flashlights which it made them easier to see at night. That My body started shivering, and for some reason, I wasn’t able to move. That’s how scared I was. Luckily, he was speaking English, even though I prefer Germen. He started asking me questions. He asked me

          “Why are your parents Protestant, but why are your grandparents Catholic?” It seemed awkward, because I was wondering if they just came to Earth just to check why my parents are Protestant and my grandparents are Catholic. One thing that seemed suspicious was that he was holding some kind of space guns or something. The gun seemed like it’s made out of some type of plastic, but it seemed like a gun which it can stun people in a second. I just wondered if he was going to shoot me or not. Anyways, I took him to the restaurant where the food was really good and toothsome. I didn’t know if it was okay for him to eat the food we eat on Earth. I ordered few buns with sausages, a box of crackers, and a cup of water. For total, I used all my money I had in my pocket. While the food is getting served, he asked me again. I didn’t really know what to say, because my parents said that Protestants are common because of this guy called Luther. I kinda had a brief idea about that guy. I have heard about him from my dad. I just said

          “I don’t really know what to say, but I think my grandparents didn’t have chance to read Luther’s thoughts or one of his books he have published.”

          “As far as I know, printing presses were every where, but why didn’t they have chance to read it?”

          “Maybe they were in another region where there weren’t that much printing presses.”

          “What? There were a lot more than 200 printing presses, there is a incredibly low chance that people will not see Luther’s thoughts!”

          “Another reason might be that the protests has started when my parents grew up.. and I think my grandparents didn’t have chance to join the Protestant.”

          “Oh.. but then didn’t your parents tell about that to your grandparents?”

          “I don’t think so… I think was too late for them to become Protestant. Also, since my grandparents were keep going to their own church, they were keep buying bibles to not let themselves to become Protestant.” As soon as I answered his question, the signal from that gigantic red UFO started giving annoying sounds which it kind of sounded like farting.  I guess it was time for him to go back to his own planet. Just in case if I need his help, I got his UFO barcode, and the telephone number. In 20 seconds, the whole field has changed to this crop circle which it looked so cool. Even though he ruined my farm, it looked so amazing that it kind of looked like an eyeball. He flew away to space at 8: 27pm. It was very dark, and cold.