Astronomy Reflection

How was the International Space Station made?

Building the International Space Station is like living in it and constructing it. The step of making the

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International Space Station is really complex since it weighs 450,000 kilograms. Therefore people has to send rockets to the space station and attach/dock it to the space station to make a part of it. So there are about 80 rockets that were attached together to make the International Space Station. Now the space station is about 72.8 meters in length, 108.5 meters in width, and 20 meters for height.


How is the lifestyle like in the space station?

The lifestyle in the International Space Station is similar to the lifestyle that we use. However it is slightly different. First when the wake up they brush their teeth with the tooth brush but they do not spit out the tooth past after and they just swallow it. Now people might ask how they shower on the

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space station. But the answer is that you simply do not shower because since there are really low amount of gravity in space that the water will just float around and make a mess. Therefore they use water and towel to wipe their body and face. Next the food in the space station is the same as ours but it is just packed in plastic bags. So some of the bags they will have to heat it up and some they would just be able to cut them open. Now the most important thing to do in the space station is this is really exercising. This is important because in space your muscles might shrink so this is one of the daily routine of the people on the space station. Last but not least when people sleep in the space station they use a sleeping bag and go in to their small room. But they would not have to lie down or anything because they would not have a sense of lying down on space.

What do they research about at the space station?

The space station was meant for people to research. The International space station is a great place

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to research because of the surrounding they give. Which is the micro gravity surrounding. Therefore people can research and experiment things and sometimes the experiment will give a different solution as what they experimented on Earth. Also on the space station they circle around the Low Earth Orbit (LEO) and they research of it and they observe what is happening.




In science class we started a new topic called astronomy. There are many different types of subjects in astronomy and we had to choose one and reseach about it. So for this astronomy project I decided to research about the International Space Station (ISS). At first I did not even know if the International Space Station was at space or at Earth. But now I know a lot about it. For example the most surprised thing I figured out for the ISS was the lifestyle and how they built the Rocket. I thought it was just 1 rocket that was sent to the space but late on I figured out that it was 80 rockets together and I was surprised about their food because I thought it would be in a different form (in a liquid form) but I didn’t know that it was possible for them to have the same type of food but just in a different packing system. Moreover I enjoyed working on this topic because I am curious of how it feels like to be on space and the structure of the place. I enjoyed working on finding out about their lifestyle because as I said before I want to know how it is like to be at space.

This is my presentation about the International Space Station (Watch in full screen):

SLC Reflection 8

What went well?

I think my reflections were good because my parents liked it. This went well because I think I spent a lot of time for it. For example for my science blog I worked hard on and my parents liked it because it was long and detailed.

What did you struggle with?

I struggled with my examples because some of the examples was pecha kucha so I had to show my parents only. Moreover I was struggling with my examples because some of them were videos and I could not show them.

What can be done to improve this?

Next time I can provide more examples so that I could show my parent more of what I learned at school.

Chinese Reflection 2015

2015 April SLC question for SLC

Describe one of your best successes in this class. What did you do to make it so successful?

The most success I had is the weather. I had most success there because I could memorize the word easily because i had studied this before. I think I succeeded in this  topic because I knew most of the words. And also I was successful because I studied Chinese weather a lot.

Describe a challenge you faced in this class. What did you do to overcome that challenge?

The challenge I had is memorizing the Restaurant script. We had to do a project and video about a guest ordering food. I had a hard time memorizing the food name. However I overcame the challenge by repeating the word over and over again.


Weather Project

In the weather project we learned how to say things related with weather. For example 天气 tian qi mean weather in Chinese. Therefore in this video we made a video of a Chinese weather forecast. I learned a lot of things in this topic because there are a lot of types of weather.

weather video

Chinese Restaurant Project

In this project we learned about Chinese cuisine. We use 2 dishes and made a video with a guest asking to order a food. Moreover I learned a lot about Chinese cuisine. Before this project I did not know how many types of dishes there were but after I know there are a lot of types.

Chinese Restaurant

Sickness Project

In Mandarin class we are learning about sickness. And we are doing a project where we have to act out something related to sickness. So my group is Andy.N, Lauren, Celine, and me. We first choose roles so Celine is the doctor, Lauren is the sick person, Andy N is the pharmacist, and I am the sick persons brother. After we wrote our script we practiced our script which was the hard part because it is hard to memorize other country languages. However I think our script is good because we have 3 different scenes and everybody has an equal amount of speaking time.



Celine – witch doctor 一生

Lauren – sick person 病人

Roh. – sick person’s older brother 病人的哥哥

Noh. – pharmacist 药剂师


Story: Once upon a time, Jackie Lulu was sick, headache, and coughing. Jackie Lulu’s friend took her to the witch doctor (Celine), where she was diagnosed with a high fever (101 degrees F) and recommended to rest for two weeks. Lauren’s friend immediately called her manager to tell him that she was sick and could not attend to her important concert practice.




Andy R: 你好吗?

Lauren: 我不好。

Andy R: 为什么?

Lauren: 我不舒服。我的头很痛还有我咳嗽。

Andy R: 你要不要去看医生?

Lauren: 我要,谢谢。

Andy R: 好。



Andy R。:您好。我的朋友不舒服。她早上头痛和咳嗽。

Celine:我来量一下体温。(checks her forehead)

她生病了,发烧。 她的体温是摄氏四十度。



Lauren: 医院的药房在哪里?

Celine: 药房在那里. (points to pharmacy)

Lauren: 谢谢,再见!

Celine: 再见!



Andy N: 你好! 我可以帮你吗?

Lauren: 可以。我需要吃药。我生病了,发烧。

Andy N: 每天早上饭前你吃一粒药。(gives the medicine)

Lauren: 多少钱?

Andy N: 一百美元。

Lauren: 谢谢,再见。

Andy N: 再见,祝你快快康复。


Andy R: Nǐ hǎo ma?

Lauren: Wǒ bù hǎo.

Andy R: Wèishéme?

Lauren: Wǒ bú shūfú. Wǒ de tóu hěn tòng hé wǒ késòu.

Andy R: Nǐ yào bùyào qù kàn yīshēng?

Lauren: Wǒ yào, xièxiè.

Andy R: Hǎo.



Andy R.: Nín hǎo. Wǒ de péngyǒu bú shūfú. Tā zǎoshang tóutòng hé késòu.

Celine: Wǒ lái liàng yīxià tǐwēn.(Checks her forehead)

tā shēngbìngle, fāshāo. Tā de tǐwēn shì shèshì sìshí dù.

Lauren: Wǒ qù yào bù qù yào chī yào?

Celine: Xūyào. Nǐ yīnggāi měitiān chī yào hé xiūxí liǎng xīngqí.

Lauren: Yīyuàn di yàofáng zài nǎlǐ?

Celine: Yàofáng zài nàlǐ. (Points to pharmacy)

Lauren: Xièxiè, zàijiàn!

Celine: Zàijiàn!



Andy N: Nǐ hǎo! Wǒ kěyǐ bāng nǐ ma?

Lauren: Kěyǐ. Wǒ xūyào chī yào. Wǒ shēngbìngle, fāshāo.

Andy N: Měitiān zǎoshang nǐ  fàn qián chī yī liyào.(Gives the medicine)

Lauren: Duōshǎo qián?

Andy N: Yībǎi měiyuán.

Lauren: Xièxiè, zàijiàn.

Andy N: Zàijiàn, zhù nǐ kuài kuài huīfù.

Lifesaving Skills

There were different type of lifesaving. We learned the reach rescue which you have to pull the person will an object.The second life saving was rear and rear rescue is when you go behind the person with a object between you and that person and you have to pull then. The last rescue is the front rescue when you go in to the water and give the person an object to hold on. My favorite rescue technique is reach rescue because it is really safe. My favorite game in P.E was water polo without the tubes because it is a team game. If I had to rate myself out of 10 of my effort then it would be 8/10 because I was sick and I missed a lot of classes.swimpicture

Andy Roh – CSI (History)

For my social studies we started our CSI project (color, symbol, image). CSI is basically you choose a color, symbol, and image for 1 word. Therefore I chose the word  “history”. I chose 3 colors which are old newspaper color (sand color) , soften color (blueish
green), and unsweetened (black). I chose these colors because it makes the theme really old and mystery. I chose a hourglass for a symbol because it represents time and I think it can represent going back to time because when you flip it then it starts over. The image I chose a clock with arrows going back because history is a study of the past.

Newton Law of Motion-3

Our vehicle is in the final stage. We tested it our few times but we noticed that the wheels moved too much which also means that there is too much friction. Therefore our group hot glued the wheels to the straw so that it would not have a lot of frictionNewton Vehicle Part 1 - Riko, Tina, and Andy R - Final Model. However overall our vehicle is in good shape so we do not plan on changing it. Maybe we might add more tape to the vehicle so that the balloon stays still. Also the thing we might need to modify is on the straws because it moves a lot so we might find a way to make the straw have less movement.


In my opinion our vehicle is using all 3 newton law of motion. So I think we are confident that our vehicle will go at least 1.5 meters. But looking at our vehicle it is accomplish able because according to the second newton law of motion if the mass is lighter then it would be easier to push and our vehicle is easier to push because it is really light. Also according to the third newton law of motion if something pushes harder then what the opposite side is pushing then it will go. Therefore our balloon will exert out air and it will go further because it has stronger force coming out than the air out side. In conclusion I think our vehicle is really successful.

Newton Vehicle Project-2

Our rough model for out project used cardboard as a base. We had to cardboard pieces that we could sandwich together and at the middle we mad 2 laneNewton Vehicle Part 1 - Riko, Tina, and Andy R - Models for our straws so go threw. Then we added 4 wheels. However our groups main problem was how we could use the balloon and at first we connected the straw and the balloon and unfortunately it did not go far. Therefore we changed our plan and it was just to stick the balloon on the vehicle with 2 hard tapes. When we changed plans our vehicle went over 1.5 meters so we basically succeeded. The problems we had was that the tape was not sticky enough. So I think that our group will stick on the plan of sticking the balloon on the vehicle directly and not use a straw. In my opinion I think that the straw doesn’t work because there is not enough air that pushes out at once to make our vehicle move . Overall our vehicle is using the 3rd law of motion because the air pushing our of is stronger than the air outside and that is why our vehicle moves and it would not move if there was equal force of air out side and inside the balloon according to the newton’s third law of motion.


Newton Vehicle Project-1

In our science class we started the newton vehicle project. And the main rule is to use materials to make the vehicle move. Newton Vehicle Part 1 - Riko, Tina, and Andy R - DiscoveryHowever we are not allowed to use a motor or give the vehicle a slight push. Also the vehicle has to travel 1.5 meters. At first I thought it would be really hard for a vehicle to move without a motor. But during the discovery stage my group thought of a good idea which is to use the balloon.  Therefore we are using the newton’s third law of motion because the air is push to the air out side and the air inside is stronger so it will move forwards. At the interpretation stage we thought of the newton’s second law of motion. So we decided that the vehicle to be  light weighted because the newton’s second law of motion tells us thatNewton Vehicle Part 1 - Riko, Tina, and Andy R - Interpretation the acceleration of an object depends on the mass of the object. Therefore if we make our vehicle light then it would go really far and fast. Furthermore we thought of the newton’s first law of motion and we are also using that because the air from the balloon is moving the vehicle that is not moving. After we planed our whole idea we
up our design. Our design was a cardboard vehicle. The base of our design is the cardboard, then we will have 4 wheels (pringles cap), then we will have a straw taped to the cardboard and attached to the balloon. So the main idea of our vehicle is the force of air pushing out will create movement.



Hour of Code

Today in class we did coding. For me I thought coding was really fun because we could change a game just by changing the code.  The first thing I did was to move the angry bird to jump on the pig then at the end I worked on flappy bird. In flappy bird I designed my game so that it is really hard. I think this was a good experience because coding/programming is important in your life. There are many time you will use coding in your life for example if you want to make a game then you have to start learning coding.  code