ART Chair Evaluation

My honest opinion on my chair when I finished it was a little disappointing. I wanted and planned to do all this work in our 2-3 months we had but as I worked, I slowly figured out that I couldn’t finish every little detail I planned on doing. For example, I planned on making over 15 tentacles. So in each corner/point of view, someone could view something different. Even with some disappointment, I learned a lot of things from this unit. Not just design and technique, I even learned some life lessons that are important like, practice, time management, planning, and adaptation and perseverance through a long project.

A weird but really cool app we used was 30 hands

Rebuild 3

Day 24

December 4, 2:52 pm

Eco-dome: Failure

Skip because of reason.



Since we didn’t have any observations to refer to, We build another eco dome just for the sake of it. We added in a big plant that looks like a bush. This gives the plant lots of food. We also put my eco dome under the sun this time, giving the plant food to produce oxygen. Also, we added 4 crickets. Unfortunately, 1 died right after we put them in, because of cannibalism.


Things you did well

  • abseiling
  • Packing
  • Making new friends

Things you could improve on

  • Get more sleep
  • get more plastic bags
  • Bring appropriate clothes

Things you enjoyed

  • Being with friends
  • Eating
  • Being myself

Things you did not do enjoy

  • People stealing our food


Rebuild 1

Eco-Dome Day 4

November 9th

Eco-Dome: Success

After 4 days of staying inside the container, one of the crickets died, but the other still survived. The one that was dead had already died a long time ago. The one that was still alive moved slowly, exhaustingly. I knew it was gonna die, so I opened it, but it jumped around when the container was open, which was a little bit thug life.


1st Rebuild


Observations of Eco-Dome:

  • Dirtier than before
  • The grass had dried out and it’s dying.
  • One of cricket is dead
  • Plants are normal
  • The container is moisturized
  • Apple pieces are rotten
  • Leaves decomposing


Things I’ll do in rebuild:

  • Don’t make it too complex
  • Change food source to plants
  • Make eco-dome smaller
  • Balance amount of soil and mult

Eco Dome Day 1: The start of something new

Eco-Dome Day 1

November 6,

In this unit, we are to create an eco-dome to help our crickets survive for a week. Phu and I could use anything in it, but the only specific requirement was that the container had to be sealed. These are the materials that we used

This is our first sketch of what we were going to do. We planted plants in the container so the crickets could get oxygen

Specific Component:

  • 2 lock container
  • Mult
  • Black Soil
  • Grass
  • 4 Plants
  • 2 Crickets
  • 40 apple pieces

We decided to use these components for various reasons. For example, we had planned out to use one strong cricket and one that was just average. We did this because if they ran out of food they could fight each other and eat their body.

What we put inside the box

Component Amount includes Reasoning Daily Observations
Boxes 2 The thing to hold the eco-dome all together The inside of the boxes gets moisturized.
Crickets 2 The main object of the challenge 1 cricket died and the other is still alive.
Plants 4 To produce oxygen in the eco-dome The plants are very healthy and standing.
Leaves 4 Food source for the crickets to eat. The leaves got bitten by the crickets.
Pieces of apple  40  Another food source for the crickets to eat.  The apple pieces turn yellow and dry out.
Mult Box 1: Rises 5cm highBox 2: NONE The soil to make the plant and grow better and to produce nutritions. The mult stay the same, but a little bit moisturized.
Tube 1 To connect the box together. Nothing happened to it.
 Black soil Box 1: Rises 2cm highBox 2: Rises 4cm high The soil to make the plant and grow better and to produce nutritions. The soil also gets a little bit moisturize.


This video show how Korea, Vietnam, and Japan are growing in economics and GDP. I thought it was interesting that Vietnam was going down the same path of Korea. I also,  thought it was interesting that Korea was improving really fast in the 1980s. I think this will make better decisions later in life because I can see that Vietnam is still growing to become a better country. I wonder how Korea started to get better very quickly.  

This video called “Don’t Panic” was about human poverty. The Hanz is talking about human poverty and how it’s improving. There are lots of countries that are still improving. It shows I have to appreciate poor countries that are still improving. How are we going to set these goals?


Dragon’s Apprentice Tips

In this video, we were giving tips about what to do when you’re preparing for the sale day. In the video, it had to have 2 main categories, 3 things you should do, and clear appeal. My group and I made 3 things all groups should do. Stay on task, Work together with team members, and friendly disagreements. In the video, we would have what you should do and what you shouldn’t. For example, “Stay on task” we showed what you should do, in this case, it was notes on science, but there was also a part where he was off task and watching youtube. For some comedy, Hyunseo slapped Valdi because he was off task. I had lots of fun making it because I was directing the video and I could suggest what we should do in the clips. I could relate this experience with my P.E video that showed how much sugar was in a drink. This relates exactly to that experience because I had fun making everything because I could put clips that I thought were necessary for the video, but that doesn’t mean that I did everything well. One thing I need to work on is remembering things because I forgot that this reflection was due. I think this experience was another Learning Journey for me because I have so many things I need to work. For example, procrastinating, remembering due dates, and talking to a teacher.  In conclusion, this was another part of my Journey to success.  


Swimming Reflection

First I did freestyle, I think my arms have god form since my arms are reaching my waist, but I think I need to work on my legs because I was relying on my arms to give the trust instead on my legs. In result, I was very tired by the time I was at the end of the pool. Next, I did breaststroke, my stroke started slow and paced is too fast. Towards the end, I speed up really fast and didn’t glide through the water. My arms are not reaching my pectoral muscles and not give the full force I can give to the water while I’m swimming. I think know I should focus on form instead of focusing on speed and finishing the task.Last but not least backstroke, I think my arms were better than my legs since I was only thinking about my arms. While I was swimming I would stop because my legs were kicking in different directions. In result, while I was swimming backstroke I was very uncomfortable.I think this video showed what I should do with my forms.


Science Blog post

In the Water filter Design project, we had four tries to get 15 ml of pure water from our designs. Although this project was small we were imagining that this was going to help the NGO of Vietnam.

In my groups first trial, we made a filter by cutting a PVC tube in half and putting a cloth under it. Then we glue the tubes back together. This would collect the dirt out of the water. After that, we glued magnets to the outside of the PVC tube so it would collect the iron out of the water. As we were finishing the filter we noticed that we didn’t think about the salt and acid that was mixed into the water. So we had to scrap the idea.  

In our second trial, we aimed for a totally different design. We used a bottle and tried heating up so the water will evaporate (while the water was evaporating the iron, dirt, acid, and salt would stay behind). We thought it would melt so we used a metal plate to reduce the heat. Then we put a glass beaker inside the bottle so it would collect the water. After a few minutes, the bottle started to smell, so we stop before things got out of hands.

In our third trial, we change the plastic bottle to a glass beaker so it wouldn’t melt. after we changed the material we did the same procedure as the last trial by putting a glass beaker inside the bigger glass beaker. As we waited for the whole class period we only collected 3ml of water.

In our fourth and final trial, we wrapped plastic wrap on top of our beaker so none of the water would evaporate into thin air. Like the third trial, we kept the glass beaker design. After 30 minutes we took it out and we had 15ml of clean water, to see if it wasn’t acidic we use the indicator solution to find out and we had green which meant that we clean water that was drinkable

After this project, I was really proud of my teammates because we kept improving our design. This lead to us getting 15ml of clean water. 


Digital Poetry

The digital poetry was a fun to do, but that doesn’t mean there were some bumps along the road. One challenge I faced was the pictures. I could find the right photos for my descriptions, that was a big deal because the whole video was constructed with photos about running.

Although, I had some problems, I still think that I did a good job on using different tones of voices in different periods of the poem. Overall, if I could change one thing, I would change my time I was speaking because I was only talking for 23 seconds of the video.