PE 7

This year in PE, my favourite activity I’ve done was swimming. I enjoyed swimming more than sports doing on land. The sports doing on land was about running and I liked doing sports in water because we couldn’t sweat by the cold water and move faster than running on land. I started learning swimming since I was 7 years old and I was comfortable on doing any strokes. Swimming also cures part of the body that I’m hurt. But I get more tired and hurt during soccer or racquet activities.

My goal for fitness is expanding more health so I won’t be tired running just 100 meters. I’m actually fast at doing small distance but as it goes, it is too hard to run 1.2 km every PE classes. Also, I need speed for unless going faster and reach to the end in a small amount of time. One more goal I was thinking was have more power and strength. To reach the goal, I’m doing 1 minute planking and 15 push ups every day.

I am reaching my goal outside the school is doing running machine on the gym and grabbing 4kg dumbbell in each hand. I also run many times around Crescent Mall for expanding health with speed. But I was very tired just doing those things so I have extra activities of prolonging health by doing clarinet or swimming. That helps for the cooperation of moving my body and breathing every time when I’m tired. So even though I don’t have, time I do once in week to reach my goal.

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