Where and how does the living things interact? Attempt 3

Nov.28th Day 25 Attempt 3

The third attempt had the same result as the second attempt because both of the grasshoppers were founded dead floating around the water. The water covered the ground and also smelled more. We’ve tried the same function of ecodome except closing the holes tightly that the water doesn’t flow to the ecodome as the second trial to see if there is a difference, but didn’t have any. I’ve used the same plant as the first and second attempt, and completely rotten after over amount of water and the smell.

After me and Yeojoon cleaned the ecodome container, there was fungi growing on the dimension of the plastic container hiding from the soil. Even seeing on with our eyes, the ecodome that we made was hard to live(no ground because of the muddy soil, plants dead, creatures drowning with no hydrogen available). Our last attempt is trying to save both 2 grasshoppers and with a different construction by only using ecodome, we are going to include soil, plant, and water at the same place.


  • The grasshopper founded dead with its body colored brown
  • The soil mixed with water
  • A plant grew when the water was locked in the soil
  • Leftovers from the soil are floating around

Where and how does living things interact? Attempt 2

Nov.15th Day 14 Attempt 2

Our group input the same amount of soil on the ecodome, both with the same plant. We also glued the part with the tunnel and the ecodome that was separated a part and made a whole so that the water leaked out, also put the same amount of grasshoppers. We put more water on the water tank because we thought that some water will be mixed with the soil so it would be muddy, that won’t help, so put extra amount for better hydrogen supply.

As the result of observation we’ve seen, the grasshoppers didn’t eat sunflower seeds at all, so we excluded sunflower seeds and cobble stone that was useless for grasshoppers to live. We waited for the same the same days as before. The result was 2 grasshoppers founded dead floating on the top of the water. The water tank flowed too much water to the ecodome that smelled very much when it was mixed with soil and also the root of the plants almost died.

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  • Grasshopper founded dead bleeding some
  • Water mixed with soil
  • Moss looking at the corner of the container
  • Bubble of dirt floating around the water

Debate Reflection

  1. From the research, preparation and the debates themselves, what did you learn about the art of persuasion? Please explain.

Persuade means to change people’s mind. A strong sentence could break the wall of choosing and get into their part to make a stronger sentence. So to persuade people, we need better explanation than other groups, also need more evidence and analysis that has no weakness to be attacked.

  1. How do you establish credibility as a debater? Explain fully.

I think during the debate, there were some unexpected counterattacks, but my creativity also made that counterattack into a weaker advocacy to their teams. Also, I’ve used highly expected vocabulary so people would judge me into more advanced perspective as a debater.

  1. What surprised you the most about your debate and/or the debate experience?

I thought that debate was based on fighting on speaking, but first, we get to show our idea, and also hear other people’s idea. So it was great to counterattack them, but also very uncomfortable of defending their counterclaims. Also, I knew that there was a time limit for our speeches and the judges get to judge our ability and manners during the debate.

  1. What were you most proud of in your own debate?

I was very proud of getting my speech very clear with providing evidence and analysis, including numbers. Ours were based on antibiotics, we basically included the 5 w’s that could be listed into a lot of ideas, but picked 1 specific one that could easily show my statement.

  1. What would be your next steps? Or in other words, what would you have done differently?

I could have done differently starting with my speaking, I think I could not mumble what to say. Also speak more louder and exclude such things as uhhmm, or other sounds that stops my statement waste more time to speak.

Peer Assessment

Kelly Peer AssessmentKyle Peer AssessmentSelf Peer Assessment


Art Reflection

We’ve been working the whole art project with the the New York students from Commack Middle School. We communicated them by using Edmodo or Skype call. In Edmodo, we’ve shared our pictures we’ve pictured, drawn or paint. Our main topic for the semester was the endangered animals. For the endangered animals, we were given a letter with a partner so our group(included San) did letter G. In letter G, we picked on the Green Sea Turtle and did the work on there for about 1 and a half month. I was drawing the turtle, San was doing the background, and the NY student partner was doing the verse that was a G alliteration. When we were done of our own job, we added them on Superimpose and made the final job for Green Sea Turtle.

After doing the G project, I moved myself to Letter U, which was to only draw an umbrella bird, the other NY student was doing the background, and made extra umbrella bird. We’ve been doing all the jobs with our NY friends and I think it was a great project to know the reality of endangered animals, improve our drawing skills and making new friends from another country.



Where and how does living things interact? Attempt 1

Nov. 2nd Day 1 Attempt 1

We put one quarter amount of soil and cobble stone on the bottom of the ecodome. Then we put a plant that supplies oxygen for 2 grasshoppers and attach its body in the leaf instead of the soil. Also, me and my partner included sunflower seeds that is edible for the grasshopper not just suppling water for living. For the last construction, we attached a tunnel on the side and the tunnel was the connect between a water tank and the ecodome that supplies hydrogen around the air or let them drink.

After we left the 2 grasshoppers for few days in the ecodome, one of them died coloured with their body in brown. It also bleed after its body went into smithereens. The theory we considered that one of them died is because that the sand and the water was mixed that lacked of space living on ground, also had polluted hydrogen supplied. A miracle scene, the another one barely lived hiding through the leaf, evident that it ate some leaf with shown by the teeth print.


  • Plants are being eaten by the bite
  • Hydrogen attached to the container
  • Plants living healthy by the support of water
  • Root being spotted by soil



Endangered Animal Collaboration Art

When I was doing about my endangered animal collaboration, I chose to do an animal called Dugong. Dugong is one of the marine life that the cause of their endanger is illegal catching and boat accidents. Marine lives are hard to be taken care and also seals are are existed in small amounts.

The second endangered animal collaboration was doing with my G group partner that contained me, San and the NY friends. Starting with animal G, we worked on the Green Sea Turtle, also one of the endangered marine life. While my NY friend was working on the verse of the alliteration of G, I was drawing the animal and San was working for the background. As the final post, we are going to put them together to show the description(alliteration verse) of the turtle on the background.


ELA Semester 1 SLC

During our semester 1 ELA class, we did small activities and big activities. Sometimes, we did in big or small group, and also did independently. My biggest assignment was making the newspaper. I chose the topic about left VS right. I was good about the information of left, right and both handed, but I thought I wrote too much in a way as a scientific article rather than a newspaper.

I learned how we could research information the way we wanted to. The researching skills helped me get a reliable source and citations about the source.

Revolutionary Thinkers Project Reflection

<img src=”Minimalist Poster“>

<img src=”Minimalist Poster>


↪How did it go conducting research? Triumphs? Challenges?

My triumph was finding citations about Robert Hooke because he was famous for cells and microscope, so even not biography, but also books like Lecture of Springs or Micrographia contains information about him. My challenge was distinguishing what paragraph should go in the box.

↪What did you learn about yourself when you had to take notes?

I learned to paraphrase long articles and a long sentence into a word. Also, the key point of taking notes is picking advanced words throughout the article and using them as the main point of the paragraph.


<iframe src=”Research Notes>


↪ What insights did you gain about narrative hooks that you may not have been so aware of before?

The insights I’ve gained about narrative hooks are the most important sentence to persuade or to give more interests to the audiences to be heard and give informations. I also wrote on facts that people didn’t really know or the fact that wasn’t shown in Internet without real research in books. 

↪What narrative hooks did you experiment with in your writing?

I experimented a hook that was a fact that most people wouldn’t know for example if they didn’t see the picture of the flea. I depicted the photos from a book called Micrographia that showed pictures into cells of small creatures we couldn’t see. Also, I started with questions that people couldn’t answer because it was too hard to be answered or because they have never thought about it.

<iframe src=”Final Draft>


↪What discoveries did you encounter as you were vlogging?

Vlogging helped me read out loud the whole paragraph what I wrote for Revolutionary Thinkers Project. It helped me edit what I needed to and also understand more of what I wrote. As I was reading through all of the paragraphs, I also encountered partner’s paragraph to be refixed and give more information.


↪What is your BIGGEST TAKEAWAY (BIGGEST LEARNING) from our Revolutionary Thinker’s Project?

My biggest takeaway learning was based on during in the Scientific Revolutionary era, lots of scientists made more advanced thinkings than what people thought before and the science that was discovered and proved that time was influenced until the present times. Also, because spontaneous things happen around the world, scientists who have curiosity about it could have found out the mystery. For instance, about the gravitation, if Newton didn’t notice for the apple on the tree falling to the ground, he won’t have found if gravity existed in the world.

<iframe src=”Zine“></iframe>



Scientific Revolution

Bacon, was a gifted writer born in 1561 in a wealthy and well-connected family in London. As a time when it was unusual for women to be educated, her mother learned Latin and Greek as well as French and Italian. As the very young age of 12, Francis Bacon was sent to Trinity College, part of Cambridge University. When his father died, learning the family prevailers, he returned home and support his family by practicing law. When Queen Elizabeth I was appointed him as Lord Treasurer in 1572, Bacon became one of the most powerful men in England. Although Bacon made no original scientific discoveries, he was influential to what we think about science.

I chose this description as important because Bacon was the man who was very powerful, but followed scientific ideas like the genius thinks the same. He fought with many non sense about god’s logic and made it by the scientific revolution by showing many proofs. So I think he was one of the important man for the scientific revolution.