How South Korea Conquered North Korea Without an War


Full of fear, the rabbit paddled and struggled, got his head up and took a breath, scrabbled his claws against rough bricks under water and lost them again as he was dragged on. The military of US came to defeat the dictatorship in North Korea. He was the next president of Kim Jong Un. He was scared so he ran with some of his army. But the problem was the military of US had no weapons. So they had no way to kill all of them.

Then the minister who was the lobster found a hole. He felt anxious because the hole looked over 3km deep. Il When he looked the hole under, the hole sucked all of the US armies and they felt to the past. When they were falling, there was like a red tornado making them turn and turn so they felt to the ground and went straight to the hospital to fix their broken ankle bone. They went around the city and saw a huge amount of militaries with missile and tank. Then the minister found a person with a hairy mustache and an eye that looked like a cat. The person attacked innocent people and killed them.

That time, WW2 was happening.  With the huge amount of armies, US military stole the 200 tanks, guns and bombs. They assassinated Hitler and got the reward. With the reward, they bought, they went back to the present and rode the motorbike they stole. After 10 minutes riding it, they saw only 100 armies of North Korea being exhausted. The others were dead because of starving. So the US armies bombed them and arrested the rabbit dictator. He was caught by the slave of Barack Obama and South Korea took North Korea.