Have You Been to the Land of Dead?


Directed by Lee Unkrich

Release Date: October 27th, 2017 (Mexico)

Main Characters

  • Miguel (Anthony Gonzalez)
  • Ernesto de la Cruz (Benjamin Bratt)
  • Hector (Gael G. Bernal)
  • Mama>>Coco (Sofia Espinosa)
  • Abuelita (Renee Victor)

Coco is a Disney fantasy and mystery movie, directed by Lee Unkrich. This movie wonderfully shows Miguel’s adventure to find his blessings as a musician and goes to the land of death to find his great-grandpa who has it. The main character includes Hector by Gael G. Bernal, Coco by Sofía Espinosa, Ernesto de la Cruz by Benjamin Bratt, Abuelita by Renee Victor, and Miguel by Anthony Gonzalez.  

Coco starts with Miguel, a small boy who wants his musical blessings to be a musician. To be a great musician, he went to the Land of Dead with his illusion and tries to find his great-grandfather, who owns the musical blessing. During the adventure of the Land of Dead, Miguel escapes from his grandmother’s vision because she opposed Miguel to be a musician. Then, Miguel meets Hector, later known as Miguel’s grandfather before Miguel returns to reality. However, as Miguel’s great-grandfather “Ernesto de La Cruz” was the one who killed Hector, and also tried to kill Miguel at the end who knew the secret, but failed. As finding the musical blessing from his grandmother, Miguel returns to reality and sings a song for his mom Coco, who nearly lost the memory. That could have erased Hector permanently out from the Land of Dead. Nonetheless, the song Hector sang to his daughter was Coco, and she still remembered the song her dad used to sing. Then she recalled her memory back and happily lived with the memories she used to be with her family.

Coco is a movie that illustrates great passion from Miguel, who truly showed his sincere mind of being a musician. Taking place in Mexico, the culture, costume, and the infrastructure looks the same as a Mexico’s rural area. The 3D animation also showed more imagination, suitable for kids. This movie displayed great creativity of the land of the dead, showing how dead people are in the world beyond. The movie Coco, evidently shows that Miguel escapes from his grandma to get the musical blessings, and also take risks in the adventure. However, taking risks just to be a musician is a rash challenge for normal people, and that might illustrate that music is more important than life. Also, getting the musical blessings could be made a disgrace and disobedience from his grandmother.

Coco is a movie inspiring the hard adventure to accomplish the goal, and also need to fight many conflicts in the middle of the adventure. Without the spirit of adventure and confidence, Miguel could not have made to get the musical blessings and return his mother’s memory back. Although he had conflicts with Ernesto de la Cruz, soon shows up his old history of malignity. Therefore, Miguel is a substantial boy who accomplished what he desired desperately, and the movie also expressed to take part of the risk and endure it.