Science SLC Experiment


  1. Get the straw making one side stuck by the finger.
  2. Get the potato in the other hand
  3. Push the straw very hard through the middle of the potato

How are you going to explain the demo so your parents understand?

  • I am going to explain to my mom the reason it happens after doing the experiment. I will going to give an idea to my mom for making the hypothesis.

Write down the steps that you will go through to do the demo.

  • First, I’m going to get the hypothesis by mom, then do the experiment, I’m going to get the one side of the hole closed by the finger and push it to the potato.

What is the science behind what happened?

  • High pressure to low pressure
  • Inertia
  • Penetration of the straw
  • Potato inside the straw

Image result for diagram of a potato straw Do as Figure 2

Image result for diagram of a potato straw

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