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The Effects of Over Studying

In general information, too much academies make our brain confused, so it is useless to learn all of these and forget it. Academy is wasting students’ time to do school homework, review what they’ve learned and preview what they will learn. In addition of studying, they have extra homework from academies they attend. More people have less free time, and gain more stress. To relieve stress and managing their own free time, parents should limit the academies with giving them the private time for whatever they want to do. Some of the moms think that academies can help their children to get smarter and progressing a qualified college that everybody acknowledges, but that is just making  themselves as a helicopter mom.

When studying more, the reduction of sleeping time occurs often. Students wake up early midnight to study again and try to remember what they have learned. The result is overbalancing the time of student’s daily lives. Only some of the Koreans eat their breakfast at home, others pack it up like lunch and eat it while studying in school. Because Korea has jobs than earn a lot of money and some that do not, about 10.9 million mixture of primary and secondary Korean students compete very hard to get into a better position of career (Wikipedia). Therefore, with hard conditions they need to fight on, Korea is very poor about getting jobs and hard to increase one’s reputation even though they try hard.

Koreans have the same subjects as other countries for studies, such as History, Science, Math, English, Art, Korean and PE (Freshkorean). Because that Koreans study the similar subjects as what other foreign students do, Koreans have much harder process of qualifying their skills because they also need to fight by GPA with other students in the world. The most important task is the examination. There are big and small examination, the small one shows up simple and short amount like the mock exam, but the larger one only take 4 times in a year, and with that score of the exam, is being sent to each of the universities to approve if he or she has the right to enroll a fit college. Every time Koreans try to take their best to get an effective score, they study 14 hours in class, and from the age 11 to 15 are getting too much stress from preparing exams(NPR).

Even though too much of studying is a detriment for students to live for entertainment, some of the parents might think that studying gives their students more creativity and logically intelligent. According to the site page called ‘Kumon’, students will learn more effectively with the process of studying everyday with perseverance and dedication. It gives positive habits of studying when repeating this method. Contrariwise, a high school student in Korea called Joo, Yeongju claimed that students are taken control by teachers until 10 to 11PM, and some of her colleagues study 14 to 15 hours a day in school. She added that since Korea has accommodation in high schools if students don’t want to stay home, students still need to do their homework on their own dormitory (Quartz).

Therefore, except Korea, I would think that not much of students in foreign countries would have experience hardship like Koreans do. They are suffering because of one thing, studying, students couldn’t get that much property from their parents because of the OECD(Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development) that Korea is having hard time with disadvantage economies, plus academies are more unproductive because students can learn everything they could in their own school. Students should remove some of their time for studying and have their free time for having their bright future.

This is a draft of my opinion

Science SLC Experiment


  1. Get the straw making one side stuck by the finger.
  2. Get the potato in the other hand
  3. Push the straw very hard through the middle of the potato

How are you going to explain the demo so your parents understand?

  • I am going to explain to my mom the reason it happens after doing the experiment. I will going to give an idea to my mom for making the hypothesis.

Write down the steps that you will go through to do the demo.

  • First, I’m going to get the hypothesis by mom, then do the experiment, I’m going to get the one side of the hole closed by the finger and push it to the potato.

What is the science behind what happened?

  • High pressure to low pressure
  • Inertia
  • Penetration of the straw
  • Potato inside the straw

Image result for diagram of a potato straw Do as Figure 2

Image result for diagram of a potato straw