Where and how does living things interact? Attempt 1

Nov. 2nd Day 1 Attempt 1

We put one quarter amount of soil and cobble stone on the bottom of the ecodome. Then we put a plant that supplies oxygen for 2 grasshoppers and attach its body in the leaf instead of the soil. Also, me and my partner included sunflower seeds that is edible for the grasshopper not just suppling water for living. For the last construction, we attached a tunnel on the side and the tunnel was the connect between a water tank and the ecodome that supplies hydrogen around the air or let them drink.

After we left the 2 grasshoppers for few days in the ecodome, one of them died coloured with their body in brown. It also bleed after its body went into smithereens. The theory we considered that one of them died is because that the sand and the water was mixed that lacked of space living on ground, also had polluted hydrogen supplied. A miracle scene, the another one barely lived hiding through the leaf, evident that it ate some leaf with shown by the teeth print.


  • Plants are being eaten by the bite
  • Hydrogen attached to the container
  • Plants living healthy by the support of water
  • Root being spotted by soil



Endangered Animal Collaboration Art

When I was doing about my endangered animal collaboration, I chose to do an animal called Dugong. Dugong is one of the marine life that the cause of their endanger is illegal catching and boat accidents. Marine lives are hard to be taken care and also seals are are existed in small amounts.

The second endangered animal collaboration was doing with my G group partner that contained me, San and the NY friends. Starting with animal G, we worked on the Green Sea Turtle, also one of the endangered marine life. While my NY friend was working on the verse of the alliteration of G, I was drawing the animal and San was working for the background. As the final post, we are going to put them together to show the description(alliteration verse) of the turtle on the background.