Scientific Revolution

Bacon, was a gifted writer born in 1561 in a wealthy and well-connected family in London. As a time when it was unusual for women to be educated, her mother learned Latin and Greek as well as French and Italian. As the very young age of 12, Francis Bacon was sent to Trinity College, part of Cambridge University. When his father died, learning the family prevailers, he returned home and support his family by practicing law. When Queen Elizabeth I was appointed him as Lord Treasurer in 1572, Bacon became one of the most powerful men in England. Although Bacon made no original scientific discoveries, he was influential to what we think about science.

I chose this description as important because Bacon was the man who was very powerful, but followed scientific ideas like the genius thinks the same. He fought with many non sense about god’s logic and made it by the scientific revolution by showing many proofs. So I think he was one of the important man for the scientific revolution.