Finishing the Design

Our group were all finished designing the water filtration project. In order to make the water more clean, the best way after we filtered polluted substance was boiling water to eliminate left bacterias. Boiling water was also included for getting salt out. The way collect the boiled water is get a plastic in top of the water boiling. When it boils, the water molecules will turn into the gas molecules. The gas molecules will be stuck evaporating up because of the plastic. The plastic will gather all things and then we can collect water from the plastic. The method we are using is instead of boiling, we are using the sun like the water cycle of sun evaporating the sea. Removing sediments will be filtered out from the charcoal- gravel- sand natural filtration. I would drink the water after it has been purified because right science methods are accurate so if our experiment has the right method of purifying polluted water, it will be clean.

Hockey Unit

  1. How do you hold a hockey stick?

Depending on our hand we mostly use, if you use the right hand, then you hold the right hand on the bottom and the hand you don’t really use in the top.

  1. What is the ready position?

The ready position is bending our knees to get the puck, and sticks on the ground.

  1. What is cradling?

Cradling in hockey means push the puck by getting the stick in 45 degrees then when we shoot, we flick it to let the puck go far.

  1. Where should the puck be on your stick when you pass?

It should be on the blade of the hockey stick and pass, dribble and shoot.

  1. What should you be looking at when you pass?

I should be looking at the puck and people to pass to not the stick because we need to know the puck’s speed and where it is going in order to hit.

  1. Where should you be after the pass?

After pass, I should be ready to get the puck again or be ready to shoot to goal.

  1. State and explain the positions in Hockey.

There are right and left wing, who mostly are attackers, right and left defenders who defends the puck from their territory, the center who is the strikers and the goalie who keeps the puck from the goal.

  1. How do we keep safe during our games with sticks unit?

When we flick the stick or shoot, never get the sticks high or else that will hit someone. Also, there is roughing that we use our body to rough and make someone injure. There is hooking the last for tackling the sticks so they don’t use.

  1. We played floor hockey, broomball, and scoopball explain what you liked about each game and what you didn’t like about each game.

Each game hockey, broomball and scoopball, they all use sticks. One kind of disadvantage is that the sticks can make people injured and also need to play rough to win.

  1. Which game did you enjoy the most and why?

I still enjoyed floor hockey the most because it was more easy to flick the sticks and pass or shoot the puck.

Hockey Unit Reflection

Purifying Water Design Method

The method we are using is an experiment of physical change and the natural filtration. The physical change is for boiling water that was first polluted then turn to a gas for transpiration and the natural is the part that the charcoal- gravel- sand layers where they are from is nature and filter bacteria substances. We need to improve on cleaning the sand, charcoal and gravel out of waste by watering them over and over again. We should be careful about putting each one layer carefully that it doesn’t fall or separate. We last need to prepare for the flows of water that are coming under to be ready to boiled. I believe that this will be successful because it has enough filtration to purify polluted water. As we learned that acid kills base, vice versa, the clean substance will kill the polluted bacteria or the opposite it works. Hold the plastic up and the it will collect gas evaporated water and that’s the method of purifying water.


Purifying Water

Our team first made a decision of gathering evaporated water from boiling the water and collect the liquid gas. But we thought that the water molecules will already have sucked some Giardia or any other bacteria. Then we once remembered and saw the charcoal- gravel- sand filtration and we moved to that idea for filtering the dirty objects going up around the water and boil again to eliminate all bacteria.

Our team is going to purify water by first, put 6 labels in one bottle top and bottom cut. Then put in order charcoal- gravel- sand- charcoal- gravel- sand of layers. These will help filter left substance from polluted water. But before, first put cloth on bottom and top for 1st and 3rd filtration and these objects will be the 2nd filtration. Then put a cardboard under that the water flows where we want that is the beaker. After getting all washed water in it, boil it. The gas that evaporates goes to the plastic that is like a roof will collect all the water and that will be the end for filtering polluted water.

What I need to bring is the plastic and cloth for filtration. In order to make the water clean for 2nd filtration, our team needs to wash the sand, gravel and charcoal out of dirty substances. The water could absorb it during filtration. Except the process of filtration, gathering water is the same thing as water cycle that flows, evaporate and gathers around.

Water Problems

One of the water tragedy the world is facing is the water being reduced by absorbed. Most of the water is absorbed underground so less water is showing up to the ground. These water are fresh water that is needed for humans every day. The tragedy of absorbed water underground is happened mostly on US California and to get the water back, they need to dig and take lots of money.

Another problem that is facing trouble is pollution by trashes. Where the trashes are thrown and gathered is the coastline of sea and rivers. They are very harmful to living organisms and make the fresh water to polluted water. Many times, there are news articles about trash island. The trashes are gathered in a place that the amount of trash is too much, so it makes a big island full of wastes.


Food Drive Poster

Me and my partner made a poster that is about the food drive. The person who will get the benefits of food is the Anh Linh Free School. This school facing some troubles that some home or family are poor that they send the kids for a long time to let them eat and learn. Give the foods to the Elementary, Middle and High school depending on which area you you are staying. Bring foods that are healthy, non refrigerating and enough that will make the students full. Foods should be brought by May 9th to May 13th and with the foods you brought, you can send more than 10 students to home. You can be a nice person if you donate foods.

The reason why we are making this is because to persuade people to bring food that they don’t eat. Just throwing the foods we don’t eat is a waste of money and giving non respect to the poor. So my poster shows the description about the foods and specific place to send it or to give. It shows that it is half full and half empty. That means that while we eat, they starve. Our slogan is ‘Respect for All’, we should respect that could make poor people smiling. The audience is all students in SSIS to encourage bringing foods they don’t need. We will hang the posters to the wall so everyone could see and donate some foods.
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