DBQ about Byzantine

My DBQ contained lots of information about the Byzantine that the evidence was specific and analysed the data given from the DBQ packet well. One of the most important I considered was to give the legit reason of why the 2 reason were important to study about Byzantine. Also, I thought and took lots of times making the hook so it will be interesting for people to read it.

My DBQ was divided by Hook, main reason, thesis sentence, topic sentence, evidence, analysis, restate topic sentence, and the elements of conclusion. I especially wrote specifically on evidence that was easy to understand and for everyone to look at my DBQ that I input hard amount of work doing this. I chose 2 reason to study the Byzantine that was the Eastern Orthodox Church and defeat Muslim attacks.

The reason I chose Muslim attacks is because in spite of Muslim first attacking Byzantine, the Byzantine Empire defended well and even attacked back to them and defeated. There were many wars between them. Once the Muslims were trying to take all Europe over, Byzantine resisted from doing that. If Byzantine didn’t exist, the whole Europe might have been the Islam Empire. One thing that the Eastern Orthodox Church was important to study is that it is the only main church in Byzantine that people went for liturgy. It was in Greek and people in Byzantine became all Orthodox Christians by this church. So these are the 2 main reason to study about the Byzantine Empire history.

Byzantine DBQ

Byzantine is actually part of Rome that Constantine(The first king that allowed Rome to believe on Christianity custom) constructed. Byzantine shows very different cultures with other places in Europe that time. Byzantine lasted for over 1000 years, have been writing many histories and interesting facts that happened on that time. Learning about the Byzantines is important because it was part of Rome, but it was separated by East and West by their different thinkings. The East was the Byzantine and the west was the Western Empire of Rome. It was important how Byzantine Empire was related to the Rome in the past and other countries’ custom. I chose 2 reasons that were important for Byzantine and the two most important reasons to study the Byzantine Empire are the Foundings of the Eastern Orthodox Church and defending of Muslim Attacks.

Eastern Orthodox Church is the main church in Byzantine. The reason why Eastern Orthodox Church was important because it was the only Church in Byzantine that people used to go to liturgy. According to Document C, the secondary source what ‘The World Fact Book, 2011’ said that there are lots of independent branches the connection with countries that contain Orthodox(Orthodox means in an agreement of the right belief) Christians. In the chart, Russia has 75% of Orthodox Christians, Ukraine has 76%, Ethiopia has 44%, Romania has 88%, Greece has 98% and US has 2%. The graph shows the diopter of the specific analysis of the information of Orthodox Christians around the world. The note of Document C states that the split of the East and West Rome Churches were the reasons by rules of the Bible that were followed. The interpretation of East and West Church Bible showed many difference. The priest marriage was accepted in the East Church and refused to do priest marriage on the West Church. So 250 millions of people follow the rule of Eastern Church’s rules. Also, there are 4 branches, that could break the rules of Eastern Church and split to another rules because they are all independent. Therefore, this shows how the Eastern Orthodox Church is important and gives big amount of affects to let the Byzantine people being all Orthodox Christians.

There were times that Byzantine fought with Muslim terrorists from Arab. The reason why Muslim terror was important was that it Muslim lost by Byzantine from every wars. According to Document A that is one of the secondary source, the map shows that the Byzantine defeated Islam Empire 2 times. One was in AD 678 and AD 718 and the Muslims were all from Arab. There were more wars but the 2 wars that were picked were the main fights . The early attacks by the Muslim terrorists was pointed in Constantinople in the map. Despite of Islamic Empire attacking to Byzantine, Byzantine resist and with that patience, they defeated Muslims in many wars, and the Islamic Empire failed to attack the whole place around Europe. Another evidence I chose to show, the note what Author of ‘A Short History of Byzantium, Vintage’ John, J Norwich wrote that Byzantine blocked Muslim attacks from invading Western Rome for 5 years. Analysing Evidence B, it stated that all around Europe countries could have been Islamic Empire today if the Byzantine didn’t resist fighting with them. Even not Europe will be Muslim but also America that was blocked by Europe could have been Muslim for being attacked. The time Byzantine fought with Islamic Empire, Byzantine won to save Europe and their own country with many wars.
There were two important reason to study about Byzantine that was the Eastern Orthodox Church and defending from Muslim Attacks. Both of the reasons were important because these two reasons were honored to make the Byzantine history explaining in a great way. I think they are important to learn because for the Muslim attacks, by one war Byzantine loses, Europe might have been a Muslim continent. The Eastern Orthodox Church was the only existed church in Byzantine and maintain the custom of the church’s rule. So overall, these are the two most important reason that I consider choosing that was the highlight to learn about Byzantine and the main history of it.

PE Swimming Blog

I improved on freestyle well while I got less backstroke score than the 1st trial. The reason I slowed 1.6 seconds distance second between 1st and second trial was because I used both hand for the 1st one and I only used right arm because my left hand wasn’t responding on backstroke well in the second trial. But I did well on 50m freestyle by 2.19 seconds because I stretched my arms and pushed well so I could do faster than last time. That’s how I improved.

During the lesson PE class, I learned Butterfly and Backstroke. Mr Hung and Ms. E helped very well practicing to do both strokes. For my backstroke, I learned to do streamline and push off the wall. Then I practiced to do separate kicks and hands. Then I do 5 to 6 hand strokes when I see the end flag. In butterfly, the same thing, I practiced in separate arms and kicks. The kicks were like dolphin and the hands were like butterfly. It was helpful to learn and practice both of them.