EAL Plastic Bags Speech

One of the thing I did well was voice speaking clearly and facing people with eye contact. I also remembered well what I had to say. But I knew I didn’t do gestures while I was doing the speech because I didn’t know the body language for the speech. Any than others, I did not say uhmm or like inside the speech or did not mumble the words. I stated the introduction, the evidence, the analysis I explained and the conclusion. They were included in my speech so I could do much better than any other speeches.

Black Death Pecha Kucha What I felt

I was engaged most of my body gestures instead of my speakings. I did eye contact and remembered well what I had to say. If I didn’t practice at all, I wouldn’t have given eye contact to people and keep looking at the screen without calculating the time it took what I had to say. It was also fine that I had a “partner” to help me doing my Pecha Kucha.

Healthy Eating

I talked with my mom and dad that there were different kinds of categories which asked me how healthy I eat everyday. According to my results I’ve taken all, I’ve been an excellent eater for the healthy eating quiz. After I took the survey, my parents were surprised me and my parents were healthy eater.

(What I asked to my parents)

Are you an awesome veggie consumer? Yes, we buy carrots, onions, cabbage, radish etc. 

Do you avoid too many fats? No our family eats fats same the amount of carbohydrates and proteins to maintain our body the same way as strong and healthy.

Parent: One area of strength we have as a family is eating carbohydrates for refilling energy, protein to grow cells and get stronger and fats to protect our body.

Myself: One area I can improve upon is changing about my habit is eating more proteins so my body could be stronger because comparing to my body, my power is too weak so I want to eat more protein foods and grow more healthy cells.