EAL Reflection

I’m think I’m not fully understanding English but I’m much improving better than before when I first went to SSIS. In SSIS, I didn’t know much vocabulary and grammar usage. Now I think I can explain or present works in front of people. I also use English with my same national friends because it comfortable after I learnt more.

Semester 1 Reflection


This semester, I learnt so many things in Social Studies. Especially, I had troubles doing DBQ in Islam parts. They were annoying that I could not understand the English well and not type the paragraph well. But somehow, I got good scores on the quiz than what I thought. Over 88 to 103, I liked how I also got bonus points from the geography quiz. There were not much problems because there weren’t much English appearing. Because I’m weak at language and strong at knowledge, I could have advantage taking it.

As usual, I only have problems understanding English. I’ve doing DBQ, IC GRAPES and sort of blogs. I barely did this because many people around me helped. The process of going through these things took me a long time to finish. So I was kind of mad and sad that I turned it late and also got help too much time. But still, I’m satisfied with my grades because this quarter 2, I got better than quarter 1. It wasn’t important that I got all A. It was because I was aiming what I was good and bad. So distinguishing that, I improved about 10 points more. But next time, it will be also great that if there are more advantages to people who doesn’t understand English very much.

I knew that the last thing that was the DBQ, I already expected to get a low score. Over religions like Christianity and Islam, I had more stress than studying harder. I had to understand English and remember all of the history events. Not even these things, but I think I first need to improve my English skills in Winter Holiday and get more points on other assignments. The problems for doing English is grammar mistakes and vocabulary meanings. But learning through these, there were some I didn’t know. It was new and challenging containing English.


Racket Activities

I’ve been playing speedminton, badminton, ping pong and pickleball. I started playing badminton first. After I got adopted by the racket, I could do well on other activities. I’ve been learning ping pong for 6 months so I was doing it well. In speedminton and badminton, I used like a tennis racket with a birdie. The pickleball and pingpong, I used a small ball with a small version racket.

Egg Drop 2

It was my second egg drop and made the helmet softer and lighter get less impact. Our second time of egg drop, I thought it would be better than last time because our team made the egg almost surrounded with helmet. Our problem was once again with the first egg drop, it was keep falling on the face, and that made the most important reason that the eggs are dying. So we needed to cover with a substance, but it was a requirement not to surround things that protects the egg. As the first law, the egg was waiting to fall. The second law was the process of falling. The third law was the last of falling and make a crack. It was good until 21 cm and at the 22 cm, it made a huge crack. Our helmet fit into the plastic cup and was tightened that the helmet won’t come off.

I was excited that the helmet was squishing then the previous helmet that was made out of sponge and surround with tin foil. So I thought it will break the record of 28 cm, which was our cracked egg’s high score. I was worried about what to use for chin strap. But luckily, Ms. Fox gave a rubber band for free and that was needed to used. I know that Vietnamese eggs are thin that the shells are easy to break with small falls. So I want to know why is the shells are thin produced in Vietnam. Lastly, my suggestion is that is unfair that the egg keep fall on its face and only sometimes with helmet. I want to make sure that next egg drop lab, I really want to protect the egg’s face with a substance so that the egg won’t easily break. Or I would make a flat helmet at the top so it will finished the egg with standing.

Egg Drop

As we drop an object, they fall down with acceleration. When they accelerate, they sometimes break. We did the egg drop experiment. We did it until it totally knocked down. Our goal is to make the egg safety by dropping in a high distance. We had to make the egg that it doesn’t break by making a helmet. We named the egg Eggsy and also drew the face. We made a helmet for Eggsy with marshmallows and cottons in the experiment.

The most important resource that helped me inspired to make a marshmallow helmet is the homework about the helmet. After I saw the last question, I then knew there would be a egg drop competition and then I saw my dog eating the marshmallows. So I got that, tighten with the rubber band and it fell. It didn’t break easily until 2 meters. But that time, I was using Korean egg so it didn’t break hardly, but the time my team experimented was the Vietnamese egg, which the shells weren’t thick. So I found out challenging experimenting with the egg made in Vietnam.

Our method to test our egg drop is keep on going 1 cm each time we did. The first time we started in 1 cm. It didn’t many cracks because as the distance is low, there is less acceleration. On 24 cm in the middle, it had a bit break because it accelerated fastly. So the white liquid came out. On the 28 cm, it made a total crack. All of the liquid flew through the table. But I knew that soft ones make them not breaking hard objects easily. There were no damage from the helmet because it was soft but I knew as it fall, it will fall down by its side so it broke. So it wasn’t the step or the criteria I was thinking about. 

I was exiting that how much the marshmallow helmet will be effective protecting Eggsy. But I was worried as it banged to the ground, it then falls to the side and sometimes cracked easily. There are no answer for not making it crack because the rule was not to protect the egg’s whole body. If I could, I would able to try in a km distance. Next time, I would make the top of the helmet flat so it won’t fall to left or right side.

Video of egg crack

Egg first Crack Egg First Drop

How to Study for the Quiz for Next Subjects

I have Algebra quiz on this Friday and Science quiz on December 16th. I also have DBQ due to this Friday.

One of the way to study for Algebra is to go to study guide 7 and do some Khan Academy there. I could learn some of things that will come out often. For Social Studies DBQ, I will write some basic stuffs and input into the essay. Also, I can go to some old projects I did about Islam. On Science, I could go some of my homework related to it or play some games on Moodle.

Lastly, before 2 days of projects or quizzes, I could start at that time because if I do it too early, then I will forget and if I do too late, I won’t remember I learnt.