Tiger’s Breastroke

We’ve been working on improving on our strokes. Tiger has decreased by 0.51 seconds but he had good streamline with good position of pushing through the water using his arms and legs.

Tiger starts with a nice streamline and pushes through very well. He use his long body to straight up the abs, legs and arms to go through fluently. Tiger pushes with his hands to go forward and fast different style from others. But as he goes further, his acts of breaststroke became slower and slower, Also, when he breathes, he place his head towards too much, So it is tiring the steps he is breathing and the breathing is getting weak, his acts are also going slower. He uses his legs well when he pushes, he helps his hand keep remaining the speed. He’ve been slower that time but it is important how his strokes has been better and he could improve ┬áhis time trial with his good body.

What Tiger is good at is the position of the steps how he is doing and the streamline when he starts. He need to work on quickness of inhaling and exhaling. He has better body and has good exercising strength then anybody else.

Screen Shot 2015-11-03 at 20.29.01IMG_2425