If I was the Leader of the Country

If I will be the president of Korea, I would absolutely call all the US for help, attack North Korea and drop bombs to them. Then Kim Jong Un will surrender to me and rule the North Koreans. Also, I will follow people’s idea and make strict rules to stop criminals from doing bad things. I will punish Kim Jong Un and their family relatives for doing bad things to our country. If someone does a bad thing in Korea, I will make their lives more harshly instead of killing or send them to jail. That will make too much embarrassment to criminals.


Different from the previous politics, I will make in and outs into one and follow what I am saying. I will also make everything into future what all of the people is thinking about and what the scientist is trying to make the world. So the Korea will make the best technology in the world and other counties will come to us and learn about our skills. I would listen and help people who lives poorly so they won’t criticize me. I’ll also make the more utilities in Korea because people will need more.


So I need to make Koreans into better lives because in the present times, even though there are people who are good at something, nobody cares about it. So when I saw the scene, I really wanted to make them into better lives. So if I will be the president, I would whatever people want me to do.


First Quarter of Social Studies

This quarter I learned about Chronology, Christianity and IC GRAPES. Especially, writing the DBQ of answering questions about Christianity. I used to think I’m a Christian so I would know a lot that I know but there are other face history of Christianity. I soon knew the relationship between the Roman Empire Christians. But the history I learnt and the information in the Bible was somewhat different. So I just accepted they are the same history of Christianity and the DBQ helped me learning more vocabulary and an excellent evidence with the analysis.

Chronology basically is the god of time in the Greek Myth. So the meaning of Chronos is about time. The time before Jesus is BC, BCE and after Jesus is AD or CE. The time around the certain year is called Circa. The year away the past is called era and there are other time units used like century, decade etc. Mainly, Chronology meant the units of times.
IC GRAPES is the basics of Social Studies. I means Intellectual, C means Cultural, G means Geography, R means religion, A means Art, P means Politics, E means Economics and S means Social. They are important because these categories include in each section in different grades. Our grade is looking forwards in religion last time and mostly, we are doing Geography which have deep relationships with history. So we look carefully in each territories and the cultural history inside.

Poetry Video






I had loud voice in the starting and at the end. I could not see really well in the middle time because I couldn’t see well when I accidentally touched the paper and slipped to the left. Then Vi An took hold with my poetry so I could finish well. Even though, I finished fast, I liked how I wrote my poetry and the visuals. I think I did well on writing poetry and the voices. If I didn’t do well on that, I think I could expect to be very bad.

According to Vi An’s comment, I did a good job on speaking voices and accurate but I wasn’t that serious because I sometimes smiled when I was presenting my poetry. Also, we got a bad spot that was noisy and sometimes people distract me so I had to do many times. Vi An also said that even though the amount of poetry I wrote was too small, I used stanzas with poetry tools. Next time when I do a video, I should slow down and write more things about it.

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Theme Art

My theme art is about courage. The meaning of courage in A Single Shard is Tree-ear’s was making herself happy and survive in poor status. Despite of losing parents, Tree-ear met Crane-man and lived together under the bridge. Crane-man had similar disaster as Tree-ear so he was homeless and starve breakfast, lunch and dinner every time. But as they were together, they got courage to be successful. After living together, Tree-ear saw Min making pottery. Tree-ear wanted to make pottery but he had no money. But still, Tree-ear thanked Crane-man to take a look at how to make a pottery and a nice looking one.  

They have reasons to live in here so they stayed together and do what they want to do even they are poor.

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Look at how the Early Christians were alike

Look at how Christianity took hold in the ancient world. At the early AD. Circa 3~33, Christianity first spread when Jesus was able to sent his message of god. He was born in Israel but he went to Rome and started to believe in god. When Jesus was born and before, Roman took hold Israel people harshly so they needed a Messiah to save them. So then Jesus sacrificed for the Israelis and suppressed the Romans. Christianity took hold in ancient world because the parable of Christianity meant something that appealed to many people so the apostles were dedicated to their faith, and Christianity became different from the typical Roman beliefs.


The main reason Christianity took hold was the many apostles were dedicated followers of Jesus. They believed Jesus even though he died, and they spread his message when they were persecuted. According to Pliny the Younger, he asked them more than two times to embroider their believing status. If they admitted they were Christians, they were threatened punishments by Pliny the Younger. This evidence shows that when Christians admitted Christianity, Pliny the Younger gave harsh punishments. Because the Christians persist to believe on the Roman beliefs, it means christian insulted the Romans. In ‘The Oxford Illustrated History of Christianity’, McManners showed that Paul’s missionary journey took 14 years. He went to four places that was around Greece and Turkey. This evidence shows that Paul could be the second generation of Jesus. He went to a lot of cities in Turkey and Greece to send the message of god and Jesus. That made a great influence in Europe because majority of population became Christians in that region. Therefore, Christians threatened punishments if their religion was admitted and people can see where Paul went around to spread the god’s message.

Speech Reflection

My speech was strong when I stated my evidence and the analysis. My evidence was clear and was figurative so it was academic. I could give my analysis in a perfect way depending on the analysis. Even though I didn’t had clearance to move and hand gestures, but I gave a perfect speech that everyone admire it. 

Students are not allowed to play video games in class time. The main reason I state that is because games are addictive. Once people are engaged in video games, they keep playing until they are bored. They forget going to bathroom and try to socialize people by playing together. The problem is they know games could be addictive but they still play and wasting a lot of times. As the result I see someone else’s computer, about 40% of the students play games when the teachers take their eyes in another direction to their computers. This could occur in any other classes and they could play even the teachers see at the back. They could not work and concentrate what the teacher is talking about.Therefore, students should play video games during lunch or recess time. It is beneficial if students don’t play in class.

So that is the problem of many people playing games. So I think never playing video games in class is better or rather making students turn their eyeballs black.

Poetry Reflection

I chose about my pet for one of the poetry. I chose this poetry because my pet dog Rudolph, is my new family. I wanted to show my emotion when we made a new family. This is about introducing Rudolph’s interesting part and how it loves me. I think my poetry for Rudolph is meeting expectations because I included hyperbole, alliteration, personification, simile and metaphor. I also included white spaces with stanza and a story to understand people.

Once my mom and dad were exercising to the Crescent Bridge. Then a dog ran to my mom. Even though my mom was scared of dogs, mom liked the dog. Rudolph’s old name was Star. Then the owner permitted because the owner had to go to Korea. So that’s how we got Rudolph. I made the name Rudolph because it had a red nose when we started to fed it and until now. Rudolph is a smart dog that understands Korean. When I offer to do something, it follows very well while other dogs lie down as they look they are the owner of humans. Rudolph is also cute so many people even babies likes it.

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How South Korea Conquered North Korea Without an War


Full of fear, the rabbit paddled and struggled, got his head up and took a breath, scrabbled his claws against rough bricks under water and lost them again as he was dragged on. The military of US came to defeat the dictatorship in North Korea. He was the next president of Kim Jong Un. He was scared so he ran with some of his army. But the problem was the military of US had no weapons. So they had no way to kill all of them.

Then the minister who was the lobster found a hole. He felt anxious because the hole looked over 3km deep. Il When he looked the hole under, the hole sucked all of the US armies and they felt to the past. When they were falling, there was like a red tornado making them turn and turn so they felt to the ground and went straight to the hospital to fix their broken ankle bone. They went around the city and saw a huge amount of militaries with missile and tank. Then the minister found a person with a hairy mustache and an eye that looked like a cat. The person attacked innocent people and killed them.

That time, WW2 was happening.  With the huge amount of armies, US military stole the 200 tanks, guns and bombs. They assassinated Hitler and got the reward. With the reward, they bought, they went back to the present and rode the motorbike they stole. After 10 minutes riding it, they saw only 100 armies of North Korea being exhausted. The others were dead because of starving. So the US armies bombed them and arrested the rabbit dictator. He was caught by the slave of Barack Obama and South Korea took North Korea.