Have You Been to the Land of Dead?


Directed by Lee Unkrich

Release Date: October 27th, 2017 (Mexico)

Main Characters

  • Miguel (Anthony Gonzalez)
  • Ernesto de la Cruz (Benjamin Bratt)
  • Hector (Gael G. Bernal)
  • Mama>>Coco (Sofia Espinosa)
  • Abuelita (Renee Victor)

Coco is a Disney fantasy and mystery movie, directed by Lee Unkrich. This movie wonderfully shows Miguel’s adventure to find his blessings as a musician and goes to the land of death to find his great-grandpa who has it. The main character includes Hector by Gael G. Bernal, Coco by Sofía Espinosa, Ernesto de la Cruz by Benjamin Bratt, Abuelita by Renee Victor, and Miguel by Anthony Gonzalez.  

Coco starts with Miguel, a small boy who wants his musical blessings to be a musician. To be a great musician, he went to the Land of Dead with his illusion and tries to find his great-grandfather, who owns the musical blessing. During the adventure of the Land of Dead, Miguel escapes from his grandmother’s vision because she opposed Miguel to be a musician. Then, Miguel meets Hector, later known as Miguel’s grandfather before Miguel returns to reality. However, as Miguel’s great-grandfather “Ernesto de La Cruz” was the one who killed Hector, and also tried to kill Miguel at the end who knew the secret, but failed. As finding the musical blessing from his grandmother, Miguel returns to reality and sings a song for his mom Coco, who nearly lost the memory. That could have erased Hector permanently out from the Land of Dead. Nonetheless, the song Hector sang to his daughter was Coco, and she still remembered the song her dad used to sing. Then she recalled her memory back and happily lived with the memories she used to be with her family.

Coco is a movie that illustrates great passion from Miguel, who truly showed his sincere mind of being a musician. Taking place in Mexico, the culture, costume, and the infrastructure looks the same as a Mexico’s rural area. The 3D animation also showed more imagination, suitable for kids. This movie displayed great creativity of the land of the dead, showing how dead people are in the world beyond. The movie Coco, evidently shows that Miguel escapes from his grandma to get the musical blessings, and also take risks in the adventure. However, taking risks just to be a musician is a rash challenge for normal people, and that might illustrate that music is more important than life. Also, getting the musical blessings could be made a disgrace and disobedience from his grandmother.

Coco is a movie inspiring the hard adventure to accomplish the goal, and also need to fight many conflicts in the middle of the adventure. Without the spirit of adventure and confidence, Miguel could not have made to get the musical blessings and return his mother’s memory back. Although he had conflicts with Ernesto de la Cruz, soon shows up his old history of malignity. Therefore, Miguel is a substantial boy who accomplished what he desired desperately, and the movie also expressed to take part of the risk and endure it.

Welcome to Casablanca!

Film Review

Nov. 26th 1942

Image result for casablancaImage result for casablanca

Film Director

  • Michael Curtiz

Main Actors

  • Rick Blaine (Humphrey Bogart)
  • Ilsa Lund (Ingrid Bergman)
  • Victor Laszlo (Paul Henreid)
  • Captain Renault (Claude Rains)

A classic love triangle between a woman and two lovers, Casablanca, directed by Michael Curtiz in 1942, is an old Hollywood romance. The film takes place in Casablanca, Morocco, during WWII. The main characters are Rick Blaine (Humphrey Bogart), the owner of Rick’s Cafe, Ilsa Lund (Ingrid Bergman), Rick’s former flame and the current wife of Victor Laszlo (Paul Henreid), and Captain Renault (Claude Rains), the man in charge of capturing Victor Lazlo. The main summary of the story is about Rick trying to help Ilsa and Victor escape Casablanca from the European forces who are trying to catching them.

Ilsa desperately needed help from Rick to flee out of Casablanca, in order to guarantee her and Victor’s safety. Rick was currently in his conflict about meeting his old flame, and Ilsa asks a favor to Rick for a help. Ilsa’s husband Victor, was a rebel from the Nazi’s and needed to get out of Casablanca to be safe, and Ilsa knows Rick is the only one to help them. Captain Renault was actually in Casablanca to capture Victor and Ilsa. While Victor and Ilsa were desperate of escaping Casablanca, Rick had a great time spending with Ilsa, and she was balancing her love between Rick and Victor.

During World War 2, Europe was not very safe for living, and many people needed to migrate to be safe. Because the Nazi’s conflict between the army and citizens have not yet finished, people were living with fear. Some people wanted to escape Europe, one of the frequent area where war occurred. However, to get off Europe, people needed visas to immigrate. At that time, only riches could afford visas, where the poors need to still the visa, or escape illegally. Casablanca also illustrated the scenario in WWII that shows Ilsa and Victor fleeing from the Nazi to be safe.

In the end, Ilsa and Victor succeeds to escape Casablanca with Rick’s help. The last moment of Ilsa and Rick farewell shows miserableness from Rick, leaving his flame, and mixed emotions from not only the characters in the Casablanca, but also the audiences. One of the moments that tightened our mind was the chase part between Captain Renault and Victor. This movie can be adequate to people who loves both romance and adventure. Casablanca shows deep Romance between a normal person and a rebel, and a woman’s love can control men on her actions.


Graphic Novel

This year was about the introduction of Graphic Novel. Graphic novel was different from normal book, included more pictures and descriptions. Started with analyzing the books we chose, we made one with making a story. The story I analyzed was the William Tell and the Other Stories. Written the purpose of the author, the film technique, and a brief summary about it. The graphic novel I made was a story called ‘The Second Fate’, drawing with hand.

What are the Parent’s Choice? Keep an Eye on Children? Leave them Alone?

Imagine Jake is borrowing his dad’s computer and found out in the history that his dad already accessed Jake’s Facebook account a few times. Jake runs outside crying and throws his dad’s computer in the pool. Actually, some of the parents do this because they are concerned about how teens are using social media appropriately. Teens may use it adequately or they can use it in an inadequate way. Private information can be hacked, or teens can be criticized like cyberbullying. This can be a serious problem, and parents are always checking and having conversation about the problems children are having trouble with. Parents should not invade student’s private information because teens are mature enough to use good media by themselves and thinking as vice versa. Critics may claim that teens are not the age that they are able to socially hang out with people; however, this is not a valid argument because as their brain grows, they are able to act or do by their own.

Parents should not ask about their child’s private Facebook account because teens can distinguish big and small incidents and can manage to solve the problem. Some of the questions parents ask burden teen’s mind because it could scare them as being nervous.  Parents also ask teens to tell all of the information if a stranger contacts the child even though the teens can withdraw some events. In this quote, Dan, father of three teenagers states if at some point you started lying to us or deceiving us, then we would lose that trust. In other words, even though parents won’t investigate about their child’s profile, if the child lie about what he or she was saying, parents have no choice other than keep asking questions and not believing on what their children are saying. If child was lying, for the equal punishment, parents have the right to look at children’s privacy. Therefore, no reason to ask about privacy between the conversation of student and parents, parents should dig up and attempt to find student’s private profiles.

For letting the kids feel themselves more safety, parents should not invade their own child’s privacy because parents will feel the same if students invaded parent’s privacy. According to Devan, a college sophomore, she claimed, “I’m sure you would be upset if I looked at your phone or at your emails or any personal messages”.  Even parents don’t want anybody to look at their private information because each people need to respect both themselves and other people’s privacy. It keeps other people responsible unless the owner doesn’t care whether people look at his or her personal information. In conclusion, students will feel safer if they have my privacy. Therefore parents should not see students private conversations if they think in the other way.

By contrast, some critics claim that parents are responsible to keep children safe by creating an appropriate environment while growing and caring about safety when using social media. For example, an inappropriate picture uploaded from strangers appealed to children who may get addicted by looking at it. Given this evidence, some conclude that parents cannot ensure that what children might be doing on social media is safe. Although this argument seems convincing at first, teens can distinguish what is right or wrong to do. Actually, some of the scientists from URMC ROCHESTER, state that teen’s brain is developing and can be controlled as they are growing up. The evidence indicates that teens can control themselves as using Facebook by skipping unsuitable media or time managing. After looking closely at both sides of the issue and the evidence, one can see that students can be able to control using social media.

To summarize,  parents should not be touching any private information about their child’s social media account. Only that parents want their child to be always safe, doesn’t mean that they should inconveniently access into the account without permission. Scientists claim that teens are being mature as their brain develop, so solving problems that is irritating them can be held.  Therefore, students also know that they want to keep themselves safe using social media, and some of the rules they should follow, so parents invading students private information is inadequate to do.

Op Ed Writing

The Effects of Over Studying

In general information, too much academies make our brain confused, so it is useless to learn all of these and forget it. Academy is wasting students’ time to do school homework, review what they’ve learned and preview what they will learn. In addition of studying, they have extra homework from academies they attend. More people have less free time, and gain more stress. To relieve stress and managing their own free time, parents should limit the academies with giving them the private time for whatever they want to do. Some of the moms think that academies can help their children to get smarter and progressing a qualified college that everybody acknowledges, but that is just making  themselves as a helicopter mom.

When studying more, the reduction of sleeping time occurs often. Students wake up early midnight to study again and try to remember what they have learned. The result is overbalancing the time of student’s daily lives. Only some of the Koreans eat their breakfast at home, others pack it up like lunch and eat it while studying in school. Because Korea has jobs than earn a lot of money and some that do not, about 10.9 million mixture of primary and secondary Korean students compete very hard to get into a better position of career (Wikipedia). Therefore, with hard conditions they need to fight on, Korea is very poor about getting jobs and hard to increase one’s reputation even though they try hard.

Koreans have the same subjects as other countries for studies, such as History, Science, Math, English, Art, Korean and PE (Freshkorean). Because that Koreans study the similar subjects as what other foreign students do, Koreans have much harder process of qualifying their skills because they also need to fight by GPA with other students in the world. The most important task is the examination. There are big and small examination, the small one shows up simple and short amount like the mock exam, but the larger one only take 4 times in a year, and with that score of the exam, is being sent to each of the universities to approve if he or she has the right to enroll a fit college. Every time Koreans try to take their best to get an effective score, they study 14 hours in class, and from the age 11 to 15 are getting too much stress from preparing exams(NPR).

Even though too much of studying is a detriment for students to live for entertainment, some of the parents might think that studying gives their students more creativity and logically intelligent. According to the site page called ‘Kumon’, students will learn more effectively with the process of studying everyday with perseverance and dedication. It gives positive habits of studying when repeating this method. Contrariwise, a high school student in Korea called Joo, Yeongju claimed that students are taken control by teachers until 10 to 11PM, and some of her colleagues study 14 to 15 hours a day in school. She added that since Korea has accommodation in high schools if students don’t want to stay home, students still need to do their homework on their own dormitory (Quartz).

Therefore, except Korea, I would think that not much of students in foreign countries would have experience hardship like Koreans do. They are suffering because of one thing, studying, students couldn’t get that much property from their parents because of the OECD(Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development) that Korea is having hard time with disadvantage economies, plus academies are more unproductive because students can learn everything they could in their own school. Students should remove some of their time for studying and have their free time for having their bright future.

This is a draft of my opinion

Science SLC Experiment


  1. Get the straw making one side stuck by the finger.
  2. Get the potato in the other hand
  3. Push the straw very hard through the middle of the potato

How are you going to explain the demo so your parents understand?

  • I am going to explain to my mom the reason it happens after doing the experiment. I will going to give an idea to my mom for making the hypothesis.

Write down the steps that you will go through to do the demo.

  • First, I’m going to get the hypothesis by mom, then do the experiment, I’m going to get the one side of the hole closed by the finger and push it to the potato.

What is the science behind what happened?

  • High pressure to low pressure
  • Inertia
  • Penetration of the straw
  • Potato inside the straw

Image result for diagram of a potato straw Do as Figure 2

Image result for diagram of a potato straw

Controlled Privacy

What concerns would parents have about their children using social media?

Many parents may be concerned about their children’s use of social media due to how they learned low grade language.

Teens may use swear words on posts that parents will hate and mostly also likely to swear during chatting with strangers or friends for fun, rather than being themselves as cautious people. For example, when a post about Donald Trump appears, people might like Trump, but people who doesn’t advocate him might criticize using inappropriate words. As a result, it could hurt other people’s imitation, or could cause trouble that they are learning inappropriate words. In conclusion, teens should restrain from using inappropriate words when writing posts or comment.

  • Facebook = socially relationships but side effects.
  • More than 1.3 billion people use Facebook
  • Parents keep/don’t keep an eye on children
  • There are 10 other more social media
  • Addictive

Where and How does the living things interact? Overall Opinion

Observing all of the grasshoppers and the ecodome we made, it wasn’t effective that 5 out of 6 grasshoppers(including attempt 1, 2 and 3) died. I felt sad for them because they died for being observed by human and surviving in a poor condition of ecodome for over a week. We’ve been thinking about the water tank more water than the hole of the tunnel, then we’ve forgotten that the water above the hole flows over the tunnel and make the ecodome full of water. The next try that is the attempt 4 will be using a single ecodome and use a big one that all water, soil, plant and 2 grasshoppers fits and make the best condition of ecodome for both grasshoppers to live.



Where and how does living things interact? Introduction

Ecodome is for organisms to live. Our ecodome project was to build a habitat for the grasshoppers whether it is a good place to live or not. Me and my partner Yeojoon’s ecodome was connecting 2 big bottles with a plastic bottle. One bottle is filled with soil, plants and sunflower seeds for the grasshopper to live and the another bottle was the water tank filled with water for supplying hydrogen.


  • The size of the container is different(one is bigger, one is smaller).
  • Chose longer than wider container because of the plant height.
  • Made the bottle horizontal so it flows a bit amount of water.
  • Calculated to input soil lower than the water tunnel.