In social studies we learned all about Egypt and Canaan's topographical features, bodies of water and natural vegetation. I chose to do my project on Canaan because I already knew about Egypt (a little) so I chose to do something new. My video talks about Canaan while I walk around through the minecraft world.

What are three new things I learned about Geography and Human Settlement?

  1. I learned that people had to find the perfect spot that has fresh water and vegetation.
  2. I learned where the bodies of water was located in Egypt and Canaan.
  3. I learned that there were herders and nomads and they didn't settle like farmers and other people.

What are 2 things I am proud in my project?

  1. I think the editing was good.
  2. I think I had a clear voice.

What is one thing I would do differently if I were to do this project again?

I would make my script a bit more descriptive. And I think I'll need to make my bodies of water bigger.

I hope you enjoy the video!

Hello world I am finally in 6 GRADDDDEEEE!!!!! Today in art I finished my monochrome art. It is kind of bad... We learned about tints and tones. Tone is when you mix a color with black and tint is when you mix a color with white. And if I could've done my painting again I would change 2 things:

  1. Make the Mickey Mouse a unicorn
  2. Choose a different color other than purple.

My final painting shows a hot air balloon flying with a rainbow. I chose  green for my tint color because there was a lot of grass so I chose green. I learned how to use tint and tones and I learned how to use pro create on the i pad.


"Cup Cup & Away please come up" My team slowly approached the sharks (judges) the screen played our infographic (prezi) and the show started... "Hello judges I am Anna" "I am Halia" "And I am Saki" A few minutes later we end our presentation and ask for questions "any questions?" We hope for easy and simple questions. After that 3 minutes that felt like 30 hours we sat in our seats we were wondering how the judges thought of our presentation and our idea.

The next day we got to find out if we are going to the finals or not they called out about 7 group names the groups who got picked were cheering... Well, our name didn't get called so we weren't in the finals. Actually I was quite relived that we didn't get chosen because we would've had to present in front of more than 30 people! Well, this unit was a big hit even though we didn't get chosen. But for the ones that got chosen we can help them so there idea will come alive!???


A picture of group 2 in the bus.

First of all I am proud of my self because I came back to HCMC in one piece?. Because we (5th grade) went to a 2-night and 3-day trip to Cat Tien. We saw stuff that we couldn't see in HCMC because of all the pollution and the buildings??. We saw stuff like plants? we couldn't see in HCMC and a lot a lot a lot of stars⭐️⭐️⭐️ and gibbons and animals ??????????. The cabins were very nice?. But our cabin (Hornbill?) was especially the best because they fixed it recently???.

A picture of the bonfire.

The good thing in Cat Tien was (my opinion) the bonfire because we all participated in it? also we roasted some marshmallows??!!! But for other people? ?? they liked watching and hiding food for the moon bears ? ?. We hid fruits ??? and peanut butter, and some people like me, assembled bamboo, banana leaves, dog food and bananas together?.!!! And what I learned was that I went out of my comfort zone (city?) and that I became one with nature???!!! Also so we learned how to be self responsible and how to take care of the environment.

A picture of group 2 learning about the endangered animals.

Why I think the government  keeps Cat Tien is because it is a park where mostly all the endangered animals go and it is a really large place?. And to keep them so they don't get hurt ? or die also to not make them endangered. We saw gibbons and saw a poster of me!!! I was holding a loris that I made (paper). It was when I was in 1st grade (when I had short hair?).

Group 1 and 2 eating.

2  1AND THE BEST PART!!! FOOOOOOOOODDDDDDDDD?????????!!!!!  Of course the food wasn't like this ???? ?or ????? we had bread with strawberry jam or blackberry jam ?? (or bread?with egg?). And pork noodles, beef noodles and chicken noodles????.

The morning walk.

Even though the best part was food there was another good part. And it was the morning walk this was optional but I went. It was when you see the sunrise ? and when you heard gibbons and the birds singing. It got a bit windy? at 5:30 so we had to wear log sleeved shirt? (or jacket). We stopped at a bridge and heard the gibbons.

Before the night hike.

Also there was a similar thing to the morning walk??. It was the night hike?. It should actually be called the night walk because we didn't really hike?... It was when we increased our night vision?.  We stopped when we couldn't see the track anymore. Then we laid down? and saw the stars✨✨✨✨?. It was very pretty.

On the 2nd day at Cat Tien our group (group 2) went to a night safari?. We rode one of those night safari trucks with 2 people on one seat? ??(2 seats put together). Then the night safari began... First it was this happy mood because of all the chats and the light?. But then it got darker so the chats got quieter and quieter. And we saw deers!!! Then a porcupine then a jack rabbit? then a squirrel! And on the way back it was so dark and cold???. It was so cold that I started shivering??!!!

Picture of the night safari!

But after that ride it was the bonfire? so it got warm pretty quickly. But it got too hot so I moved backwards. Because group 1 didn't come group 2 had to wait about 5 minutes?!!! Then finally they came and finally we started our student led bonfire. We started of with a quiz show?!!! That three or four students led. It was actually a riddle quiz show. After was a game that was kind of like simon says. Next was another riddle show. And then FINALLY OUR SCRIPT!!! It was a ghost story?!!! It didn't go the way we were going to do it but WHO CARES!!! Because the people that did scripts got the marshmallows first (lol)!!! The marshmallows were golden brown!!! And it was sooooo goooooooooodddddddddddd!!!

And there was this nature passion thing and I was in photography?!!! We laid on the ground to take good photos and if they weren't good we needed to lay down again. It actually was a scavenger hunt!!! And we needed to find stuff like something sharp?, something round and something that you can tie a knot but it all has to be a part of the ecosystem?.

A picture of a picture that someone took in the photography group.

AND THE WORST PART LEAVING CAT TIEN?!!!!!!! Before we left we made sandwiches for the 3 hour ride I put in a lot of stuff ?????!!! We rode the boat to get across the river and got on the bus ? with a sad feeling?. But soon enough the bus went CRAZY?!?!?! We arrived at school about 3:00 we gave our parents a warm hugggggg?. 


Today I have a HAPPY NEWS?!!! I just got my C.A.R.P (Contrast/Alignment/Repetition and Proximity) sheet and the result is......? Exceeding!!!! BUT?!!! E+ is the best one. But it's okay (I guess) 

For me I like that I fitted my fonts and background in the idea pugs all though I think that I could've done better at repetition because I think that I didn't do a lot of repetition. But another thing I like about my information report is that my contrast is good. The font is black⚫️ and white⚪️. It's not like blue? one purple? because that would've been very hard to see. I guess I could've worked on more of the depth.



My goal is to read more non-fiction books than fiction books. Also I need to read 30 minutes per day??.


My action to achieve? my goal is to have someone giving me a prize after I accomplished my goal. Or a person who makes sure I am doing what my goal says.


Wednesday: I read for 20min (so I need to read 10 more min). And I have a non-fiction book that is interesting.

Thursday: I read for 30min (that's good??.) And I am still on my wimpy kid book so after I'm done I will read a non-fiction book.

Monday: I read 40 pages for 30min. And I am close to finishing my book.

Tuesday: I read 20 pages for 10min. I need to read a lot more.

Wednesday: I read 40 pages for 30min.

Thursday: I read 30 pages 30 min.

Friday: I am reading a fiction book ? so next week I need to start a non-fiction book. And I read 10 pages in 20 minutes.

Monday: I read the ghost of graylock for 15min and soon  going to start a non-fiction book

Tuesday: Still reading graylock. And I read 30pages in 30min

Wednesday: Still reading graylock. I read 20pages in 25min

Thursday: Still reading graylock. I read 30pages in 40min

My goal went good? but I think that it could've been better?. Because the pages I read and the minutes I read was good? but i think that I just read fiction books and that I  didn't read non-fiction books?. So if I get to do another goal I think I should really really really work on reading non-fiction books?. And to read at least 1 biography book? and 1 non-fiction book?. I really liked this goal (reading log) thing because it helped me a lot with my pages and time I am reading.

A few weeks ago, Saki and I have made our own experiment! It was to find another subtense that makes a reaction besides baking soda. So we tried baking powder, self rising flour and pepper. We hypothesised that pepper won't make any reaction but the other two might make a reaction. Adding on, we needed to bring our own materials to do the experiment except for the syringe, cup, popsicle stick (to mix with) and a i pad (to film).

I learned if baking powder, self rising flour and pepper made a reaction or not (and all of them didn't work?) . Also we mixed a lot but we did the video in time laps so it looks like it's a few seconds but it was like 1 minute to us of mixing?. And the best part was when the pepper went into the water. Because it made this really cool texture thing (even though it didn't make a reaction).

Also how I could make it better is to get more weird(?) substances so it can fizz (make a reaction). Adding on, we can change the solvent to maybe vinegar because it might fizz. We also made a i movie and after the i movie making we put the i movie in the slide show and imbed it in to here?.


Today I will be talking about my week again?... First things first, for P.E the gym was packed yesterday so we had to go to the dance room and play dodge ball. For a warm up game we first played pirate tag. It's a tag game where you have one tagger and some mats on the floor the tagger was wearing a bib for us. Then the tagger tries to get you but if you step on the mat you have to sit on it BUT if the tagger steps on the mat there is a jail break it's when you get off of the mat and become free again. Next we played dodge ball our team was called the jogi's and the other team was the yogi's (in Korean it means ??here and there??). I caught a lot of balls so my team mates could come in again.

Next is about science. Yesterday we had mystery red, blue and green solutions and we needed to find out if they have different concentration in them. So we took 50ml for each group and weighed them. And we noticed that the green was concentrated then red then blue so the blue was the most diluted.

And today we are doing a wrap up party for basket ball today and people are going to bring some food????. And we are going to play a basket ball games and a basket ball match (maybe) . And another awesome event is that Judith Fox is coming to our school to talk with us!!!! That's why I wore the Terry Fox shirt today to school??!!! Also we are going to have a music concert practice and that is it!