End of Plastic Waste is Near With This Plastic Waste Terminator

So far, I have come up with an idea of sustainable Plastic Waste Inductor. I worked on the presentation using Canva to show what I am going to make if I could. Throughout the project, I have noticed how this product I have come up is interesting and crucial for the current plastic waste problem. It is because people are littering plastic bags, bottles, and others anywhere, everywhere. This causes significant damage to the environment and marine animals. There are multiple animals that passed away due to consumption of plastic waste that humans threw away. The main reason is that they are lazy and there are not many places to recycle plastic even if they want to. Well, I was not able to make people get up and start making them throw plastic waste at trash can but I was able to make long-lasting eco-friendly plastic waste Inductor. My main findings are that coming up with a new idea is sure is a hard procedure to reach the point of invention. Also, I have noticed how robots are actually able to clean up that mountain of plastic trash throughout the research I have done. It is unrealistic to get rid of them but it is possible to reduce the amount of littering of plastic waste.

My main challenges were inserting huge amount of information inside this presentation (final product) and abstracting it to make it as clear as possible for viewers. In addition, it took me a while in order to draw out and paste the picture inside the slide. My strengths were design and the basic structure of the presentation I have made. Although the weaknesses are that it is hard to focus due to the huge number of words on the slide, I tried my best to insert photos and colors to make it interesting. Anyway, it was a great experience for me to learn more about robots, plastic waste problem and solution.


If the presentation is not properly visible, visit here

Here is my final product, Canva presentation:

The Progress of Eco Prototype and Various Failures

So, by working on my project, I was able to learn more about how it is really hard to come up with an idea of an invention that can change the world. It requires really innovative and unique idea with creativity, making it hard for normal people to come up with an idea. However, as a student, I am trying to learn more about what I can think of and what I can do to step up and at least change part of the world. With my question about how robots can aid world from plastic trashes, I came up with various products that actually did not make sense at all when others saw mine for peer assessment. I knew it would be hard and I basically learned a lesson that failure is a step towards success. Even though I am not able to successfully reach my ultimate goal of reducing plastic trash, I will definitely develop my ideas further more than before.

Of course, I had some challenges throughout the research and to think about the product that can realistically work. I literally did not know what to think of when I thought it should be realistic. Still, I figured out that solution was simple. This project is to make an idea about engineering without limits. Even though it may not be realistic, the primary goal is to aid the world environmentally so I was able to think of the method that can be half realistic but unique and efficient. There will be furthermore problems in the future so I should be aware as I go through my project.

I am currently following my timeline without any challenges. I am currently asking for peer assessment either in class or outside of class for what I have done for this project. I was able to research a lot about robotics, how much pollution there are around the world and learned about various solutions to resolve plastic trash problem. It is fairly going well so my main priority right now is to constantly work on it and continue on with the timeline I made.

Let’s Clean That Mountain of Plastic Bottles!


See the source image

Plastic Bottles Everywhere!

It is known that people litter millions and millions of plastic trash. Most of them are able to be recycled however, there are too many plastic that even small organisms in ocean consume and gain a fatal illness. My research question is “To what extent does robot be able to reduce amount of plastic bottle trash?”. In my opinion, it is important to be aware about plastic because the plastic itself has low melting point, however, they are not naturally degradable. Therefore, I am planning to create a robot (not actually building it though) that is able to enhance the environment of Earth by influencing people to recycle plastic bottle in much comfortable method. Currently, I am going to work on more on my product since there are various problems that makes my product unrealistic. Also, this is my timeline which I will follow in the future:

What I need to do By this date Comments
Research Until the first Post
Blog: First post

What are you planning on doing and why is it so important to you?

May 4th?8th?
Continue Research/Planning for what i can do for final product. Maybe I should try drawing it out on paper just like blueprint. Until next blog post
Blog: Second Post

What have you learned towards your research questions so far?

May 16th?
Ask for peer assessment, keep researching for accuracy and precision. I would have to improve and come up with various method Until Presentation
Blog: The finalYour Presentation, what you learned, how you did in organizational terms etc. May 15th? 20th?
Presentation May 21st
Reflection May 24th



“Standby Power X Fossil Fuel”

  • ‘Abstract’. What did you do and why was it important to you? What were your main findings from the project?

So, in this project about climate change, I have put a lot of time and effort to research and create a educational video on Powtoons about correlation between Fossil Fuels and standby power. It was important for me because I wanted to know how these little electricity loss from standby power can affect our life. Also, this topic about standby power is ignored and is underestimated by many of people but it is a significant problem as these little standby powers can stack up to become larger in the future. My main findings from this project is that I have found a lot of variety information about both standby power and Fossil fuels, gaining knowledge that we are using more and more of the fossil fuels and we are actually reaching to the point where ice bergs melt down, sea level rise and the whole world gets heat up. Basically, fossil fuels are the main contributor of climate change and in order to reduce usage of fossil fuels, reducing standby power by unplugging electrical devices actually help.

  • What were the main challenges for you doing this project? What were your strengths and what were your weaknesses?

The main challenges are that, making animation in Powtoon caused several glitches and I have lost one major save file making me to redo about 50% of the whole work I did due to laptop shutting off in addition of wifi disconnection. It was a though challenge to create the final product but it was enjoyable and was a great time for me to research about my interested topic Standby Power. My strengths were that it was easy to animate and structure it out due to early research however weakness is that, I am clumsy about saving which led me to lose the major file. At last, I was able to finish the project in time without giving up.


Take out the plug. You are heating the world.

Pull them out!

What have you learned towards your research questions so far?
– I have been learning lots of information about the cause and effect of fossil fuels and how reducing standby power reduces usage of fossil fuels. Interesting fact is without using electronic devices like tv, kettles or chargers, we lose electricity! Well, everybody knows that but the problem is that, average households lose 4~12% of electricity without using them. It is pretty tragic if people kept losing 12% of electricity every year as electricities these days are costly and contributes to global warming. To reduce usage of fossil fuel which is REALLY important, it is best to reduce standby power as this is the easiest thing people can do while they are indoor.

What has been challenging for you? How have you managed to work around your problems?
-The challenge is a wifi in my house and is pretty hard to get onto my product of Powtoons, which requires internet and is annoying whenever I have server disconnection. However, I noticed that I could have went to study building called “J1″so maybe if I have time, I should visit there for my internet problem resolution.

How is your timeline going? What have you managed to achieve and how is your timeline evolving to meet the deadlines?
-I have managed to follow my timeline currently finishing research and proceeding on working on product. I just need a time to work on and a good internet to be able to work more efficiently rather than working in my house which takes me a long time just to disconnect and reconnect. As the deadline is approaching, I am aware that I may be short on time however, I will use my time wisely such as in study hall and weekends to work hard to finish this product I am working on until next Monday on December 11th 2017, which is a final deadline for everything.
Image Attribution:


How does Standby Power Affect Fossil Fuel Usage? : The Beginning

         Standby power, also known as vampire power

In Physics classroom, we are working on a project where we have to make one question about Global Warming that people could answer without saying “Yes” or “No”. Then we research about the question, gaining knowledge as we go through the sources. For final product, students should be able to demonstrate their own answers, causes, and other various factors but without involving themselves. So, we have to make a video or presentations that we do not involve ourselves in it. We have now began the research and here are the progress of mine:

What are you planning on doing and why is it so important to you?
-Currently I have found multiple helpful sources that support my research. I am planning to research more about my question. My question is, “To what extent does reduction of standby powers impact the usage of fossil fuels and climate change?” and I am researching about usage and cause of fossil fuel, as well as harms, resolution and ratio of standby power in usual households. This is important for me because there are significant number of people who does not care about standby power. I would like to research on how reducing standby power may reduce usage of electricity, reducing usage of fossil fuels which is a big problem of our society due to Global Warming.

What are you going to make (the product)?
-Documentary or some video that is informational. Maybe Powtoons, documentary film, lecture(?) in front of ‘dolls’ as we cannot involve ourselves when presenting except our products.

Your timeline for completion – what you are doing when, what do you need to learn and when are you going to learn it.

-Well, here is my timeline until the final product.

What I need to do By this date
Research Until the first Post
Blog: First post

What are you doing, how will you do it and what is your timescale?

November 30th
Continue Research/Planning for what i can do for Final product Until next blog post
Blog: Second Post

How well are you doing? What have you learned so far?

Dec 5th
Ask others, feedback, keep researching and working for it for accuracy and precision. Also, enhancing my method of expression about my idea towards this topic. Until Presentation
Blog: The finalYour Presentation, what you learned, how you did in organisational terms etc. Dec 10th 8pm
Presentation Dec 11th!

Image Attribution: https://www.geeksaresexy.net/2008/10/20/standby-power-electronics-that-drain-your-wallet-even-when-theyre-off/

Social Studies Group Project reflection

In this project on Human rights, we focused on improving self esteem of orphanages in Vietnam. This is an important skill because we were able to help them improve their self esteem and able to provide them services and cup cakes.  One thing I improved while working on this project is my ability to speak out fluently(?) due to elevator speech during the showcase. This blog post provides a reflection on my work, as well as a sample of what I accomplished.


  • What did you learn from visiting other exhibits? I have learned a lot from orphans. There is so many that I cannot tell however, I can tell that providing service is a best job as you will receive applause as well as smiles from others that you have serviced.
    • How did my collaboration with classmates help me focus my ideas or provide new insights? My team helped me a tons as i really want to appreciate them as they sure did a great job in this human rights project. Without my team member, I won’t be able to complete this project as well as my task without their help.
    • Because of my service-learning, I am now able to notice that providing service is hard but is a definite way of receiving a smile from others. It was a great experience that was donc during this semester (including food drive) and was really fun as well as exciting project.



Link to our lesson plan during providing services 




Service Learning Reflection

In this Human rights project, our team worked on Poverty including lack of education and out service that was provided was to encourage students to own better self esteem and courage by having activities done with students in Orphan Impact last weekend. It was far away which was kind of near the airport.

-What did you do that seemed to be effective or ineffective in service to others?

I thought that everybody had to participate in the activity without somebody who is left over as that would be an opposite effect or encouraging kids. So, we have provided cup cakes as well as mirror activity that is done individually and was  effective as people were able to express their own ideas without a kid left behind.

-What are the most difficult or satisfying parts of your work? Why?

There weren’t much difficulties however, I was really satisfied that I as well as my group members were able to encourage the students in orphan impact to aid improving their self esteem. I also thought that they were really cute because when we have finished our job and about to leave, all the kids were saying “Thank You” and was really proud what we as a group have done in this project.


Overall Poem Reflection

What have you learned about poetry since we first started the unit (what did you know at the start, and what do you now know)?

-I have learned that there are various type of poem as well as numbers of different type of styles. I mostly learned about alliteration, onomatopoeia, puns, extended metaphor…etc.

What challenged you in this unit?

-It challenged me as the rubric led me a limit when writing a poem where I have to insert certain subject and not able to express the idea. This were challenging ones that I struggled the most.

Which of your poems did you like the most and why?

-I liked about “Doctors who lie” which was kind of master piece that I have made during this poetry assessment. It mostly includes poem terms(?) and I like how the story or feelings from a sad event stimulates my mind. Basically, it is most enjoyable poem to read.

How did your visuals enhance (add to) your poems?

-My visuals(overall) enhanced my poems by adding the details as well as secret meaning inside a photo. It might not be secret however, I don’t think people will get it right away.

How did you find the overall experience of writing poetry?

-It is hard than I thought. I feel like poem is one of a hard type of writing.

What did you enjoy/not enjoy about writing poetry?

-I have enjoyed playing with white spaces and type of poem. It was fun playing with them, and I enjoyed creating a poem that made sense as it was hard for me to create one poem.

Final thoughts?

-Not really. It would be fun if we do this again. Not with a limitation with rubric when writing a poem.

Floor Hockey assignment

  1. How do you hold a hockey stick?Dominant or comfortable hand gripping the middle of the hockey stick, with thumb pointing towards the blade. Other hand is gripping the top.
  2. What is the ready position?Legs bent, head straight (or not looking down), close to the floor like basketball position
  3. What is cradling?Passing between back and front of the blade with a puck which is like dribbling
  4. Where should the puck be on your stick when you pass? In the middle of a stick
  5. What should you be looking at when you pass?—The person you are passing to or where you want the puck to go to
  6. Where should you be after the pass? —I should be moving to the goal.
  7. State and explain the positions in Hockey.5 Positions+1 goaliesCenter=The one that starts to get the puck in the centerLeft Wing=The one that supports the center on left

    Right Wing=The one that supports the center on right

    Left Defense=Defense position that supports goalie

    Right Defense=Defense position that supports goalie

  8. How do we keep safe during our games with sticks unit? Keep the blade under knees, keep hands at the middle so stick doesn’t fly around and hit people’s faces
  9. We played floor hockey, broomball, and scoopball explain what you liked about each game and what you didn’t like about each game. I liked floor hockey because I was able to dribble easily. I liked broomball beacause the stick was like hammer so I thought it was cool. Scoopball thought me of a PE game when I was young.
  10. Which game did you enjoy the most and why? Floor hockey because I liked to play it.