ELA 8 Reflection


Some professional qualities I have is that I am a hard worker, I try my best on all projects even if it’s something that I’m not interested in. I’m also a motivator, I help others in my group and motivate them as a teammate. I’m also a creative person and try my best to have input on what we should to our to help improve it.


However, I do have some qualities that I struggle with. Such as communication, I find communicating with others and asking for their feedback on my work is very stressful experience for me so I tend to avoid them. I also struggle organizing and managing my time efficiently. Which can lead to a lot of stress later into the project.

The Unit Where You Just Eat And Pretend It’s For Educational Purposes

This unit we learn about healthy eating. So our project was to create a healthy and delicious meal, which we then bring to school for others to eat and judge our food!

The Endeavor of Discipline

This was my persuasive essay that I wrote for writing class. We were then submit it to a website and hope for publication


The act of disciplining a child is necessary to teach kids of what they can and cannot do. However, discipline has limits, if you overstep your boundaries. It could lead to your child developing disorders in the future. This is why you should not invade your child’s privacy for the sake of moderation. The act of extreme moderation could lead to an unhealthy and dysfunctional family, your child develop paranoia and trust issues, and stopping their mental growth as children.

If the parents push their limits and becomes invasive, the kid will try to distance themself from the their parents because they feel in danger. The mistrust and suspicion will grow and eventually it will tear apart the family. I grew up with my mom’s constant anxiousness towards me. She would always think that I am doing something thing devious when she was unable to keep an eye on me at home. It go so bad to the point where she installed a camera in my room. She claimed it was for her to check if I’m going to sleep in time. It felt more than just that. I felt angry and frustrated, as though she do not trust her own daughter when she say what she is doing in her room at night that she think this is the right thing to do. More importantly it made me felt that she does not trust me, and it caused a rift in our relationships. When parents become invasive in their discipline then it can come in between them and their child’s relationship. As insecureness and suspicion builds on the parent-child relationship it will inevitably fall apart, and can cause a dysfunctional family.

In addition, if you constantly are being invasive towards your child (ex. going through their phone/social media accounts, cameras to keep an eye on them, secretly going through their belongings, etc.), it can cause the child to grow up and develop paranoia and trust issues because of being constantly monitored. Unlike problems stated above, these consequences are more long-term and can plague them for the rest of their lives. Due to past trauma of being a victim to extreme supervision by the child’s parent, the kid will have the feeling of someone constantly watching them engraved into their brain. Because that was how they lived their life, in constant fear of their parents going through their phones, their room and could result in them being beat by the parents. The child grew up in fear and this fear will carry on into their life. Those fear could turn into severe paranoia and trust issues. These mental disorders will make the child’s life very difficult. Paranoia clouds the person’s rational thought process with fear and anxiety, while trust issues makes it hard for one to engage in relationship due to mistrust and suspicion and could interfere with relationships between friends and family. These mental illness can destroy your child’s life and rob them of potentials.

Your child’s privacy is a right and not a privilege. A child deserve their own space, a place to express themselves. The thinking that privacy is something a child must earn from their parents is toxic and damaging. As stated above, my mother had once placed a camera in my room. Even though her intentions were good, it still angered me, to not be able to trust your own child that you gave birth to, and place so much distrust in her that you have to install a camera in her room to appease yourself. Being concerned with your child is understandable, but to invade their private space is wrong. You as a parent have the power to discipline your child, but if you misuse it, it would be considered abuse. According to MentalHelp.net, a child’s privacy is essential because it helps the child develop a sense of self. By the time they’re in middle school, their sense of self only grows as they become part of social groups. As they become more aware of themselves as member of society, they need a place to themselves to grow. Without a private place for your child, it could be really damaging to the development of your child. As a parent, you should be able to understand and respect this privacy because you too, were once a child.

Parents will claim that they are doing out of concern, and goodwill and that they only want the best for their children Some may not even realized that they are doing it and how damaging it can be to childrens. However, these concerns are bringing heavy consequences for your kid, and carrying out a bad example for your kid. Not only that but, there nothing to sugarcoat here, you are literally abusing your child. You are emotionally abusing your child by harming their mental and social development, not only that but your action can have horrible mental and emotional consequences on your child over time. You are also exploiting your child’s personal space and privacy and harming them for your own cause. As parents you should always talk to your child about concern, I recommend you to built trust with your child from a young age. Respect their own private space, ask them about concerns and talk to them. One of the biggest reasons why parents develop such behaviors is because of extreme weariness and suspicion for their child. By building this fundamental trust between the parent and the child at an early stage, the parent will be least likely to become invasive at their child because they know and trust them more. Not only is this preventing parents from unknowingly abusing their child but also help strengthening the family’s relationship.

In conclusion, moderation of your child is good, but you should not overdo it. Invasion on a child’s privacy can cause long term damage into their adult life. Such as paranoia, trust issues, hurting their family’s relationship, and hurting the child’s development. So next time, be careful when you discipline your children, understand what they are or are not comfortable with. Communication with your child is important to their development, as a parent you should try to understand you kids because at one point you were also a kid too.

here is the LINK to my published article

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Here is a screenshot of the email informing me that I have been voted #1 for the day.

Mandarin Occupation Unit Reflection

In this unit we learned about occupations, we then used what we learned from the Quizlet to make a video with our partners pretending we were doing a job interview.

We learned about occupations such as Taxi Driver 出租司机 (chūzū sījī), Clerk 职员 (zhíyuán), and Manager 经理 (jīnglǐ), etc. We also learned how to say phrase such as 你以前的工作是什么?(What were your previous job?) or 你为什么要申请这份工作?(Why do you want this job?). The objective of this project is to help us develop our speaking in Mandarin, and use what we learn in a realistic situation to stimulate what it could be like in real life. 

Tao laoshi setup a Quizlet with all the vocabs we need to learn. I learned them by constantly review them using one of the function on Quizlet. It was really fun.

Our video format is suppose to look like we are having the interview over Skype. I was the one being interviewed. We both did out own takes, then I edit it together to the best of my ability. Sadly, I wasn’t able to have the Skype interface so that it actually seems like we’re doing it on Skype. Even though the final product is kind of rough around the edges, I’m still proud of it because of all the effort I put into editing the video.

Here is the LINK to our script for the job interview video.

Science Reflection

In class, we have had 3 different types of learning environments; lecture style, independent style and half and half classes. I found out that I was a visual learner pretty easily. I always found it easier to understand through images and graphs rather than listening to videos or teachers explaining it on the board.

Personally, I prefer the half and half classes. Because even though I don’t really prefer their lectures, the teacher can give you specific examples and help you understand what you are suppose to. Even though having independent time can be helpful, sometime it hard to understand stuff if I’m watching videos and reading articles all the time. Sometime the things that the videos talks about may not necessarily be what the teacher’s objective is. Or other times where I might have misinterpret information and got something completely than what the teacher intends. Also lectures are easier to follow, since it’s pretty straightforward, you just listen to them talk and understand what they’re saying.

I found independent time to be quite helpful, but over a long period of time it starts to get confusing. I usually rely a lot on teacher’s direction and without it I’m afraid that I might mess something up and study the wrong thing. Also independent time relies on time management and motivation, and I’m pretty flaky when it comes to things like that and can get distracted easily. However, independent time is also really helpful becuase you get to understand things at your own pace and not get confused and left behind.

Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 1.29.51 PMThese were some of the independent learning homework we had, we were to watch videos and read articles and sites so we can answer these question and, hopefully, learn something. But the thing is sometime it can get really confusing, and as stated before, sometime I am afraid that I’m misunderstanding my teacher’s objective and misinterpreting information.

I’m pretty indifferent when it comes to lecture time. It been a pretty standard thing in school. You’re basically doing what the teachers say and if you’re doing it wrong then they’ll tell you so. It does become really boring at time.

Some advantages to being a visual learner is that it’s easy searching for graphs and visual examples that can help me learn. I also like taking notes, so it helps me remember things. However, even though I’m a visual learner it hard for me to understand information when I’m reading. It takes a lot longer for me to understand something when I’m reading rather than when I’m trying to interpret a graph or something similar. To compensate for this disadvantage I can read more to help with my reading comprehension problem.


In this soccer unit we were to create a game based around the concept of soccer but with a twist to make it interesting and unique. Chihiro, Min Seo and I created a game called Footbowling, it’s like like soccer but instead of goals it’s pins! We then created a video explain the rule and concept of our game using CoachNote. Here is our video!

Here is a link to our video if the video doesn’t work here.

General Kid Experience

Last semester we were introduced into a project where we interacted with a first grader assigned to us. Generally, it was really good. I had fun playing around with and doing activities my first grader. It was actually much better than expected, I thought it would have been a stressful experience but it turned out to be a fun and cute experience. I learned that I can tolerate the presence of small children.