Earth Layer

      Earth layers. There are 4 layers inside of the earth. As you can see I have made the earth layers by using lego blocks; let me explain you guys the layers I created by Lego! The white block represents inner core. The Inner core is the smallest layer and is solid. The inner core is made out of iron. The green block represents the outer core. The outer core is made out of liquid iron and nickel; if we didn’t have the outer core we would have been dead because we would not have protection from the sun so we wouldn’t have the magnetic field. But, luckily we have the rotating liquid iron from the outer core. The red blocks represent’s mantle. The mantle is the largest layer, it is made up of molten rock which is lava. The upper part of the mantle is solid but on the bottom it is liquid. And now finally the blue block; the blue block represents the crust. The crust is made up of soil, minerals, animals, and other elements. The crust is solid and we all live in it!


      As we go down through the earth’s core the temperature will get hotter, but as we go up the temperature will get cooler/colder. The differences for inner core and outer core is that the state of matter is Solid (for inner core) and liquid (for outer core). The state of matter for all of the layers is: Crust solid, Mantle is semi-solid, the outer core is liquid and lastly inner core liquid. 

In Young 😛 

Mandarin Daily Routine Skit (SLC)

Here’s a picture of my poster that I made in Mandarin! The poster is about my daily routine.


This is my skit video; I did it with Tessa and Ana. In the poster, we were supposed to put our family information, our information (school etc) and our daily routine. I learned how to explain my daily routine in Mandarin e.g. 我早上七点半去上学 means I go to school at 7:30 in the morning! Learning this was hard work because I sometimes struggle with Mandarin, but I manage to learn everything before the skit!

My success for this class was that I manage to learn everything by myself. I learned a different kind of Chinese vocab words. How I manage to learn everything by myself was by learning the vocabulary at home, learning the skits I did in the past and I also tried to memorize everything that I learned. 

My struggle for mandarin was remembering the Chinese characters and the pinyin. I struggle the pinyin the most, especially in the vocab tests.

Without Ms. Chung’s help, I wouldn’t have learned anything in mandarin, so I really want to thank her for helping me with mandarin since semester 1 till now.

Gummy Bears Government

Democracy (The picture of the gummy bears holding the signs says “Vote”)

Tyranny (The picture is kind of hard to see but the gummy bear that is leaning on the blue piece of lego is holding a sword)

Oligarchy (The picture shows 3 gummy bears together which explains oligarchy because oligarch means few.)

Monarchy (Picture shows 1 gummy bear sitting on a throne and the citizens are listening to what the king is saying.)

-I thought that every government in Ancient Greece will be same (for some reason). I thought that everyone will have no rights at all, and I also thought that the governments were all mean and cruel to their citizens.

-I think it is important to learn about the governments because we can now know how the governments developed from a long time ago. And whenever people ask us about Ancient Greeks government we can just answer it right away.

-Democracy because it still exists today, they helped people by improving their lives. They always would want their country to be safe, they also listen to people’s ideas to make their country even better.




Face Mask Ad Poster Annotation

My product for dragons apprentice is a face mask! We will put in Strawberries, Aragon oil, Coconut oil, Honey, Oatmeal, and Water. Our main point of making this product is to cure acne and more. We realized that there are a lot of people that have acne so we would want to change that problem by making this product for people to use. 

3 main points that I think I should put in my poster is adding my products name have a little bit of description about the product and also I should put fonts that are readable for the customers.




Just Do It

Just do it- Nike had been the best-known shoe brands in the world. People wear it everyday and everywhere! But what does ‘Just do it’ really mean? What it means is that don’t think just do it, take risks. Why I think this is the answer is because the main way to learn is to take the risk and never give up. What I really think about Nike is that they are showing us that their product is very unique! “Just do it”.

Salt/Baking Soda vs. Fruits/Veggies

After Ancient Egypt unit my teacher decided to do something very fun. Her idea was to mummified fruit/veggies! It was really fun. The first thing we did was add salt and baking soda to a plastic zip-lock bag. The second thing we did was dig out the guts of the fruits and the veggies. The third thing we did was put salt and baking soda into the fruits and veggies which were in the zip-lock bag. The fourth thing we did was wrap the fruits and we put them into the zip-lock bag. Lastly, we left it out for 10 days! After 10 days we got it out and see if anything has changed. And the fruit that we added in (which was an apple) changed the most! The tomato didn’t really change, but the cucumber did.

My Top 3 favorite learning subject in social studies is the SEE, THINK, WONDER. This is my favorite because we use a lot of thinking just for 1 picture. When we are done with writing our see, think, wonder Ms. Wolf shows us what the picture is, and some of them might be very interesting! My second one is the BREAKING NEWS. This is my second favorite because it was really fun to do, especially the part where we could write random stuff about our topic! My third favorite is making to timeline because it was really fun to make, plus it was also challenging because some pictures won’t fit into your paper so you have to cut it, then you ruin the picture then your doomed! Well, at least that’s what happened to me.


photo-on-12-6-16-at-12-11 This is the mummified fruits and vegetables after 10 days

Math: Quarter 1 Progress


This is what I am currently learning in Unit 2!

In Math, I feel like I have achieved a lot of my goals. I didn’t know that I will reach this far! I am really happy that I reached Unit 2 because I thought that this day will never even happen! ALEKS really helped me reach my goal for math. Because when I was in 5th grade I was really bad at math, so I used a site called ALEKS and it helped me a lot with math!


In Math, I have successfully learned and understood Fractions and Decimals. These problems were a really hard for me to understand when I started learning them. In Math, I am also very sad/disappointed that I haven’t really understood adding/subtracting negative numbers. I wish that someone will show me a better way to do these kinds of problems. My goal next time is to understand how to add and subtract Negative Numbers before Unit 5.