Social Studies -Ancient Egypt

What are three new things I learned about geography and early human settlement?

First, I didn’t know the reasons why the Egyptians decided to settle near the nile River. Second, I learned the locations of each places in Egypt. Third, now I know the advantages and disadvantages of each sources in Egypt.

What are two things that I am proud of in my project?

First is that I am very proud of making a river out of my own hands because Yoon Hae Cho is actually VERY bad at minecraft. At first I didn’t even know how to access into minecraft because I was so dumb. Second, I am vey proud of my brain, because now I know the locations of Egypt and reasons why the Egyptians made choices to live near the Nile River,


What are one thing I would do differently if I were to do this project again?

The thing that I would try to do better is to finish my project faster, and do steps more faster. I think this time I did this project I was really bad because I kind of was getting use to minecraft, so I think that was the reason why I was a bit really slow on this project. I hope I’ll do better next time.

End Of The Year Blog

The most interesting thing l learned in 5th grade was about sustainabilty. The funnest thing to do in 5th grade was when we went to Cat Tien. In Cat Tien I liked the cabins a lot. In Cat Tien, it was really challenging when we had to walk when it was really sunny. The advice I want to give to the 4th graders is that they shouldn’t have tech break because they need to study more. I’m gonna go to Korea on July 15th and come back in August. My mission during the Summer is to diet. HAHA. I’m gonna see my friend Eun Woo and see my family. I’m really excited about decorating my locker.


Green Dragons

Our group worked on the balcony garden. I chose this idea because I love to plant plants and I usually get interested of the balcony because I always wondered where we use the balcony if there’s plenty of spaces there. Our idea was very sustainable because we were going to use used plastic bottles for the plants and it will do nothing about the culture because there is nothing related to culture with the balcony garden. The economics wouldn’t cost that much because we would use donated furniture from other families and we would buy more furnitures from local stores if we didn’t have enough furnitures. When we were writing the proposal we each wrote the proposal in different docs and then we chose whose paragraph was more better, and then we connected the whole paragraph and then the proposal’s done! The infographic we were aware with the contrast because if the contrast is not that good the infographic will look more messy and it’s not neat. The most interesting thing that I learned how to do is about infographics. Now I know better about contrast. The most challenging thing that happened to us was when we wan’t really great with teamwork. We wasn’t concentrated enough and I think that was the reason why we couldn’t get a green light and I think we’re just getting the things back at us since we didn’t concentrate and didn’t try our best. I think our infographic was really good because for me, I think that the contrast was good and there was a good pictures for the infographic. The fonts were great!  If we did this project again, then I would like to work on teamwork and concentrate better. For the proposal I would like to make the proposal more persuasive. For the next year students I would want them to be really good at teamwork and concentrate better.




Yesterday the whole 5th grade had a activity called Hackathon. We shared our ideas of ecology and how we can keep our school more sustainable. And then we made a poster called STAR.

Situation: Our idea was to have cows in our campus. It will help us with shaving the grass and also when the cows poop the grass will have more nutrition and it will be more healthy.

Task: We will try to save more oil for the grass shaving machine thing. And make the grass (field) more healthy.

Action: To get cows.

Result: Less pollution and we don’t have to use oils more the grass shaving machine. (The cows eat it.)

it would be good for the environment because less air pollution and we don’t have to waste oil for the machine. I think the leaders will agree because it’s good for the little kids to see and learn with the cows. Maybe the muslims might get a bit uncomfortable but I think it will be fine. I think our group would have got yellow light because the poop is a bit smelly and if we’re going to keep the cows in the field and they’re obviously going to put and it will we smelly. Well, it’s good for the grass, but if kids are going to run in the field they’re going to get in trouble from parents.

Cat Tien

  1. What were the TWO most interesting things you did at Cat Tien? Give some details about them, so your reader can understand why it was interesting.
  2. What was the most interesting thing you LEARNED at Cat Tien?
  3. What was the most difficult or challenging part of the Cat Tien trip for you? How did you meet the difficulty or challenge?
  4. Next year, we might add another day to the Cat Tien trip. What ideas or suggestions do you have for adding or changing activities so that it is even more interesting and fun?

One of the two most interesting things I did in Cat Tien was when we hid the peanut butter and other snacks for the moon bears. The reason why I liked when we were hiding the foods was because I like to hide things, but the thing that wasn’t really exciting was that in the bears’ area I stepped on a poop. The other thing that was the most interesting was when we had the night safari. It was so comfortable when the wind was hitting our faces and it was so cool that I loved it so much. The most interesting thing that I learned in Cat Tien was that gibbons get the similar diseases with humans. The most challenging thing in Cat Tien was when we had to walk in the sun and we couldn’t rest. I think we should put more resting time and bonfire time next year. It was kind of boring during the student-led bonfire because there weren’t many volunteers.

My Reading Goal

My goal was to read more complicated books and read more than 300 pages. I didn’t reach my goal with the complicated books but I read more than 300 pages. I could reach my goal ’cause I read every night. I read the the book, Harry Potter And The Philosopher’s Stone. It just made me read even though I don’t like reading that much but it was so fun.

My Research

My research topic was about Harley Quinn. The reason I chose this topic is because I wanted the others to know more about Harley Quinn and the Joker. I was planning to do a topic of the Joker but I thought that Harley Quinn had much more interesting facts that others did not know. I found the resources by searching up the internet, and I didn’t use books ’cause there was no books about the Joker or Harley Quinn. It wasn’t hard to find resources because I just searched up the topic and just didn’t go to wikipedia. The next time I to this project I will try to write more in each paragraph ’cause I think I put to little amount of words in each paragraph. I learned how to put more better contrasts. I chose pages for my format because I used pages once and I felt like Pages was more easy to use. I think I should do something more about to alignment.

Science Experiment Chemical Reactions

In this unit, I learned the word solution. Solution means more than two mixtures mixed together. Also, I learned that different kinds of Coke may be chemically different. And I never knew that in the old days inside the Coke, the people put cocaine. My favorite part in science was when we did the chemical reactions. When we were mixing the solutions. I would concentrate more on the lesson and when we have personal experiments, I would like to take a better video and try to follow the procedures better.


The Amazing Race

The Amazing Race is about the groups go to the places where it says the place and in there there is a teacher and then we have to try complete the mission. And when we complete it the teacher gives us another envelope and then we try to complete all the missions. In the race in my opinion the station when we have to spin 20 times and bring the cups to the line was very fun and less hard then the other stations. The reason we were doing that was because we were looking like someone drunk and that’s how people walks when they drink alcohol. The station was called Impaired Water. The hardest thing that I think that was the hardest is walking.


Buu Long Outdoor Adventure (Zip Line, and Abseiling)

On September, 22nd we went to a place called Buu Long. In Buu Long there was outdoor adventure and indoor adventure. I did outdoors first and I did zip lining the first. In zip lining we just had to jump of a cliff and when you jump at first, it fills like you’re going to fall off and then as you go down you get used to it and you just start loving it, but as soon as it becomes to a end there’s a guy and he catches us and that’s the way we stop. But since I’m tall and I weigh a lot the guy couldn’t catch me so my shoes ripped off and my butt got a bruise. That was what I didn’t really like about zip lining but it was really fun.


After zip lining I did abseiling. Abseiling was hard to do and fun at the same time ’cause when you do abseiling, if you don’t concentrate you might get hurt or die, so I tried to focus a lot. It was very fun ’cause it felt like I was flying and I could control how fast and how slow you want to go. In the middle of abseiling I didn’t slip but I bumped into the wall but I stood up right away because I would have just waste time plus you still had to stand up without help. I held on the rope so tight that when I finished, my hand hurted a lot because I was holding the rope too hard.