What was 3 things that was new that I learned about geography and early human settlement?

  1. I learned about the lifestyle of the early settlers in Canaan and that was very new to me.
  2. I learned about the land, which was focused on water, topography and vegetation.
  3. The features that influenced the settlers of where to settle.

What are 2 things that I am proud of in my project?

I am proud of the land and how the land turned out. Also about how the world was easy to work with and did not need to do that much building.

What is ONE thing I would do differently?

Maybe with the script I would try rehearsing it before making the screencast.

For the last 2 weeks my class has been working on memoirs. A memoir is maybe sometimes about short memories of your childhood. A memoir is a memory. We have been writing poems, vignettes (mini story) and making art about who we are. Today in class we learned about not using too many adjectives and its like putting too much maple syrup on a pancake.  

So far these 2 days at school we have been learning about Area and Volume in math.  Volume is like measuring a 3d shape and area is the measurement of a 2d shape. I learned that volume is width times length times height but in Area its not a 3d shape so there is no height to it so its only width times length. I also the learned a method which is v=bh (which stands for base). base= length times width, so its like base times height and that would give you the answer.

For example:
a rectangular prism with 2 layers of 1 cm cubes, length: 3 units, width: 1 unit. the base would be 3 times 1 (which is the length and width) multiply 3 x 1= 3 (which is the base) then times 3 by 2=6 (the volume)


Project in class on sustainability is an Outdoor learning space. We are using MISO which is acronym for





my group is thinking about making a hut in our play ground for a learning and resting area. So people can stay during recess or go there to learn about plants in the shade. so far we have found a few places that sell wood in Vietnam so we can buy some to make it. Some furniture though we might just buy it but still has to be sustainable. I think our next steps are to find what we need and find a reason why to do this. Because we are going to show some people like the head of school and the money management. I was interested in this project because I want a place in our school where it can provide shade and a learning space for the playgroud.


What did you do at the Moon Bear Center?

We went to the moon bear center and we got some peanut butter and hid some around their habitat area. I spread alot of peanut butter on the trees up high. After we hid all the food we went to the observation deck. Everyone went in front of me so I went down because there was no space. We watched the bears using there paws and their feet to climb up the trees and there was one that they tried to get but was to high up and couldn't reach it. The moon bears didn't really move around their area.

What did you like and what was an unexpected surprise at Cat Tien?  What was something you’d never seen before?  What was your favorite moment?

When i went to Cat Tien. I thought that the rooms would be really dirty but they turned out to be not that bad. Although group 1 didn't have as good cabins they weren't that bad. I also saw a wolf spider which was in my friend's eco-system. My favorite moment in Cat Tien was the Bonfire because it was just really fun and we ate really good marshmallows

How does Cat Tien connect to our unit about sustainability?

When we went to Cat Tien we went away from the city and stayed in nature for a while. We can see the eco-system and the life living there and see how they are sustainable.


Describe what Close Reading is If you don't know what close reading is. It is when you read texts for one purpose and then read it again for another purpose and so on. For us we had to read part of a book about ecological system. First time we read we read it to get some questions, then the next time we read it for important words and the last time we read it for this "chart" like graph and did like a main idea in the top and then stretched out into 3 or 4 more things about the main idea. And Yes I did read the text 3 times, It did take a while though.

Did you read the text again before filling out the 3 sections, or did you look at #2 and #3 and just try to answer them without rereading the entire text? when I did #2 and #3 in between I read if there was anything I needed to know.

What is a Main Idea?  Can you give an example in your explanation? My main idea was the Eco System, which was what the whole book was about then I wrote what in eco system is a group of living and non living things. After that I wrote population which means a group of animals that relate then Community which is a group of a type of species.

How can Close Reading help you…think about heading to middle school and high school…Close reading can help me in middle school and high school because we will have a lot of text books and this might help to understand and not just quickly read and write down.


Today we stared a new unit in science called Green Dragons. In the unit we are learning about sustainability which means like to take care of. For example: “Sustain yourself in the wild” “Take care of yourself in the wild”. But we are not only taking about humans we are also talking about the environment, because if we keep polluting the air and trashing the streets will earth be a safe place? NO.  So we will be writing a proposal to the principle-the Assistant head of school-the head of school-the pmh(our neighborhood) people. This is the first time in SSIS that a grade has done this, So this is gonna be really important. We are going to choose a topic that we think that can influence our school for example: “we want less homework” or “we want 4 recesses everyday”. Then we would have to do research, and tell the reason why this would be good for the school. Some questions i have:

“Will we say our proposal in front of the people or we will just give them the paper?”

“I wonder if Cat Tien has anything to do with this.” (By the way we are going to Cat Tien National park on Feb/14/2017)

I think i would really want to try doing “free-dress everyday” but then there wouldn’t be any explanation to why this would be good other than every kid would LOVE it.


This is the shape⬆︎

This shape is a quadrilateral-True??,Because there are 4 sides.

This shape is a trapezoid-False??,Because a trapezoid has one set of parallel lines and the shape has two.

This shape is a rhombus-False??,Because a rhombus the attributes are 'all sides are equal' and in this shape the sides are not equal.

This is a parallelogram-True??,Because it has 2 sets of parallel sides

This shape is a rectangle-True??,Because it has 4 sides and 2 sets of parallel lines.

Today in math we started our new unit, Multiplying and Dividing decimals. Actually we started last week but today we started getting deep into it. Today we got base ten blocks and tried to solve either (decimal) x (whole number) or (decimal) x (decimal). The method i used with base ten blocks were when we were doing decimal multiplied by a whole number, i would make the decimal out of base ten blocks and put them in groups of what the whole number is. Ok, that was kind of confusing so here is a example:

2 x 0.2

it would photo-on-11-23-16-at-9-27-ambe 4 ten blocks (representing a tenth) in 2 groups (2 from the math equation)





photo-on-11-23-16-at-9-19-amand for when we were doing the decimal multiplied by a decimal then we would put the decimal on the bottom and then put the other decimal and put it over the other decimal and where they meet is the answer.

For example:


So in our class we have been working on writing a non-fiction piece about a topic we are interested in. I was interested in Tigers and how they are endangered so i decided to write about TIGERS! But not all of us researched tigers. Some of us did topics like: Birds, Mental health, Evolution, Sharks, Deep Sea,black holes,...etc. I am pretty excited about this unit because we are doing research on our topics and thats pretty fun because we never really go on the internet for research.

So far our class has made a google doc and putting some of our questions that we have about LIFE. We put a star on the question we wanted to research about. I picked "What are happening to Tigers?" which refers to why they are endangered. I am interested in this because I wanted to be in roots and shoots but never got to be? but its ok???. In school we have skits/plays sometimes and I see some skits about Tigers and Moon Bears.

Most challenging for me was when I was researching for the first time I had another inquiry question which was "Where do dogs originate from?" but I couldn't find any on the site we were given that the school paid to have access to.

I am exited about making a non-fiction piece. Last year in 4th grade we made a iBook using iBook authors. That was pretty awesome and fun to make. plus since the iBook was digital we had widgets and 3d pictures!

Other things i wonder is. Are we writing an actual book (physically) or a digital iBook?