Human Rights Project

I was really satisfied with both the process and finished product of this project. I think our group had been very practical with the time frames, which had given us a clear simple path for our project from the beginning. I think we used our time wisely in class, and distributed the work equally between our group. I thought our finished product was simple and had a balanced auditory and visual element to it.

After this project my thoughts on human rights have changed drastically. Before I had been aware of the human rights violations happening around the world, however, I did not know specifically about the violations. Now I am extremely concerned about human rights violations happening, especially in North Korea.

I think our group did our project a bit differently from other groups in our class. Many of the groups created a slideshow and presented it live during class. However, our group chose to do record our audio instead.

Digital CSI – Protestant Reformation

CSI is an activity when we represent a word by using a color, symbol, and an image. I chose the word Protestant Reformation to be represented in my digital CSI. I chose the color gray to represent Protestant Reformation because when I think of the Protestant Reformation, I think of gray walls of a church. My symbol is a scroll, which represents the 95 theses Martin Luther wrote during the Protestant Reformation. When I think of the Protestant Reformation, I am reminded of the 95 theses. My image is of Martin Luther writing the 95 theses. I thought Martin Luther writing the 95 theses was an important event in the Protestant Reformation that represents the Protestant Reformation.


Newton Vehicle Blog Post #3

During the design process of our Newton Vehicle I learned it was important we had to keep friction in mind when designing our vehicle because when we built our first prototype, the wheel were bottle caps and it had to much friction, so it was not rolling. I also learned it was hard to come up with a perfect design from the start because we cannot be sure exactly how the vehicle will turn out. If I could change my design process, I would go back and look at more tutorials and see if there were any different body shapes we could have applied to make our vehicle even lighter. Throughout this unit and project, I learned how Newton’s laws are present in all motion. I also learned that Newton’s third law is the law that shows why a force moves an object. If I could redo this project and make changes to my vehicle, I would change the power source of our vehicle. I would want to change my power source because I saw that a balloon car and exert more force thus making the car go farther than a rubber band powered car. If I had the chance to do another project related to our Newton vehicle project,  I would want to try make a car that is able to swim from one side of the pool to the other, but without pre-made parts. We could also extend the Newton vehicle project by adding a challenge of having to push an object across the room.


This is our final design of our Newton vehicle. Since our last design we have changed the wheels by adding CD’s to cause less friction.

Screenshot from 2014-12-15 20:50:42

Newton Vehicle Blog Post #2

Our design for our Newton Vehicle incorporates Newton’s first law when we wind up the rubber band in our vehicle. This is because when we didn’t wind up the rubber band our car would not be moving, and because Newton’s first law says and object that is at rest will stay at rest until an outside force has been acted on it. So when we wind up the rubber band we are applying an outside force on our vehicle. Newton’s second law is incorporated in our design because we used light weight materials to create our vehicle. This is because Newton’s second law says the more mass a object has the more force it will take to make it accelerate, so by using light materials such as a paper roll tube, straws, and thin wooden sticks, we were able to minimize the mass of our vehicle. This would help our vehicle accelerate more with the same amount of force because there is less mass. Our design incorporates Newton’s third law by which direction we wind up the rubber band. Newton’s third law says that when you exert a force on an object it will always exert the same amount of force back in the opposite direction. So when we wind up our rubber band we should wind it in the opposite direction we want our vehicle to go because a equal force will be reflected on our vehicle making it go the direction we desired.

This is our current design for our vehicle. We have modified the location of the axle and the size of our body.

Screenshot from 2014-12-11 23:13:56

Newton Vehicle Blog Post #1

In our Physics unit in Science class, we have learned about gravity, friction, and inertia. Gravity is the force that pulls objects together and is not only present on earth but every where in the universe. Friction is the force which two object objects exert on each other when they rub together. Inertia is the tendency for an object to not change its motion until an outer force is acted on the object.

Newton’s first law of motion very similar to the law of inertia, and is where an object keeps a constant velocity until an unbalanced force has acted on it. In other words, Newton’s first law says an object that is moving will stay moving, and an object which is at rest will stay at rest unless an unbalanced force has acted on the object. Newton’s second law of motion says that an object’s acceleration depends on its mass and net force. Last but not least, Newton’s third law tells us that the force you push into someone or something will reflect by an equal amount of force. Two important topics I should keep in mind when I design my Newton Vehicle, is mass and friction. I think mass is important because Newton’s second law says that a object with a greater will take more force to push or pull so it is crucial to make our vehicle as light as possible to increase the distance being traveled. Also I think friction is important because friction causes an object to decrease and eventually come to a stop, so it is vital that we try to make wheels that have smoother edges.

This an image of our design for our Newton Vehicle.

Screenshot from 2014-12-07 22:19:52

An Hour of Code

hourofcodecertificationScreenshot from 2014-12-02 12:10:38

Today in science class I completed the hour of code and did another coding activity called Lightbot. I like the hour of code because it was fun and I liked how the program explained clearly step by step how to code and program the figure to move. I also found so levels challenging and I had to retry the level numerous times to be able to solve the problem. Overall, I think it was a new good experience for me.

Paper Mache and Plaster Dragon Tutorials

In this video, I was focusing on the techniques they used for the wings because I was thinking of using a similar technique. My dragon arm’s will not be part of its wings, so I was interested in how the person structured the skeleton of the wing, and also how he draped and cut the fabric. I am planning on using the same technique of using fabric for the wings and cut out cardboard to do my skeleton of the wing.

In this video, I focused on how to make the body shape and the sharp scaling on the back of the dragon. The dragon I am planning to make will have a longer body that bends, so I would have to put a wire through the middle, and at the very beginning of the tutorial it shows you what techniques I need to use. I also thought that the sharp scaling on the back was I had been imagining, so I paid close attention to how he made and attached them.

In this video, I also focused on my body shape because I felt that I needed the most guidance with that part of my dragon. This video showed me a slightly different technique for the body shape, for it was narrower and more of a snake-like body. I think I am leaning toward using this technique more than the one above because it will be easier to bend and it is a bit closer to what I had been planning.

From the Unknown

I dashed away, stumbling over the uneven dirt, bits of mud splattering on my school dress. I quickly glimpsed back at the light and gasped,  bewildered by what I saw. A enormous plate-like object came down from the heavens, a holy light surrounding it. The holy object landed in the wheat field, and the weirdest creature I have ever seen came prancing out of it. With its lime green skin, huge ears, and flowing sky blue hair, it gave me a toothy grin and came waltzing over to me. I snapped back into reality, I started screaming for help, shrieking with fear. All of a sudden, the creature was in front of me, its eyes seemed puzzled.

“ I’m sorry if I scared you, I guess I look at bit freaky on Earth. Actually, if you had come to my planet everyone would stare at you. I mean in the good way, of course, just your a bit different from us. Actually I’ll reword that. I’m different —”, the creature babbled on at the speed of light. As for me, I was in a panic, shocked that the freaky creature was not Jesus Christ, or my guardian angel. “Could you do that for me?”, the creature asked with a bright smile. I hadn’t been listening to the creature and barely managed to stammer,“Wh-what?”.

“I was wondering if you could tell me why your grandparents were Catholic, but your parents are Protestant. I’ve always thought that one family would carry on the same religion, so I was really curious what incidents caused your parents to become Protestant. If it isn’t a bother could you explain that to me?” the creature asked. I was totally taken aback. I had been under a shock, and my thoughts couldn’t function properly.

“Uh…um… sure, why not? Let’s go eat some krapfen while we talk. Krapfen is a German delicacy,” I stuttered. I wanted to slap myself, what was I saying?

“Oh! I almost forgot, I never got to introduce myself nor did you. My name is Lena, how about you?” Lena asked.

“I’m Yvonne,” I said cautiously.

“Okay, Yvonne! Lead the way!” Lena yelled happily. I didn’t want to be rude, so I decided I would try to stay calm and tell the story to Lena.

“How about I start the story now? It’s a pretty long one.” I suggested.

“Yes, please. I’ll be quiet for a change,” Lena agreed.

“My grandfather was born in 15 before the Protestant reformation began. He–”

“What was the Protestant Reformation?” Lena asked.

“The Protestant Reformation was when many people started breaking away from the Catholic Church because they felt that the church was becoming corrupt and wordly. But, my great grandfather and grandfather were both born before the Reformation that started in the 16th century, so they were both Catholic. But my father , who was born in 1526, was able to read some of Martin Luther’s writings that had been printed at the printing press. He agreed that the selling indulgences–”.

“What are indulgences?”. “Who’s Martin Luther?”, Lena asked totally engaged with the story. I laughed.

“Calm down, I’ll explain one by one. Martin Luther was a Catholic priest upset with the corrupt practices happening in the Church. He wrote many criticisms about the church, and with the help of the printing press, he was able to spread his writings all over Europe.”

“That’s so awesome! Just think about, all the people in Europe being able to know so quickly! I mean—”

“Lena? Lena? LENA?” I interrupted. Lena looked up at me.

“Oh, I’m so sorry, I’m such a big chatterbox, anyway keep going,” Lena apologized.

“To continue, the selling of indulgences was one of the corrupt practices that the Catholic Church was doing. The Catholic Church said that if you bought an indulgence it would pardon yours or a relative’s sin, but actually they did this to raise money because in 1517, Pope Leo X needed money to finish building the Grand Cathedral.”

“That’s absolutely outrageous! That is abusing religion to earn money,” Lena stated angrily.

“That’s not the end of it, another corrupt practice was simony which is selling Church leadership positions instead of choosing them by the person’s good deeds. So, many of the Church officials did not do their duties but were gaining power and money. My father was very indignant when he read Martin Luther’s criticisms about the Church.”

“I can understand you father very well.” Lena nodded.

“Oh, I was curious if Martin Luther was the only one that criticised the Church,” Lena inquired.

“Of course not!” I exclaimed. “There was John Wycliffe who publicly challenged the pope’s authority and translated the bible against the Church’s tradition. Also, there was Jan Hus who agreed strongly with John Wycliffe’s words and called for corruption to end in the Church.”

“They are both so brave to do that. I admire that they stood up for what they believed,” Lena said.

“I know, there was also Desiderius Erasmus. Many people say that “Desiderius laid the egg and Martin hatched it” because he prepared Europe for the Reformation possibly more than any other person. He has passed away , but has impacted our society greatly.”

“I can tell, I mean who wouldn’t listen to–” I smiled and let Lena chatter on and on.

“Perhaps we talk while we eat,”, I suggest.

“Sure!”, Lena exclaimed. We turned right onto a big road, and I saw my favorite restaurant at the end of the block.

“See that shop with the blue words on the window? It’s the best krapfen restaurant in town! I’ll race you there!” I yelled. “Okay, 1,2,3!” and we both went sprinting down the road, the sun smiling above us.

7 Minute Challenge


During the 7 minute Challenge, we try to maintain a pace throughout the 7 minutes without stopping. On our soccer field, we placed 4 flags, each one 100 meters away from the other creating a track for us to run. Each PE class, we would try to increase our distance we ran during the 7 minutes. We would achieve medals every time our total running distance reached a certain distance.

My goal for the 7 minute challenge was able to reach the silver medal which is 5 kilometers. I also wanted to challenge myself into reaching 8 kilometers. I was able to achieve the silver medal, but unfortunately I wasn’t able to run the last challenge which was the 14 minute challenge, so I wasn’t able to increase my distance after achieving the silver medal.

I thought a success I had was being able to maintain a comfortable pace and not walk too much during the challenge. I also I felt that I was at the comfort level of 3~4 and was able to talk while I was running.

I thought the 7 minute challenge was a good way to increase my stamina because 7 minutes isn’t too long, but it is long enough to push myself to keep on running for the last two minutes when I don’t think I can make it. I liked it the 7 minute challenge because we didn’t always have to push ourselves to a fast pace, but we try to maintain a slow pace for the whole seven minutes.


Activity Heart rate active hr zone healthy hr zone
Resting 76                    n/a                     n/a
Moshball 118                    X                      X
Popcorn 96                    X                      X
Suicides 122                    X                      X
7 min challenge 136                    X                      X

Introduction to Handscape

Color Scheme

I used my color scheme to figure out what colors I wanted to use for my final handscape. It was a rough and brief drawing using water color pencils to fill in the colors. I tried out different colors to see which colors gave my artwork the flow I wanted.

hand concepts

For each one of my small hand concepts, I took 2 to 3 minutes and quickly put my ideas down on my paper. In this short sketches, I drew ideas changing the setting, texture, scale etc. to make my handscape more surrealistic.

semi final

This is my semi final for my final landscape project in art. I have chosen of the concepts from above and worked to make my idea more narrow and detailed. I have also gotten feedback from peers about certain details I could change in my drawing.