Traditional Food Story

Hot Pot

Chicken. Soup. I can just smell it the minute I step in my house. It is January 31st. New Year’s Eve. Yes. Everyone in my family is here, we all sat around the dining table with a big pot in the middle. Everyone has a bowl, a spoon and a pair of chopsticks in front of them. This family tradition had been passed down for many generations. Every new year’s eve, it is a Chinese tradition that the family sits and eats hot pot together. This represents family reunion.

medium_1570029398We throw ingredients in the soup and cook them and eat them. Each ingredient in the soup have a meaning of its own. In every hotpot/steamboat (we call it steamboat because it looks like a boat with steam) we eat every year, there has to be mushrooms, prawns, noodles, fish, cabbages, spinach and eggs. There is kind of a Chinese and cantonese translation for each ingredient. Meat and rice are not a necessity. They are like extras. Anyways, mushrooms represents success. Prawns represents laughter. Noodles represents longevity. Fish represents prosperity. Cabbages represents respect. Spinach represents agility and eggs represents completion (because its round).  But the one and only ingredient that I love and always throw in the soup is tofu. I absolutely love eating hot pot. I love that everyone is together, eating happily as a family.


Chicken Soup/ Or any kind of soup

Mushroom, prawns, noodles, fish, cabbages, spinach and eggs

Extra ingredients like meat, tofu


Introduction to Ice Cream

I ask them to dunk the entire tub of ice cream down their throats

like someone falling down a black hole

or stuff it under their mattress

I say cradle your ice cream in your arms

and watch it fall asleep


or walk into an ice cream fantasy

and feel the icy mountains for a cone


I want them to stroll across the ice cream stand

and wave at the different flavors


But all they do is put the ice cream under interrogation,

shove them into prison and lock them away


They begin extracting every amount of its flavor

and pour it in down a sink to find out what it really looks like


A dollar worths more than it looks

Compare the number of rich people to the number of poor people. Are they equal?

According to the article ‘Clothed in misery’ by M.T Anderson, a Bangladeshi factory complex collapsed and killed hundreds of people. The factory had been marked as unsafe for years but they never had enough money to replace it. This is where the multi billionaires suppose to step in. Did they? They’d never. Why? Too busy shopping. Is this what our society looks like? If it is, I’m not proud. A similar disaster in 1860, happened before. ‘The 1860 collapse of the Pemberton Mill in Lawrence, Massachusetts.’  The upper floors of the building itself were built with cheap iron columns. On January 10, the building began to split. Hundreds of people were trapped or dead in that factory. This has happened before but why did it happen again?


Anderson is clearly directing this article to the rich. If they actually cared about us, why would the same disaster occur again? The author wants them to understand that doesn’t mean that they are rich, they can act like they are not part of the society. Anderson obviously hates the different ranks in society. Why does the rich have a more comfortable life and the poor have to suffer everyday? A thousand dollars wouldn’t be much to them, but it can save hundreds of lives. Anderson also is asking the wealthy people, is it that hard to forge out a little sum of money to help renovate the bangladesh factory. Not just the factory, but help save lives?

Look at Bill Gates, he is definitely someone to be admired. He helps the world. He contributes to the world. He acts like one of us. Billionaires and millionaires that keeps the money to themselves are people who deserved to be looked down upon. I’m asking that the rich should be paying more attention to what is going on in our world. So what if they are rich? People hates them. I see poor people on the streets walking around in tattered clothes but they don’t complain one bit. Why? Because they accept reality. They know they have been born like this and they have to live like this. They don’t ask for more. Because for them, an apple for an entire day is enough. They also have happier lives than the rich. They always have a smile on their face. They are not arrogant but humble. These are the people that society looks up to. If you are one of the wealthy people that helps the poor, people will appreciate your kind deeds. If you are one that keeps the money to yourself, well, you shouldn’t be here. If people like you existed everywhere in our world, we long would have been destroyed. We can all be good people. Why don’t step out and donate? Remember, even a dollar can save someone’s life.

Declaration of Independence

When in the course of human events, it becomes imperative for the school to dissolve an understanding relationship with students and teachers. It has come to our concern that there needs to be certain adjustments with our school to establish it as a more prominent place.


We hold these truths to be comprehensible, that all students have rights to deprecate in any areas of the school that displeases them, that students have rights to obtain what they had paid for, that among these are justice and law. For the system of the school will be demolished without us. We respect teachers just like anyone in the school, even those among us. We may be the callows in this very school, but we hold every right that all men deserves just like everybody else. We have been forced upon consuming daily bread that can barely go down our esophagus and purchasing it at an irrational price. Is this what we wanted to acquire? No. This is certainly a gratuitous action. So therefore, we students will not sit by and watch but we will stand up to anything that opposes our will. For we, are declaring independence.


Until now we have kept reticent and let things proceed the way they wanted to, however, we will not abide with this anymore. To prove that we have been enduring all the hardships, let the grievances be cemented in your minds forever.

1) Lunch are deficient in taste, aesthetically unpleasing to our eyes but yet sold at an absurd price. In essence, it is an exorbitant amount of money in exchange for inferior food.

2) Without our permission, our most beloved subject, dance, was cut off from the school system.Dance expresses our inner selves more than anything else even cavemen knew that. They danced around the fire before any language was invented.

3) Teachers dish out excessive amount of homework in a day with little time to complete it. With no consent from us, teachers have no rights to deprive us of our beauty sleep, it lessens our growth in height and weight. Teachers should have an awareness that an appropriate amount of homework gives us gratification in learning. Sometimes we die of boredom, sometimes we die of panic attack, can’t teachers give us a constant flow of work to do?

4) Grades that goes up and down every time an assignment is inserted to our powerschool, makes us students panic and distress, horrified of our parents


Even after all the times we revolted from work that were presented to us, and times that we dreaded every time an important project is assigned to us, teachers simply envision it as another disobedient student behavior. We will not act like this if the teachers thoroughly thought about the amount of homework that have been bestowed to us. So, we decided to take action.


We, therefore, as responsible students of SSIS, declare independence in the name of justice for stating truths that we deeply feel about. We now have the power to alter any areas that aggravates us. With support of our liberty, peace and pursuit of happiness, we now officially declare our independence.


Don’t Add Fuel to the Fire

Terrorist appear everywhere in the world and you never know when to expect them. Recently, there has been a bombing in Boston during the Boston marathon. It killed 3 people and critically injured hundreds of others. In the article ‘F.B.I Released the Tsarnaevs’ Photos because of Reddit and The Post’ by Connor Simpson stated that The F.B.I decided to released the criminals photos earlier to ‘fend off Reddit and the New York Post’. Why? Because Reddit and The Post were going too far. The Post accused an innocent Boston citizen as a Saudi Arabian suspect and reported that 12 people were killed during the bombing when only 3 people were killed. “I’d take thousands of people over a select few very smart investigators any day.’ one moderator said. Why would you choose thousands of stupid people who doesn’t have a single clue about what they are doing over people who actually know what they are doing? The Post and Reddit didn’t realized what they were doing. Rather than saying they were actually helping with the investigation, they were actually putting many lives at stake. Fortunately, the F.B.I released the photos before any more innocent lives were harmed.


Simpson clearly wants us to understand that its the F.B.I’s job to open, investigate and close the case. They are trained to do this. They are professionals. Why would we need the F.B.I if everyone knows how to investigate cases? We don’t. We won’t need the F.B.I of course. But is that the case? Are everyone are professionals? No! Thats why we need F.B.I. The author wants us to know that because of our immature actions, innocent lives were put at risk. Reddit and The Post were reporting suspects that weren’t even true. In any case, the investigations will always be left up to the F.B.I.

People of Boston must have been very shocked and scared about what had been going on around the area. They were all so afraid of being caught and accused of being a suspect. Even before the F.B.I released the photos of the terrorist, Reddit and The Post should have long stopped their investigation. They weren’t suppose to be in it in the first place. Anyways, now that they caught the criminals, we shouldn’t worry about it anymore. We should all learn from this lesson. The moral of the lesson is that, don’t add fuel to the fire. All the killing, murdering, stealing, robbing cases should be left to the F.B.I. Thats their job. And also, by butting into their business, they have more work to do. If the fire started already, why would you continue adding fuel to it and make it bigger?


Freedom of Debate

We do not live, sir,

Apt to shut our eyes against the painful truth

and listen to the song of that siren till she transforms us into beast

Having eyes, see not, having ears, hear not

and only feel guilty of treason

I have but one lamp by which my feet are guided

I beseech you, sir,

I shall speak forth my sentiments freely,

without reserve

Trust not the insidious smile

For it will prove a snare to your feet

and suffer yourselves not to be betrayed with a kiss




Racism on Facebook?

How many times do you go on Facebook per day? Once? Twice? Or maybe even thirty times? Well, during your time spent on Facebook, 8335950277_fe822aa938have you noticed any racist comments? Or maybe you were just too engrossed in what your friend recently posted? Psychologists argued that frequent Facebook users log onto the site in search of social inclusion instead of information. But I don’t think users noticed that people are actually spreading racism through Facebook at the same time. In the article ‘Spreading Racism via Facebook’ by Tom Jacobs stated that Psychologist Shannon Raunch and Kimberly Schanzwrite read three versions of a Facebook Notes Page, written by a 26-year old white male Jack Brown, a “Superiority message”, a “Victim message” and a “Egalitarian message.” However, frequent Facebook users were more positive towards the messages with racist text especially the superiority message. This may be the cause of social inclusion of Facebook.

“..But critical thinking is often absent when people are motivated by the desire to be accepted, or to be entertained. ” quoted from Jacobs. This means that when people only thinks of being included or entertained, their brains tend to be somewhere else, in other words they just agree with the other person. Jacobs wants us to understand that not just racism, even cyber bullying, people should not just think about being included and concede with the other person but they should act as someone who knows that what the other is doing is wrong and they will somehow stop him/her. People will thank you for what you do, who knows, you might even become a legend! Like Rosa Parks.

Facebook is a site where people can get connected with other people everywhere around the world. Although, thats the case, people use it as an advantage to ‘bully’ other people. When I first saw the article was about Facebook, I was thinking its probably going to be another social media story about bullying or something. Well, when I knew it was racism, I was a bit confused. Racism? People spread racism through Facebook too? That was the first question I had in mind. But after reading the article I realized that people who frequently goes on Facebook wants to get updated on what’s happening on social media and in the process be more included. For me, I go on to Facebook to get updated with friends and family. Now that I know that racism is spreading through Facebook, I will pay more attention to what people say. But until now, I haven’t seen a single racist comment about people. So I guess our community is doing pretty well?


Are you sure it was H.I.V?

I never thought that H.I.V was going to be cured. Well, at least anytime soon. Recently, I read an article written by Andrew Pollack and Donald G.McNeil Jr , ‘In Medical First, a baby with H.I.V is Deemed Cured’ and it stated that H.I.V was cured. The newborn from Mississippi was given antiretroviral drugs for 30 hours after birth. The mother of the newborn didn’t see a doctor during pregnancy and she did not know she had H.I.V. Thus, resulting with a prematurely born H.I.V infected baby. The baby’s doctor, Dr. Gay used a three drug regimen aimed at treating the baby. The virus promptly decreased and the baby remained H.I.V free.
Some experts thought that the baby wasn’t infected with H.I.V in the first place. One theory made by the other medical experts was that the H.I.V was inactive while in the baby’s body, and before it could create a hidden reservoir in the body the drugs killed the virus off.

The authors are trying to state that science has to be conclusive. Science is based on evidence. If you come up with something, you have to prove it. Some doctors were optimistic about the baby being fully cured but some were doubtful about it. Until there is specific evidence that is shown, the whole case about H.I.V will still be ongoing. Maybe later, with another one or two H.I.V cured babies then the medical experts can conclude that H.I.V is treatable in babies.

Even though this article is about H.I.V being cured, I think the mum of the baby is very irresponsible. She should have been going to regular pregnancy check-ups and she could have found out earlier that she was diagnosed with H.I.V. Isn’t it better than having a prematurely born H.I.V. infected baby? And also she skipped 5 months of the baby’s checkups. The other case of Timothy Brown was seriously senseless. Brown was already recognized with leukemia and the doctor did a bone marrow transplant and it happened to be H.I.V infected. Why the doctor couldn’t detect it. They were really stupid for not double checking it. I wonder how did they even get their doctor’s license. Literally. Brown was then diagnosed with both leukemia and H.I.V. I have a question though, how did they doctors cure H.I.V when they are not sure that it is even there? Maybe it wasn’t even there in the first place. Maybe it was something else.


Humanities Socratic Seminar

Slavery is old. There are no more slaves that exists in this world anymore. At least thats what I thought. But no, I was wrong. There are still modern day slaves that are still living in our world. Recently, I read an article about modern day slavery. Lisa Kristine, a professional photographer, went to Ghana and started her journey to see what slaves were like there. Men, women and children were functioning at a temperature of 130 degrees under the scorching sun. They were drenched in their own sweat. And the worst part was they had to carry 18 bricks at one time to a place hundreds of yards away, repeatedly the same process everyday. Ms Richert, created a socratic seminar about this slavery in Ghana. There were questions, opinions, facts, etc. I was one of the last ones to ask questions or say my opinions and it was pretty embarrassing.

One the the most interesting question I thought was, ‘If slavery was illegal, why didn’t the government do anything about it?’. I had an answer to that question but I didn’t say anything. Anyways, thats not the point. The point was that Adrian was the only one who answered that ‘Maybe the government had bigger problems like financial problems.’ That was a really good answer because for me I simply wrote the government was corrupted. Thats it. But I thought about the government. Why does everyone blame it on the government? Why does everyone rely on them? People just say the government is not being fair but I think that the people are not being fair. Like Adrian says, the government has the country to deal with. This slavery thing might just be a tiny problem to them. There are organizations out there, around the world that can help free slaves. Everyone should start helping out if they want to free the slaves.

There was one part during the seminar where someone asked a question and no one knew how to answer it and yeah, everyone started giggling. The top three contributors to the seminar were Daniel, Vicente and Jake. They were the first three to finish all their tickets. I couldn’t remember what they said but I know the questions they ask and the answers they answered were really good. The questions made people think and answered long answers. And their feedback they gave to other people had specific evidence and explanations. I remembered I asked a question which was ‘ What happens if the slaves had to use the bathroom during their work?’ Vicente answered specifically from the video saying that ‘Lisa said that the slaves drank water or ate food they will make them pee or poop less than normal.’ I guess I wasn’t paying much attention to video. But what my answer was, was that ‘The slaves would just pee and poop right there on the spot.’

Vicente asked a really really good question which was ‘If we don’t have slaves, who would be making all these stuff?’ I never actually thought about that. Who would. If there were no slaves, I wouldn’t have all these stuff. The slaves didn’t have a chance to choose who they wanted to be since the minute they were born they were taken away from their mother and had to start working at a very young age. Or the slave masters pretended that their children will have a better education in another country which was totally a lie. Anyways, I personally think that, slavery would continue for a very long time because the slaves are all we have. Like I said, without them, we would have nothing. But I wished that if slavery continue, the slave masters could at least pay the slaves for their hard work. Since I’m not much of a ‘talker’, I didn’t enjoy the seminar. There were times during the seminar where no one answered anything so we could have improve on that. Like for example, if the person asks a question and no one knows how to answer it, maybe they could have said their answers. That way, other people might start giving their opinions to that certain person answer and the conversation would last longer. On the other hand, there were parts when people had many answers to one question and people were just giving other students their feedback. So, I thought it was pretty great. Overall, the socratic seminar turned out pretty well but I wish we wouldn’t have another one of these seminar. ):


This is the world I belong to?

I think that taking a seat away from someone who has a different race than you and was already there in the first place is the stupidest reason to kick someone off the chair. I mean, it’s not like you’re an old person with disability, you’re just an ordinary white men trying to steal his seat from a black person. Everyone deserves to be respected. Obviously, Rosa Parks wanted to be respected even though she was a african-american. Thats why she rejected the white man when he told her to move. The article ‘Rosa Parks, now and forever’ by Amy Goodman was a remembrance for what Rosa Parks did on Dec 1, 1995. Parks got arrested that day when she firmly said ‘No’ to the white man when he told her to move from her seat. Ever since then, the african-americans stopped taking the buses which lead to the verge of bankruptcy for the bus companies. Of course, they reluctantly gave up and told the african-americans that the incident of Rosa Parks won’t happen again. Rosa died in 2005 at the age of 92. To remember her, the U.S. Postal Service released a Rosa Park Forever Stamp on Feb 4, the 100th anniversary of her birth. Lets remember Rosa Park for what she’s done for our society.

Goodman is clearly wanting us to know that everyone have their own rights and each and everyone of us deserves to be respected. Just because the african-americans were dark skin, it doesn’t mean that they are lower than you and not be respected. Thats being racist. They are people like us, they eat, they sleep, they breathe, they talk, their the same as us. Rosa Parks told us ‘The bus was among the first ways I realized there was a black and white world.’ Now that is unfair. Goodman wants everyone to respect each other, whether you are asian or american. Everyone is different in their own way.

From what I heard, this world is split into three sections, the whites, the blacks and the yellows. I’m not being racist but thats what I heard. I didn’t get offended being called yellow but I think we shouldn’t be dividing people by their skin color (even though its true). It might be offending to some people. A solution is calling them by their nationality like Americans or Africans. To be honest, I have never heard of Rosa Parks before until I read this article. When I first read it, I was like ‘Woah. She is so brave. I would have given up my seat immediately if I were her.’ Even though, it was just for a second, the word ‘No’ has made an impact on everyone. Even now, we’re still remembering Parks for her action. I still clearly remembered my dad telling me that when my sister was very young, when the time she is still sitting in a baby carriage, she would cry every time she sees a dark skin person. I think she was scared but by her actions, she’s being racist. She will be furious if she sees this but until now she is still a little racist. I mean when I was young, I had so many friends that were dark skin and one of them was my best friend. She was very cool. But, we grew older and got into different class and our friendship started to drift apart and finally disappeared. Anyways, thats not the case here. Finishing up my last sentence in the second paragraph, everyone is different in their own way, thats what makes the world a unique place.