In this project on Human Awareness Champaign, we focused on improving/learning about Habitat For Humanity but more specifically on making a Prototype. This is an important skill because in the future you might want to help the organization.  One thing I improved while working on this project is my ability to making my poster more detailed and also having more time like a week earlier would just be right . This blog post provides a reflection on my work, as well as a sample of what I accomplished.

  • What did you learn from visiting other exhibits?
  • I learned tons od ideas that people said. I really like how some of the group made a video  and also showed clips about their on organization. I was happy that my organization came and visited our station because this way we can learn an improved the next time.


  • How did my collaboration with classmates help me focus my ideas or provide new insights?

I really helped me worked as a team because I can get new ideas.Working with a group ca    group efficiently. I feel that my group work hard and we sometimes went off topic and we lost focused but at leaast we got most of the things done

  • How can you continue your involvement with this group or social issue, or with other service work? 

I would stay tuned with Habitat for Humanity and send them email about their progress. I would also want to keep in touch with others organization because it got me inspired to see how are they plans going.




Human right


In our last SS project,  we focused on Human Awareness Campaign. We started out by meeting panelist from different kind of organization that  were already helping. I was really surprised in some of the things they. In  my perspective I wanted to be a part of Habitat for Humanity because it was an organization that needed help for disable and elderly women. Our class formed into groups and we start planning and researching.


How do you motivate yourself to do this type of service?


I motivated myself by being a good member to my group because this whole activity was to work with a team that you feel can contribute as much a possible.


What were your initial expectations? Have these expectations changed? How? Why?

My initial expectation was that we just focused on sending an email and working through the step not actually like making a poster. I thought this would be in class project but It was a world group. I didn't even know that we are presenting to our students and parents.



The Rise of Imperialism In Africa

Imagine living in a time where colonists sat around the tables at the Berlin Conference to discuss how European countries  conquered Africa. During the late 19 Century, European nations traded for slaves, gold and ivory along the West Coast of Africa. The main driving forces behind European Imperialism in Africa were  economical and resources.

Even though nationalism and cultural both played a large part in Europe’s Imperialism over Africa, the most significant cause was their desire for huge economic resources. The map in (Doc.A) proves that European countries wanted to control as much territory as possible to be able to own a variety of resources. They tried to seized countries closer to the waterways and stations of transportation in order to be able to exports these riches back to Europe. This evidence suggests that there was arose as rival countries tried to prevent trading resources, for they wanted the profit for themselves. Moreover, (Doc.D) shows a chart describing certain African colonies and their exports showed that there were many resources exported from Africa back to Europe, including cotton, palm oil,gold,diamonds, and sisal from four different colonies. These resources were used to manufacture a variety of items such as fabric,soap, and jewelry. Given the evidence, it is logical that the Europeans were able to find many resources that were valuable to them in Africa and sent back to their home countries in Europe, in which free trade played a significant role. In conclusion, the motivation of European Imperialism in Africa was driven forcefully by economic reasons. It was clear that Africa had great resource Europeans Colonist could use and they took advantage of it.

It has been argued that technology would be better for colonies to focused on.According to (Doc.C) it states that the maxim gun helped the European armies get an advantage over African armies because of their technology development. This evidence proves that  without their technology advancement Europeans wouldn’t have pushed their way into the interiors of western and central Africa. However, this argument fails to consider because without their manufacturing their technology wouldn't have been power. Although this argument is valid on many points, what it fails to overlook is without the wealth from resources exported, technology wouldn’t have been driven without economic.  

In conclusion, the main driving force behind Imperialism was Economics. The Europeans colonists did it for the good of themselves, without thinking of the Africans real needs. Europeans benefited greatly from their new wealth and power. Without Economic, Europeans would have colonized Africa. The money and resources also wouldn’t be available to them.


Reflection: A strength I show was my ability to shows an understanding of how to acknowledge and rebut a counter claim. Something I should work on in my future essay writing is explaining introduction and conclusion and also expanding my thoughts.

  1. A) Introduce and explain your role in the soccer unit- This unit we focused on Soccer. The main aim or goal was to work with your team and also play different roles  in soccer.  When you play soccer it's not about the game, it's also learning how to be a referee,manager,equipment manager and publists. 
  2. B) Explain what you did well in that role and what were your challenges.- My role was a manager or Coach. I was basically in charge of the whole team. This really help me because I haven't been like a captain. I basically control the game for my team. I also comunicate with my team mates to help them in the games and positions. I feel that they way we played was amazing. 
  3. C) Discuss your running results Did you improve? Why or why not?- My running was pretty steady. From time 1 to 4 was steady but time 5 and 6 I improve my running the last two time. I really pushed my self to keep the beat. 
  4. D) Discuss your fair play points (effort and attitude). Did you try your best? If you went off task, why did you go off task? Did you talk kindly and positively to your teammates and the other teams?. I think everyone works fairly. I really tried my best every game. I was basically communicating with my team mates to hep them play soccer well. 
  5. E) What did you think of this kind of unit? How can Ms C improve it? Would you recommend it to others?  I think its a really great sport to help with teamwork and communicate. I would also recommend playing extra time if it was a tie because that how really soccer is.   

Link to Pu

Link to Video-


The first unit we focused on in Science was Chemistry. This unit is based on Teachers explanation and we also did  tons of lab. I really like chemistry because it helps me engaged in the learning about Diagrams,Ions,Metals,Non-Metals and even Metalloid. The advantages was that the lab we got to work in groups and during Quizzes we were allowed to look at our notes. The disadvantages was Mr.Swart Talk about it more than we had experiments. I could improve on labs because I thought I could have done a better job and steeping up and leading the way towards my goal.

Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 8.29.21 AM      formaldehyde_LD

The second Unit was a students based one. Mr.Swart Provided us with links and videos to help us understand. Most of the thinking were our thoughts. I really like the Big Ides because it help me prepared for quizzes and test.The advantages was that we got to built our bio-domes.  Youtube.

Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 8.35.15 AM  Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 8.36.38 AM




Describe their experiences working with the first grade buddies?

I really like woking with my buddy because she was on task, and she listen to me every single time I ask her to do something. I learn how to work as a team and communicate with her. She was sometime confused but she managed to overcome it.

What did they learn about themselves? and working others?

I learn how to never give up evenIMG_6909 IMG_6910

though there may be challenges that you have to face