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Day 21 Ecodome

Day 21


When we checked to see if our two crickets survived and when we opened the ecodome it was very warm inside which was very interesting. We only found one cricket body, but the other cricket was no where to be seen we thought that it was decomposed which is why there was no trace of the second cricket. My partner and I thought that the two crickets¬†died of starvation since there was one body that was still whole and the other cricket that starved was decomposed. We also checked the surface and it looked like the roots from the plants actually settled into the ground and the roots started to grow this shows a very good sign as it means that it could produce oxygen for the crickets.¬†The surface also had water as well that didn’t go in the dirt, it was just flowing around the ecodome. On the plants we saw there was mold growing on them and at the moment we could not tell if that was a good sign or a bad sign. The quality of the ecodome was better than the last two as our plans to grow the roots worked.

Changes Made

For our next ecodome my partner and I decided that we should remove the rocks because we thought that the rocks had almost no use in the ecodome. At day 1 we thought that the rocks would be very important for our ecodome, but now with our next ecodome we feel like the rocks have no use. We also wanted to add a lot more plants with roots so then it can give the crickets more food to eat so it doesn’t starve to death. It can also help produce oxygen for the cricket to breath it. We also will add three crickets instead of two this time so then if one dies then the two crickets could feed off of it since crickets are known to also eat their own kind. Or the deceased cricket could decompose and help the life cycle.


  • Crickets are known to be omnivores. Eating meat, vegetables, and sometimes their own kind if there is nothing else to eat.
  • Research says that crickets don’t have a long life span under normal circumstances. They can live up to a year max. So if we want the crickets in our ecodome to last a long time then the quality must be perfect.
  • The crickets diet can also consist of flowers and oats.


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