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    A Drive for a Cleaner Planet Graphic Novel Analysis

    Posted by on Jun 5, 2017 in Grade 8, Writing 8 | 0 comments

    In the first panel I wanted to use an establishing shot to show the scenery and how peaceful it is. For the second panel, I tried to create an over the shoulder shot so it shows that the character is looking at something. This is proved to be true because I also put some text that says “What a lovely day, let’s write in my diary!”. Moving on to the third panel, I made a POV shot to show that the character is about to write in his diary. The next panel I wanted to use a bit of the Moment to Moment transition. I used that transition so then we could fast forward and to also show the state of earth to the audience. In the last panel, I used an establishing shot again to show how healthy the earth still is with the sun going down and the moon rising...

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    Day 21 Ecodome

    Posted by on Dec 14, 2016 in Grade 8, Science 8 | 0 comments

    Day 21 Observations When we checked to see if our two crickets survived and when we opened the ecodome it was very warm inside which was very interesting. We only found one cricket body, but the other cricket was no where to be seen we thought that it was decomposed which is why there was no trace of the second cricket. My partner and I thought that the two crickets died of starvation since there was one body that was still whole and the other cricket that starved was decomposed. We also checked the surface and it looked like the roots from the plants actually settled into the ground and the roots started to grow this shows a very good sign as it means that it could produce oxygen for the crickets. The surface also had water as well that didn’t go in the dirt, it was just flowing around the ecodome. On the plants we saw there was mold growing on them and at the moment we could not tell if that was a good sign or a bad sign. The quality of the ecodome was better than the last two as our plans to grow the roots worked. Changes Made For our next ecodome my partner and I decided that we should remove the...

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    Ecodome Day 9

    Posted by on Dec 14, 2016 in Grade 8, Science 8 | 0 comments

    Day 9   Quantitative For our ecodome my partner and I observed that there was too much water in our ecodome which made the dirt very slippery and it gave the crickets a higher chance to slip into the holes of the ecodome. Since the crickets had a very wet surface with many holes it could fall into it had a high chance of dying. Qualitative The quality of the ecodome is decent, but could use a lot more work....

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    Ecodome Day 7

    Posted by on Nov 24, 2016 in Grade 8, Science 8 | 0 comments

      Observations of ecodome: Quantitative For our ecodome my partner and I saw that there was too much water in our ecodome which made the dirt very moist. It seemed like there was a flood that was the main reason why our crickets died. The source of food was also very poor as we only had one plant to feed two crickets. Qualitative The quality of the ecodome is sort of what we imagined, but could use a lot more...

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    Ecodome Day 1

    Posted by on Nov 7, 2016 in Grade 8, Science 8 | 0 comments

    A lot of soil (Grass Soil) My partner and I chose to use grass soil as it gives the crickets a good moving surface and its also an easy material to work with. We will also try to grow roots inside of the dirt so then the plant can produce oxygen for the crickets to breath in. 3 to 4 plants This gives the cricket food and it can grow from the soil if it receives enough treatment. Also...

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    ELA Quarter 1 Reflection

    Posted by on Oct 25, 2016 in Grade 8, Language Art 8 | 0 comments

    What did you do? Good/bad?   I feel like I did a very good job at using the quotes I had in my possesion as I used them in the right moment as it really helps sooth the writing, and I kept things really simple I used vocabulary that middle schoolers can understand as that is my target for the audience. I feel I also gave a great level of detail with the three teams as I also backed...

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    Social Studies Reflection

    Posted by on Oct 10, 2016 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

    Research Process  I feel like I had a huge success when it came to making research I found a lot of solid information when I was researching, but sometimes I found some information that seemed a bit sketchy and it looked like I couldn’t trust it. I also had trouble when I was getting the cites since Easybib sometimes doesn’t want to do it’s job so I had to use another website called son of a citation. When I was...

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