~Drawing Reflection~

Today, I finally finished my art goal to do a 2 point perspective drawing. My goal that I made for myself was to draw a 2 point perspective artwork. I learned how to draw the buildings to match the point. However, I think I should work on more to improve my buildings to look more realistic and more measured. Additionally, my drawing skills changed! At first when I did the planning, I didn’t match the buildings to the point, but I kept on trying. I think that this drawing was a success! Here is a picture of my artwork:

!Order of Operations Unit!

For the first unit, I learned the Order of Operations in math. I really enjoyed learning the operations! I think that I really improved. At first, I didn’t know what the trick of PEMDAS was. But when I kept learning from Mr. Johnson, it was easier for me to solve the problems. I think that I didn’t really do that good in the pre-test, but I think I did a great work on the post-test. So, the big part I improved was I explained more deeply in my thinking. Also, I got confused in the number 10 in the test. I got confused at the pre-test if I should -10/+10 or, *10//10.  So, here is a photo of the thing I got wrong and how I improved:

 This is the pre-test ( I got this wrong) This is the post-test ( I got this right)

~Week 6 Reflection~

This is my 6th week of school! I have learned a lot of things at 5th grade in Mr. Johnson’s class. Especially, the order of operations in math class, useful and great reading strategies and how to write an amazing realistic story. I had to challenge myself to write better reflections and to write a interesting story. I really enjoyed studying, working and playing with my new classmates and teacher.

This week, I intentionally pursued excellence in writing by learning a lot of things and learning by my mistakes. I am excited to improve on my writing!

In addition, I am having a good time doing reading book clubs. We get to discuss with our teammates and make reflections of what we read. The book I am reading is Parvana’s Adventure that is an interesting and fun book to read.

This year in 5th grade, My goal is to improve more on my writing and to always take risks while at class and also outside of school.

~Equation and Expressions~

At school, I have been learning about equation and expressions at math class.

I learned that an equation has a number model, equal sign with an answer. Here is an example I have made: 5 * 60 = 300

On the other hand, I have learned that an expression has a number model similar with the equation. But, an expression doesn’t have the equal sign nor the answer to it different from an equation. Here is an example I have made: 75 * 7

I definitely have been enjoying learning math at 5th grade. Before I learned about equations and expressions at school, I sometimes made mistakes and confusion of the difference and similarity of the 2 words. I am looking forward learning more new things I haven’t learned.

!The Amazing Design Cycle!

These days in 5th grade, I have been learning about the design cycle! In the design cycle, there are 5 stages. Imagine! Plan! Design! Create! and Evaluate! Over the weekend, I helped my mom to cook.

We first imagined what we should make for dinner. We decided to make some Korean soup, fried vegetables and barbecue.

Next, we planned what ingredients and recipe we need for the dishes. The ingredients that we could buy in Vietnam and a recipe that we could try new.

Thirdly, in the stage of designing, we bought all the ingredients we needed in the supermarket. We gathered all the stuff we needed, vegetable, meat, pans/pots/dishes/cups, condiment, water and so on.

Fourthly, we started to create. My mom did the cooking, I helped her with all the ingredients that needed to be chopped and sliced.

Lastly, we evaluated what we could do to make the food better next time and thought of what was good about the food and what could be improved.

We used the design cycle to finish successfully with the cooking for our dinner. I definitely think that the design cycle could help me do a successful activity in my life because it helps me get more ideas and also makes me think more before I create.

My Last Book Club Book!!!

For the 2nd book club section, I have been reading Love, Stargirl. It is a book that is written by Jerry Spinelli. I recommend you to read this book because it is about a girl that has moved and left behind Arizona and her once boyfriend Leo. This book is everything about Stargirl’s life in letters to Leo over the year. Stargirl gets to meet new friends especially Perry Delloplane, Doosie, Alvina and Betty Lou. This book has humor, definitely awesome writing, lively characters and important lessons about Stargirl’s life. In addition, because of these reasons, I give this book 3 stars ( 1~4 ).

Our Explorer Script~!

In the past few weeks, we were learning about the Age of Explore. We made ships for decoration in our class and made scripts with my partner Davina. My explorer is Bartolomeu Dias. This is a video of my partner and I when we were doing the play. We prepared the script by practicing with my partner making crops and practicing the lines. The script was about the Age of Explorer: Bartolomeu Dias. I am proud of my script because I memorized all of my lines and talked clearly. I feel like I could do better on talking louder and clearer. I would give my performance a 3 out 4 because my partner kind of forgot her lines. In addition, I really like Bomin’s group’s performance about Jeanne Barrett because it had humour, and entertainment.

Bartolomeu Dias explorer’s Boat!

Bartolomeu Dias’s boat is called Sao Cristovao. It is a boat when our explorer Dias, used for exploring lands. He was the one who sailed around the southernmost tip of Africa in 1488, reaching the Indian Ocean from the Atlantic, the first European known to have done so. These are the photos of the replica of the Sao Cristovao boat and a photo of the written knowledge of Bartolomeu Dias. He was born in the 1450, in Algarve Portugal and has died in the 1500, May 29. I enjoyed working on the boat and also researching about Dias with my partner, Davina.




My Book Club Book!

This is the book I am reading for Book Club: Who Put that Hair in my Toothbrush?This book was very fun to read. I give this book 4 stars (1~4) because it is a great book that relates to 2 siblings that just doesn’t seem to get along with each other. Megin and Greg, battles with donuts, roaches and hair. In this book, the two characters talk about their story at school, house and more. There are a lot of love moments that are kind of weird. If you are a person that likes love stories and is curious about how it feels like having a sibling, you should definitely read this book.

My Film Festival! AWESOME~~

Yesterday, was the Film Festival night! I really liked all the documentaries that all the 4th graders did. Also, I am really, really proud of my documentary that I did with my Banh Beo group!~ Something that I will do differently is to show more facts about Banh Beo in the documentary. Other thoughts that I have in mind is that the Film Festival should kind of be more~ INTERESTING and fun, like every group getting to present and performance how they did the documentaries. But of course it was mostly super fun!! here is my documentary, have fun watching it~~