1.) Stanza ( like a paragraph)

2.) Lines

– Enjambment (Breaks in a sentence when idea is spread over two or more lines)

– Caesura (A pause in the middle of a line forced by the rhyme)

– Rhyme (Slant Rhyme)





Chapter 3, 4, 5 Quiz

Who is Burris Ewell? 

Burris Ewell is a classmate of Scout’s who only comes to the first day of school every year. Burris is short tempered and easily get’s frustrated over criticism from others. In the end of the chapter 3 Burris criticize Miss Caroline because she told him to go home and take a shower due to a cootie on his head. Before leaving the classroom he censure Miss Caroline under she broke into tears, but luckily Little Chuck Little stood up and told him to leave.  The short temper that he has may be due to his family background and his lack in money therefore he often getting criticized for being dirty and poor and may be the reason to his shorted temper. Being the oldest of the class, he is more likely to rebel against the teachers or even likely to censure others, not mentioning that the fact that he is living under a harsh and filthy condition.

Who Is Miss Maudie ? 

Miss Maudie is a neighbor of Scouts that lives not far away from where the Atticus family lives. She is a caring women and seems to know a lot about the town and the people around. The book described Miss Maudie as a good baker, she often bakes delicious cakes for Jem and Scout. This suggests that Miss Maudie is a caring women and she is warm hearted and caring towards others. She is also a women that seems to know a lot of the things that people doesn’t know. When scout asked Miss Maudie about Boo Radley she told Scout an surprising fact that Radley is a kind and joyful guy. He also told Scout that he is still alive and has a unusual dad who believes that everybody should go to hell. The surprising information obtained from Miss Maudie suggests that she is very familiar with the people in town and acts almost like a counselor in school.  


What is the kids perspective towards Boo Radley ? 

The children’s perspective are Boo Radley are limited because Boo is older then the kids. The kids made a perspective of him by stories that they hear about him and his unusual act of staying home without coming out into the real world. The kids didn’t develop a good perspective like Miss Maudie did because they weren’t present before Boo shut himself in his house. The kids perspective of Boo was mysterious and unknown due to the fact that they never saw him around, ever. The book described all the strange act and games that the kids do in order to get Boo out of his house. This suggests that the kids are eager to see what Boo is like and hopefully reveal the mystery of Boo Radley. The kids were also scared of him and is shown when Scout sent running back to their house after being sent to the Radley’s house in a tire. The children were also afraid of getting near the house, and touches the house like a dare which shows a sign of fright.

Least Favorite Characters In The Evolution of Calpurnia Tate

In the Evolution of Calupurnia Tate by Jacqueline Kelly, my least favorite characters is Callie’s mother as she limits the potential of her daughters future with her old fashioned thinking. The setting of this book took place in the late 90s where women’s rights were not as desired as mens. The oligarchy of sex took place in families and society’s as it divides sex into two separate categories. Therefore in the beginning of the book when Callie have a dream of becoming a scientist her mom disagreed and told her to stay home to do domestic art since that’s what girls at her age are suppose to master. As a parent, they should agree to their child’s thinking as their child could grow up doing things they desire rather than doing things that make them feel unhappy, therefore limiting a child’s potential ruins their imagination and the ability to find out what are their strengths, consequently Callie’s should feel glad when her daughter mentions herself being a naturalist in her future. This makes me feel pity for Callie as she is raised in a family with minimal freedom, therefore limiting her dreams. Therefore this is why my least favorite character in the book is Callie’s mom, she is over protective and should let her children to chase their own dream.


Complex Characters

In the book The Evolution of Calpurnia Tate, The Complex Character is the Protagonist, Calpurnia, Callie. Callie is a rebellious typical teenager yet, uses her rebellious to please her parents and bring pride to her family. After rebelling against her parents settlement for her, Callie and her Grandfather continued to work on research related to nature. In the middle of the book she mentioned that society needs to treat boys and girls with the equal amount of freedom and love. This suggested that Callie want’s to be different and is willing to do things that other doesn’t usually do which suggests that she is a very unique girl. Pursuing her dreams of being a naturalist also allows her to reveal to her parents that not every girl needs to be doing domestic work. Callie wants to be successful later on in the future therefore she took the road of being a naturalist instead of being a housewife, which can provide the family with more money to survive. This portrays Callie’s pride for her family as she wants to be the first girl who earns money for the family unlike other family where only boy’s do the working. Comparing this to the previous writing about Protagonist, we could see that Callie is a Complex Character in this book as she choised to be rebellion but also wanted to bring pride to please her parents.

The Evolution of Calpurnia Tate – Character Change

Through out the book, The Evolution of Calpurnia Tate , main character Calpurnia has abandoned her future of being a housewife and pursued her dreams of being a natural scientist. Her grandfather’s influence on science grew bigger on Calpurnia as the book progresses, leaving her having no attention and interest in domestic art and household chores. Furthermore, she was compared to her best friend Lula which was a perfect lady who mastered in domestic work and also piano. After seeing Lula’s knitting skills, Callie’s mom immedietley told her daughter to knit socks for Christmas hoping to exceed the level of Lula’s. After completing one sock, her mom requested her to another one but she refused and stated ” The next one ? I yelped. Was she crazy? “. She then said ” I don’t care”, and ended the conversation with an excuse, ” Please, mother let me do it tomorrow, I think my eyes are strained.” The negative feedback that Callie’s mom get from her daughter knitting suggests that she had gave up on domestic art and doesn’t bother to spend time on it. Referring back to my post about Protagonist and Antagonist, I stated that Callie was playing some piano and also doing some house hold chores without further complaints, but as her interest guide her towards science, her personality changed to refusal against obstacles that stops her from becoming a scientist.

Facebook Debate

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The Evolution of Calpurnia Tate – Rising Action

The rising action of the story The Evolution of Calpurnia Tate has some connections between the Central Conflict. As said in the Central Conflict, Callie’s mom was a very traditional women and she expects her daughter, Callie to obtain lessons from her so she could teach her about Domestic art. Callie wasn’t an ordinary girl, in fact, she likes science more than anything else which resulted in her poor domestic art skills. The rising action of the story was portrayed by the author when Callie’s mom compared Callie to her best friend Lula, which was a perfect lady and excelling at all the pursuits at which Calpurnia has no talent whatsoever. In the early section of chapter 11 Calpurnia said ” Then I made the mistake of inviting her over to work on one of our Domestic Arts assignments together and Mother got a good look at her stitches.” This suggests that Lula has a strong ability towards domestic art, especially stitching clothes and socks. After watching Lula’s well trained skills of stitching, her mom said ” I think it’s time you graduated from knitting scarves to socks. ” Her mom immediately decided that Callie needs more practice on her knitting skills and demanded her to knit socks for christmas for all of her 5 brothers including Grandfather and her dad. This suggested the theme of Man vs Man as Callie is being compared to Lula, a more experienced individual, therefore resulting in Callie feeling miserable. Furthermore, Lula being the perfect lady got 3 of Callie’s brothers falling in love with her which suggested further differences between Lula and Calpurnia as Lula was more welcomed and more appreciated by society. In the middle of the book, on their way back from school, Travis, Callie’s younger brother “latched on Lula” to show interest in Lula. Then, Lamar, Callie’s older brother then spies an opportunity and said ” Can I carry your books home for you?” These evidence suggested Callie’s brother’s interest towards her sister’s best friend which tells us that Lula was better looking and more attractive than Callie. In a result, the author suggested the rising action by listing the positive’s about Callie and listing the Negative’s about Callie. Callie felt dejected and depressed after receiving so much pressure from her mom and also being compared to someone who she believe who she will never become.

The Evolution of Calpurnia Tate – Central Conflict

In the book i’m currently reading, The Evolution of Calpurnia Tate, the central conflict is portrayed early in the book as the main character Callie decides to pursue her own dreams and disregard her parents commands. This was shown earlier in the book as she “get up the nerve to visit Grandfather again.” The evidence showed “again” to suggest the fearless child that she is, and additionally, she emphasize nature as more important in her life as she ignores her mom’s orders and do what she wants. The book took place in 1899 in Texas which suggest that people back then are old fashioned and has a outdated thought of making future decisions for children’s. Unlike the typical girl’s at that time, Callie has already developed her own future path being a naturalist when she grows up. The author of the book, Jacqueline Kelly associate naturalist back in the days with comparison to scientist nowadays to show an unusual path that Callie wants to take. Unfortunately, her parents disagree with her desire of being a naturalist and inform Callie to learn about domestic art just like the others of her age so she could be a more successful housewife when she grows up. Later on in the book, her mother often compares her with Lula, Callie’s best friend, which was passionate about domestic art and is a very skillful individual. This portrayed the era that the book took place which gave readers an idea of what an ordinary girl does at that time.  Throughout the book so far, the conflict of the story has a repetitive message of disobedience, which is portrayed  throughout the book by Callie’s arguments with her parents. The Central Conflict of the story then develop a huge change in her life as she sneaks into her grandfather’s lab to pursue her dreams with someone that shares a common interest with her.

The Evolution of Calpurnia Tate – Protagonist and Antagonist Rewrite

In the book I’m currently reading The Evolution Of Calpurnia Tate, the Protagonist is the main character Calpurnia, Callie. Callie is a typical teenage girl who has confidence in her own ideas and disagree’s against her parents recommendations. In the book, the author described the hot weather in Texas and people was suffering because of the heat. ” I asked mother if I could cut off my hair, which hung in a dense swelter all the way down my back”, but her mom refused. With her being a child that has a strong authority over her own opinion, she went on and cut her hair without her mother’s permission. “That night I took a pair of embroidery scissors and, with great exhilaration and a pounding heart, cut off the first inch.” This suggests that she is a rebellion teenager, and as she grows to mature she starts to develop her own idea’s rather than listening to what her parents tell her to do. “After 4 days I only had to show up with my bucket, and the worms, drawn by my footsteps and the promise of water, crawled to the surface.” Without any lesson’s of any kind, Callie was a nature born naturalist, she has the talent and the knowledge of a professional naturalist and is perfectly suitable for a scientist. Furthermore, her curiosity towards nature resulted in her studies of nature with her grand father instead of learning what a normal girl would do at that time. She began to look at specific grasshoppers to start off and recorded her observation on a note book her brother gave to her. Being the only girl out of the 7 children in the family, her mother placed extreme amount of stress on her to learn about domestic art to improve her capability of being a house wife, therefore her ability to chase for her dreams are limited. The Antagonist in this book is Callie’s mom, she constantly gave pressure toward Callie, and forces her to practice how to serve as a good house wife when she grows up, just like what the other girls at her age would do. Not only Callie’s future that her mom was controlling, but also her older brother Harry’s. “She had plans to send him off to the University Of Austin fifty miles away when he turned eighteen.” This suggests her mother’s personality, eager and also old fashioned, her demands and decision could potentially result her children’s imagination and visualization becoming substandard.  With this book taking place in the late 80s, treatment for women and men are not equally developed, thus the expectation of Callie are different from her brothers. Even though Callie’s mother seem to have authority over every single child, many of them contradict against their mom’s decision and decide to follow their own dreams. On the other hand, since Callie is the only “girl” out of her 6 brothers, her mother doesn’t want her to get a high education, but attempt to force her to grasp and master the basic household choirs. Therefore Women weren’t treated the same as men back then, parents anticipate men to get a high degree, and to earn additional money to support the family, yet girls are expect to master and learn about domestic art as girls will be married to other people in the future.