A Letter to Incoming Middle Schoolers

Dear incoming Middle Schooler, You may have your doubts and worries about Middle School, but honestly, it’s not as bad as you may think. Middle School is an enjoyable place where you’ll learn and enjoy yourselves. This is the next part of your journey to becoming a person in society. One of the biggest concerns of any student from elementary is grades. You should not stress about “grades”, as it doesn’t have much of an impact on your lives. You should still work hard for good grades, but not to the extent where it controls your life. Manage your time well and you should do fine. You may experience some competitiveness over grades in your first year of Middle School(6th Grade), and that is not a bad thing. It provides some healthy competition with pears to see who got higher marks. However, don’t turn it into something that will make 6th Grade unenjoyable. If you don’t want to tell what your grades are, then simply don’t. Just enjoy the life and don’t let grades eat at you away. Homework is another concern of students who are coming into Middle School, where most of them think homework will be really difficult and time-consuming. In truth, homework is not difficult at all, and it fact can be quite easy. Reasons why students don’t complete homework is that they are disorganized in both time and studies. If you complete your work on time and don’t fool around as much, then life will be much easier for you. If you don’t, then the next three years in Middle School will be very difficult indeed. Also, the amount of homework varies from teacher to teacher. Some teachers may provide little to no homework, while others will give you a lot of homework. With more extracurricular activities added in Middle School, you should definitely join one, especially sports. Sports are one of the biggest things in Middle School, with basketball, soccer, and volleyball available for the choosing. This will in turn increase your social life, and your studies would do much better. It would be such a waste to not do any extracurricular activities at all in Middle School, and it may be harder to do any social activities as you go through your school life. Middle School is not a scary place at all. In fact, it may be the best thing to experience before you come into High School, which is even better. Just be in control of yourself, manage your time, and be social with other people, in and out of the school. Good Luck in Middle...

Collaborative Writing

As I was shopping for supplies for my dinner at the supermarket, I came across a strange phenomenon. As I walked by the utensils section, the tools suddenly came to life. They sprang from their holders, and began to walk aimlessly around the supermarket. All of the other shoppers around me just stared at the tools walking over the place. For me, I was simply too shocked to think about what had happened, and tried to think about different reasons why this happened. For the moment, the tools did not prove to be a threat yet, but who knows what will come out of this. In this confusion, I began to notice that none of the tools were walking outside the supermarket gates. Instead, when they tried to go out, they were simply pushed back into the supermarket. This event lasted for a while before these tools did not move anymore and just dropped to the floor. While the other shoppers just tried to think what had happened, I simply just left the supermarket and went home, my head filled with many questions: “What happened?” “What caused this to happen?” “Did somebody, or something, do this?” After a while I decided to go back at the supermarket and see if everything is OK. When I reached the market, everything was in its place and everything was normal. I felt relieved and decided to continue shopping. As I walked pass the utensil section, all the tools came back to life again. I was freaked out. I rushed through the exit door. The tools followed me and started dancing. Even all the fruits in the fruit section came alive and started chasing me. To my surprise, I met “Annoying Orange.” But that wasn’t the last of it. All the fruits began to attack me. Scared out of my wits, I began to move backwards towards the door. As my feet crossed through the open doors, the fruits fell off of me and I stumbled back a few inches. They were just lying there on the floor. I went home to sleep off, hoping I’d wake up and find it was just a dream. But when I got to my house, my wife asked me to go fetch some milk and eggs from the market for breakfast. “Would you please do it?” I pleaded. I didn’t want to go back, not today. “But why? I have to finish dinner and I need those ingredients.” “I’m exhausted and I want to sleep.” I was determined to say anything to get out of this errand. “I can continue dinner while you go.” “You can’t cook.” And with that, my wife pushed me out the door with her glare, and I walked to my car. As the supermarket came into view, I felt my heart pumping. When I drove my car to the front door, I decided to look inside the supermarket. Everything appeared to look normal. There were no moving fruits nor was there moving utensils. I calmed myself down and told myself I was just hallucinating because I watched too many Harry Potter movies. I looked at my shopping list: paprika, baking soda, and red peppers. I let out a big breath of air and walked inside the supermarket. I head straight for the spices section and was almost relieved it didn’t came to life. Sadly, it did. The salt and pepper suddenly flew to my face, burning my eyes. All the other spices flew to my face, burning my face, my ears, and my eyes. As I breathed in, I started coughing the spice out that seemed like paprika. I brushed the spice off my face with my shirt and looked around. My eyes were still stinging when I looked around me. Suddenly, I felt a sharp pain through my back, I looked behind me but there was nothing there. Then I grabbed my back and felt the knife handle. I took it out. Unbelievable, I thought. I was about to die to...

Top Five Fantasy Series Books

This is a blog post on my top five list of “Fantasy Series Books”. To not let any hate through, this is my own opinion, and you can put your own opinions. After all, everybody around the world likes to read different types of books of different genres and series. Hope you enjoy my opinion, and no hating please!

Spanish Proyectos – Australia

  This is a Spanish informational presentation based on a specific country. Australia is where I lived, so I chose that as my country as I have a good amount of knowledge about it. This presentation details some information about Australia, such as climate, foods, sports played, and others. Hope you enjoy learning a bit about Australia! ¡Adios!

Science Chemistry Presentation

The presentation is about how chemical changes and reactions happen. I had to present this Prezi to my science teacher, and had to give explanations and examples to this presentation. This unit has been pretty interesting, as it further my learning in this topic, and it was pretty exciting doing the labs. I was a bit disappointed when we couldn’t do any of those experiments that you see in the movies, but it was still rewarding and challenging enough that it kept me interested.

Pecha Kucha – Writing 8 Argumentative Piece

  This is a “half” Pecha Kucha about my 1st argumentative writing piece. Each slide only has 20 seconds, and in that time frame you need to say ideas and topics related to the picture on the slide, and you have to keep going on and on until the presentation is done.

¿Qué hago los fines de semana? – Spanish Lifestyle Video

This is a short video on what my typical daily lifestyle would be like, in a Spanish spoken video. For those who don’t understand what I am saying or what the subtitles are, here is a rough translation: Scene 1: I mostly wake up at seven in the morning. Scene 2: I mostly eat breakfast at seven-thirty in the morning. Scene 3: I always surf the internet at eight in the morning. Scene 4: I sometimes play video games at ten in the morning. Scene 5: I usually eat lunch at one in the afternoon. Scene 6: I usually never take a nap at two in the afternoon. Scene 7: I sometimes watch television at five in the afternoon. Scene 8: I usually eat dinner at seven at night. Scene 9: I sometimes read a book at ten at night. Scene 10: I mostly go to sleep at ten-thirty at night....

Poverty and Taxes: The Dark Side of Life

Governments have been getting taxes from us for no reason at all. They spend the collected money on unnecessary things, like the already “powerful military”, in order to appear big and strong for no good reason. They fill their greedy pockets with our money, and using it for their own selfish needs. Governments have become the opposite of what they were supposed to do: protect the people and listen to their needs. Not being these selfish dictators that don’t do anything to help their country. Taxes are raised, poverty is increasing, and money is not being well spent by the governments. Taxes are what people pay to the government for using their services, and for buying various sorts of items. However, there are some people who cannot pay for these taxes, as they keep rising every year and they don’t have enough money to pay for it. People cannot keep paying taxes as they continue to rise, as they also have their own priorities to do. As a result of this, the rate of homeless people continue to rise over the years. According to ncleg.org, around 46.5 million people in the United States are in Poverty.1 This means that there is not enough people getting money to pay taxes, which continue to increase every year. Another reason people cannot continue to pay taxes is because they may be in debt, as they look for work that can sustain them for some time. However, with the chances of finding a job is getting lower these days, as people continue to scramble to find work and survive. Around 6.7% of people are unemployed, and so they need to find other ways in order to work off any debt and taxes they have.2 Governments have continued to prey over our money, and will do anything to get extra money in order to fulfill their desires. The governments have been spending the money that we pay them in ways we thought that would not benefit us. As governments propose new plans every year, most of them are not put into plan and fall out, replaced by their own ways of spending money on other “important items”, such as the military. In 2013, the American government has spent most if it’s money on Medical Care and National Security.3 While those are good ideas to spend money on, the general public would like the government to spend it’s money on other important things, such as public transportation, as it’ll improve people’s lives a lot more than spending on something that may never happen in the future, such as wars.4 Another reason is that, spending money on something that is already going quite strong, such as the already powerful American military, can lead to unbalance between priorities, as the governments should prioritize something else besides Medical Care and National Security, in order to fulfill the wishes of the public, before their own needs. This is what a government is always supposed to do: help and listen to the people in order to make sure that everybody is happy and feels secure. While on the plus side of paying taxes to the government is that you’ll be able to continue getting benefits for your family, such as Medicare and Social Security, you’ll won’t be able to get any of those if you simply don’t have the money to pay for it. According to Dave Ramsey, an author and blogger, people are paying taxes and are getting back what they need in return.5 While this is true in most cases, the flaw is that people won’t be getting what they need if they don’t have any money to pay for the taxes. The government will only allow you to enjoy the benefits they give you if you are willing to pay for the cost in return. All governments basically operate in equivalent exchange, only giving something if they get something in return. While there are times when the government will let you get something for “free”, in truth it’s money from somebody else and technically they will be paying for us. This could seem that the government is likely spending their money and throwing around like it’s a piece of candy, while there are others who could benefit from that. So there’s my reasons why the people should not pay money for the governments until they get out of their corrupt mindset and set their countries to a peaceful state. They should only use their money for the good will of the people, and not for their own spending sprees. Only until then, will there be peace and happiness for the government, and the people.   Citations: 1 Poverty in the United States: A Snapshot. Data from U. S. Census Bureau and other published reports., n.d. Web. 24 Apr. 2014. <http://www.nclej.org/poverty-in-the-us.php>. 2 UNEMPLOYMENT RATE – COUNTRIES – LIST. N.p., n.d. Web. 24 Apr. 2014. <http://www.tradingeconomics.com/country-list/unemployment-rate>. 3 Durden, Tyler. What The US Government Spent Its Money On In 2013. N.p., n.d. Web. 24 Apr. 2014. <http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2013-11-06/what-us-government-spent-its-money-2013>. 4  (2012, 02). Governments Should Spend Money on Improving Public Transportation.StudyMode.com. Retrieved 02, 2012, from http://www.studymode.com/essays/Governments-Should-Spend-Money-On-Improving-923267.html 5 Ramsey, Dave. A Closer Look: Where Does Your Tax Money Go?. N.p., n.d. Web. 24 Apr. 2014....