Reflection on Genius Hour Project

In science 7, we’ve had some classes where we could experiment our genius hour. We get to bring in items and research about our genius hour. We’ve had about 4 classes to research and experiment and this blog post is going to reflect on our project so far.

So far, I learned that the speed of mold growing depends on the food item. The banana grew mold the most and the fastest. Probably because of the environment and the humidity it was in. It molded so much, the last time we saw it, this gross liquid had come out of the banana. Meanwhile, the orange took a really long time. We kept in the cabinet longer than the banana, because we thought it would mold if we kept it there. But on the outside, it looked normal. But when we peeled it, we saw some dots of mold. And the green mold started leaking in our hands. For the bread, it grew mold after 3 weeks, it got all hard and crusty. The bread’s mold wan’t just green, it was also black. The cheese only grew mold on one side, my group thought there was going to be a stinky cheese scent, but there wasn’t any.

I also learned that you have to be consistent to check on the molding food because for most science classes, we have other tasks to do and we forget to check on them. Which might not lead to the correct data. So my group and I have decided to do this experiment over again. But this time, we are changing our foods and making sure that we check on the frequently. Now we are using a slice of bread, a strawberry, a banana, and a tomato. We are going the exact some experiment, just with different materials. We also changed some variable, such as the drops of water.

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