This is the foam sculpture I did in art. One thing I like about it is that it looks like a dragon and the side, it looks like wings! One thing I would like to change the sculpture is that I want the mouth of the dragon to be gone. In this unit, I learned how to spray paint and how to cut foam perfectly.


Grade Five Drawing Reflection

Hi! It has been a long time that I had written on my blog. Well, this is a drawing reflection. My goal was to be able to draw 2 point perspective because it was very unique. I learned that 2 point perspective is like drawing 1 point perspective but looking at two perspectives. I want to improve my shading because shading is very hard and there are many ways to do it. It is also very confusing. I started out as an intermediate person, so I improved only a bit because I was very good a 1 point perspective.

Math Reflection

Today my teacher gave me back my test about the Order of Operations. I did okay, but I can do more and put more intention and try harder. In this unit, I learned about exponents and also the word PEMDAS, which means:

P: Parentheses

E: Exponents

M: Multiplication

D: Divison

A: Addition

S: Subtraction



“Victories” of The WeekšŸŽ–(Week VI)

During this week, I learned a lot of things in Unit studies, writing, and math. One of them was learning about starches and sugar. I was able to know the differences between sugar and starch. I pursued excellence in that class by every day choosing and deciding which foods have starch and which foods have sugar. Next week I should try to experiment other foods that have starch or sugar like Beef, Pork, Fish, & Chicken. I can connect that to Balance In Life because I need to have a balanced diet and so everyone needs a balanced diet too.

Super Unit Homework – August 28, 2017

Hello, guys! This is me again on the blog doing my homework. My homework is to choose an event that I did over the weekend. On the weekend, I played golf on Sunday. I first wanted to play golf when I saw my golf club set in the garage, so I asked my dad if we could go out to play golf and he said yes. Then I plan and bring snacks and my dad and my golf club set. Father and I go out into the car and drive to a driving range. I start playing at the driving range and play at the driving range. I then practice and evaluate my swing and shots.

Book Review II

Hi! My name is Vincent. Today I am going to recommend you the book Fig Pudding. In this book, thereĀ is a boy named Clifford (Cliff). He is in 5th grade, and he is the oldest kid in the family so he has to be the “Mr. Responsible”. The family is very bazaar because he has to watch out his brothers and a sister, and all sorts of problems.I would rate this a 5 star because the book was funny and interesting! To read on, read the book!

Ship Building

Hi! Today I am going to tell you about a ship my group made. During researching of explorer, Ferdinand Magellan, I learned some cool facts. Here are some facts:

-Ferdinand Magellan first set sail to Malaysia.

-Ferdinand Magellan was killed from Lapu-Lapu.

-Ferdinand Magellan’s officer secretly passes the PortugalĀ barrier.