Long Walk To Water Reflectionūüö∂ūüŹĹ

  1. Describe what you did at each station.
    #1 Station: What we did in the first station was holding a bottle of water on our heads with a towel (of course).
    #2 Station: In the second station we carried water ON our shoulders! And I was too short to lift it off the ground to be honest.
    #3 Station: The third station was filtering the RIVER water! It sound gross, but it works! One group filtered the river water and their technic worked.  
    #4 Station:
    The last station was scooping up water from the river, a lot of people got mud on their shirts and pants, but I didn’t! (I only got to drops).

  2. What was most difficult or challenging about the activity. Why was it difficult?
    The most challenging activity is was carrying the water buckets on the shoulder because looking at my friends is painful and when I tried carrying it, I was too short for it it was about 4 or 5 inches above the ground! Beside it’s REALLY heavy.¬†
  3. How did you deal with the challenge?
    How I deal with this challenge was drinking a lot of water and when I was carrying the river water on my head with the towel, my neck really hurts, but I tried to keep it up there. 
  4. What ideas do you have for making this trip more interesting or realistic next year? (No‚Äďstopping for bubble tea is NOT an option!)
    My ideas for next year is that maybe try carrying the buckets in a different way. 

Art: Drawing Goal

In art we learned how to shade and we practiced it and then we made a goal. My goal is to draw one point perspective with buildings and shading with details. Why I chose this is because I wanted to learn how to shade more. What was difficult was that the blending stick was covered with pencil led. If I had to do this again I would choose a two point perspective and with colours. 

Here’s my Drawing:¬†

Buu Long Trip!

On Monday, we went to Buu Long. We went rock climbing, zip lining, and abseiling. I love the zip lining! It was really fun, but not too worth it because to be able to go zip lining, you have to climb up this very high mountain, and it’s really scary, but after a few times, then it’s fine. My second favourite was rock climbing. It was kind of hard and challenging! I was saying, ” I can’t do it! I can’t!”, repeating over and over again. Suddenly, I reached the top!! Abseiling, I hate abseiling! It’s so scary, and we were on the same mountain as the zip lining! But this is a picture of me on the rock climbing! ¬†¬† ¬†

Super Unit: Design Cycle


– How many times I need to play?
Р What song to play first, which song is more important?

– After you know what to play, for example, scale first then then you play others songs
РGet out the books or papers 


РFix your mistakes 
– Try to do better at it for example, if you mastered right hand try to learn the left hand


Pong’s Zip Line Reflection

We are starting a new super Unit! So we did our first activity, it was about get Pong the ping pong ball to the other side without pong falling out the product and you have to make it out of materials that are given in a limited time. Read the reflection for more!

Backward-Looking What problems did you encounter while you were working on this challenge? How did you solve them?
We encounter a problem when we were trying to stick the the duck tape on the washer, skewer and the cup at the same time.Another problem we encounter was we had to tie the floss to the skewer.  


What was satisfying to you or frustrating to you during the challenge?
What made me frustrating was when the duck tape was the duck tape kept on falling of and then the skewer moved if the duck tape moved.


In what ways did your product meet or not meet the goals of the challenge?
Our product did not meet 1 of goals. That goal was getting pong on to the other side, because there was too much friction.


What would you change if you have a chance to do this challenge over again?
We would  make it out of washers on the top to connect to the zip line so that there is not as much friction.

Feelings: What were some of the different feelings you experienced during the challenge?
Feelings I had when our product was done was happy and proud, but when we tried it on the big zip line, it was funny because it was wasn’t moving.






A few weeks ago, we had this super unit called Explorers, I chose the explorers named Lewis and Clark so as Christine, An and Manabi. We researched about Lewis and Clark for weeks then we made a plot ad wrote our script. On May, 31 we preformed our play. The skit was about Lewis and Clark going on there journey, we also grouped up with An and Manabi, there group is Sacagawea. What I am proud about the skit is that my group spoke loud enough. On scale to 1-4 I would choose 4 because we worked really well together. Another I admire their skit is Marco Polo, they have good dialogue.

HS Dance

Yesterday we learned a dance named “It’s Good To Be Alive, Right By Now”. It was in the Hs gym, I really think that it was kind of fun, but also awkward at 2-3 pm because people could walk right past by, and start watching us dance. The High schoolers made the moves really easy for me to understand there was only 7 moves, but they were repeated.

This is the practice




Ship Building! Lewis & Clark

Last week and this week we started our New super unit! So we research about  3 explorers and we got paired up with a partner, group or even by yourself. So I am doing the explorer Lewis & Clark, now we built our ship! Have a look!
This is the top:                      The front:

The side:                               The floor:


Unit 5 Refection!

We just currently finish Unit 5! We got to see our scores today! I learned that I needed to check my work more. about the test I learned a lot and I learned how arrange them from smallest to largest. And there was only three standards. Here they are!