Ancient Egypt World

What are three new things I learned about  geography and early human settlement                                                                                                          First, I learned that Nile river was a really important part of human settlement and life back then. Second, I learned that the deserts was actually really helpful and keeps invaders away from land. I also learned that the Nile river floods, which leaves silt (rich soil) and that is really good for the crops.

What are 2 things that I am proud of in my project?                                                       The first thing that I am proud of is my reeds, I thought it really looked like actual reeds, the second thing I am proud of is my papyrus is I also thought I looked a like just like the reeds.

What is one thing I would do differently if I were to do this project?                          I would want to change my Mediterranean Sea, because mine’s was a little messy and I didn’t like it so much and it was hard to cover the huge hole up. 

This is my Ancient Egypt Minecraft World!


Shark Tank!!

I was very nervous for my group’s first shark tank in the collaboration room I felt like I was having a seriously important test and that I forgot everything I was so scared.  Our group’s idea is about the plastic bottle garden, and in my group I’m with Soo Bin and Daniel.  The judges called our group name the plastic bottle garden! And we just went and showed our prezi and read our pitch as soon as I started talking I was not that nervous anymore and I was confident! We did so good at our pitch for the first shark tank. My teammates and I was so sad that we couldn’t see the results that day but we got the results the next day and we turned out to have a green light! That means we passed I was so happy that I was jumping all around, but also it means that we have to prepare for the next shark tank witch I felt more nervous and ever more scared!

The next day it was the time for the shark tank, we went to the high school building and when one of the judge (Dr. Keller) called our group name I was so scared that I wanted to so home and pretend that this never happened in my life! When I first talked I didn’t get confident like last time I messed up the first time I spoke in the microphone. I was scared all the way and I was so relief when we were finished talking in front of the judges. We got a green light for the second time! My teammates and I was so happy. On the way back to our classrooms I was jumping up and down because I was so happy to get the green light for the second time that time I was looking forward to build the plastic bottle garden.

Shark Tank Pictures:



My AMAZING Trip To Cat Tien!!!! ?

When the whole 5th grade went to Cat Tien national park for 3 days , I was really excited and nervous . When we got there it was really cool that we got to get on the boat as soon as we were there it was fun! After the ride we talked about roommates, my roommate turned out to be Meherika! I was really happy to be her roommate because, we are best friends.We got to go in our cabins and we dropped off our suitcases and we got on the boat and went to the primate center, there we got to be more in the nature  the thing that I liked was when we got to see the gibbons, and it was really cool that we got to see them swinging around and having fun in the semi free, and we got to learn a lot of information about them . We also got to buy some things that was related to pygmy loris and gibbons. I was sad that we didn’t get to see to loris’s . Maybe they only can wake up at night and sleep at daytime so the crew probably didn’t want us to stress them out.

Getting ready to go one the bus to Cat Tien! ( Me and my friend Kim Anh)

The best things that is part of going to Cat Tien is that we got to explore the nature and learn about endangered animals , and learn how to adapt the environment. Also, something that made me happy while I was at Cat Tien was the bonfire  and the animals.

When the bed sheets in our cabin had mosquitos or bugs before we went outside we just used bug spray everywhere. I was really proud of myself for being responsible waking myself up for the morning hike and any other morning . I was also really proud that my parents weren’t  by my side to help me like before, but I still got really home sick .  I saw sustainable practices like the bear center and the primate center crew who help rescue endangered animals. I think governments have national parks to protect forests and animals.

The moon bears trying to find the food we gave them

The yellow cheeked gibbon female

While we were at Cat Tien, I learned a lot of things. I learned how to be more responsible, taking care of ourselves, how endangered animals feel, and learn information about some amazing species. I would tell people that does not care about the nature, I would tell them if you were a tree or an endangered animal if someone destroyed your home or your family how would you feel? Think about treating others the way you want to be treated, no matter if they are animals or humans, or nature. 

At Cat Tien waiting for the boat



Information Report Reflection ?✒️

I think I did way better then before in 4th grade. My contrast is better and everything in C.A.R.P I improved a lot. Maybe next time I can work more harder in more on contrast because, I have a lot of color in my report. I really like my topic because, it’s about the Eiffel Tower and I think it’s really cool to learn a lot about it, my researching.

The link to my report

The Rubric Photo:


My Reading Goal For 2 Weeks

My Goal for reading:

My goal is to read more non-fiction and fantasy books and read 30 min. a day.

Action plan:

My action plan is to read at least 1 non- fiction and 1 fantasy books and read 30 min. each night


Wednesday: I read 30 min. and found a fantasy book.

Thursday: I started to read my fantasy book and read a few pages.

Friday: Read a few pages.

The Weekends: Read a few chapters.

Week 2: 

Monday: Read 30 min.

Tuesday: Read 30 min. And read a few chapters maybe found a non-fiction book that I am interested in.

Wednesday: Read 30 min. and may starting to read the non- fiction book.

Thursday: Read 30 min. but I don’t think that I can read a non-fiction because my fantasy book is really long it’s Harry Potter. I will read non-fiction next week.

Friday: Read 30 min.

Monday: Read 30 min. Almost finished the fantasy book.

Tuesday: Read 30 min.

Wednesday: Read 30 min. Finished my book.

I think I did pretty good, I read 30 min. every night, and I finished a fantasy book. But I didn’t get to read a non- fiction book. When I do my homework I just start to read. I look at my watch to see when 30 min. is up this goal really helped me to read more and go in the library and find more books that I can try reading.




My Science Experiment ?

My partner Meherika and I was working on this science project. We agreed to make Oobleck. Oobleck is made out of water and cornstarch but we want to see if we can make Oobleck with salt water. We did! And it worked.

I learned that salt did not really make a huge reaction to the cornstarch, but sometimes I thought it won’t make Oobleck but maybe it was also because we did not add enough salt  in the water.

Something interesting was that it still made Oobleck no matter what even when we put salt.

To make the experiment more interesting is maybe we can add salt and baking soda and baking powder in the cup of water. And find out if it still makes Oobleck.

Week Reflection

Another week reflection! This week was awesome! We continued on our injury project and I think I follow my schedule pretty well because I check it everyday when it’s time for injuries. I am going to start writing my piece and putting all the information in. And I will make a nice book about the Eiffel Tower.

Also it was basket ball SISAC! A team got in 2nd place, B team got in 4th place and dragons reunited is in 5th place. I was really proud of everyone and I would want to join basketball team again it will be our last match, our last practice and also today we will have our basketball wrap up party for girls and next week it’s the boys SISAC and I hope they get in the finals.

Now time to talk about science. We used the Tang orange powder and did a lot of experiments with it. And at the end we can drink the orange solution. And everyday I learn something new in science.


This Week!

ANOTHER WEEK REFLECTION.  We worked more on our injuries. I am starting to plan my writing but I have trouble writing it. I have a lot of information and I really do like my topic my topic is the Eiffel tower the reason I chose this topic is because I was always my dream place to visit and I hope someday I can go and see the Eiffel tower.

Yesterday we had the 4th and 5th grade concert I was really fun and I really enjoyed it. I was a MC when it was my turn to talk I was really nervous. It went on and it turn out not to be bad. And today is MR. EDWARD’S BIRTHDAY!!!!