The coins are being placed into a the middle of the water, which teams will then later collect the coins and put the coins in the team’s basket.

The polo balls are distributed to different groups and groups will need to make sure the team protects the polo ball.

The colorful balls will be thrown into the middle which will encourage teams to score points by throwing the colorful ball into other team’s goal.

The goals will be located on the two vertical sides of the pool and the horizontal sides of the pool so players

When the whistle blows, the game will now begin.

After the match ends, teams will move to their buckets and count how many coins are in the bucket.

The teams will also need to make sure to count up how many points they have scored and needs to make sure if the polo ball is in the rings.



This game contains many specific elements. Such as an invasion game, where teams have to score goals at other teams. It can also be a strategy game, where teams can plan out where to attack and defend. At last, it can be unique game, because it is reinventive and that is it fun -because it contains all these types of elements, and for safety concerns, this game contains some dangerous elements. Such as during the start if the game, teams will rush to the middle and grab coins. But the dangerous part is that everyone has a swimming fin and that the fin can squash people or hit someone on their body. But what’s safe about this game, in my opinion, is how the things are spread out so players can move to any part of the pool. And to answer the last question, are your team active? The answer to that question is it depends. It is because some teams will work collaboratively and some teams will just work as an individual. But also, it depends if the team’s player decides to contribute to the game, but otherwise, the game should be active because you have a lot of things going on.



  1. Do not swim until the whistle has blown
  2. Put your coins into your team’s bucket
  3. Do not throw balls at people
  4. Use soft touch balls only to score goals.


Equipment: ( 4 teams)

  • Water Polo Balls
  • Buckets and coins
  • Goals
  • flippers
  • 20 Soft-touch balls
  • 4 Floating rings






  • You can have a time limit for collecting the coins (1 min)
  • Scoring a goal is 2 points instead of 1 point
  • Give a 2 minute time for counting up all the points, if the 2 minutes time is over and you don't know how many points you have zero points.

video of putting/taking coins out of the bucket

This picture is a lego volcano which me and my partner built. We built this because we have been studying geology for the past couple of months and we studied a bit about volcanoes and how they erupt as well as a lot of other things about volcanos. This is a volcano because it is like a mountain getting steeper and steeper and there is a hole on top where the magma can go out of. Volcanoes form when two tectonic plates collide and create a mountain range and then subduction happens this is when one of the plates goes down and melts create magma and a magma chamber that slowly can go up and make the volcano erupt. In all this unit has taught me a lot about volcanoes and how they form and what they actually do.

1. In PE we've been doing a unit on archery. We learned to load the bow, how to handle the bow and how to aim. we also learned the right stance for when you shoot.

2. Targeting is when you have your bow loaded and you aim at the target. I think at the moment we are just getting the hang of it and we are doing pretty well, I think we still need to work on some more.

3. In archery it is very important to have the right stance if you stand wrong it could affect the shot and where it goes. Your chest must be sideways to the wall.

4. In archery if you want your shot to be accurate you must pull the string back not too much but not too little. if you pull back to much you will over shoot and if you pull back too little you will hit the ground.

5. grouping is where the arrows are on the target after you have shot a couple arrows at the target. This is after you have shot.

The problem here is that I was not standing right my chest was towards thetarget.






When we started this unit I only knew about dictatorship,democracy and communism but now I know there are many more I never knew about

I think it is important to know these government because you need to tell the different between the good and bad government and also to know who is running your country.

I think democracy is the best form of government because it lets people vote on who can represent their country the best. I also think it is good because if it wasn't then ancient Greece wouldn't have stayed with it for so long


Just do it! Nike is a very popular brand among athletes, and we are here to find out what the purpose of their slogan is. We think that it means to take risks and don't be afraid to try new sports. We think Nike actually chose Just Do It as their slogan because people these days, care how others think about them. By saying Just Do It, this might make people try something new too. When people take risks, people will succeed and when you fail, try again. In sports, if you don't take risks, you will not be able to accomplish anything. Nike is one of the highest quality sports gear you can get. So remember Just do it!

This week lit circle went well because everyone read to where they were suppose to and took notes. As a result of our discussion we learned words we kind of skipped and did not put in our vocabulary we also learned what our teammates thought about our book. For the next lit circles I think it is going to be even better because every time we do it we get more experience doing it and it results in a better lit circle.

Today in Digital Literacy we did some Robotics with the Humming Bird. This was the first time I worked with humming bird. For today's lesson we had to try to turn on the LED and for a while we couldn't get it to work and then Ms. Bailey told us that we had to take the plastic off because Plastic and Metal do not conduct together. I think next time we need to finish doing the LED and try to think more and look at other people's more, because we looked but I think we didn't look carefully enough.