Ciudad: Lima, Peru


Mi Viaje a Lima, Peru


El Vuelo


¡Hola! Acabo de regresar de Lima sola. Pasé dos días allí, el tiempo era muy bueno en Lima. Traje mi cámara para tomar fotos de todo.


Fui a ir en avión. Fui a salir de Ho Chi Minh el lunes a las ocho de la mañana, llegar a Lima el martes a las seis de la mañana, estaba tan afectado por el desfase horario. No comí la comida del avión, pero yo estaba muy hambrienta.


Después del largo vuelo llegué a Lima, Jorge Chávez Internacional aeropuerto.

Jorge Chávez Internacional Aeropuerto.

El Hotel


Voy a alojarme en el hotel JW Marriot. El hotel es muy grande y elegante. El Hotel incluye desayuno, piscina y un gimnasio. Mi habitación de hotel es muy bonito y grande.

Hotel JW Marriot




El primer día por la mañana fui el "Museo Larco" y por la tarde fui la "Plaza Mayor" Comí en un restaurante cerca de la "Plaza Mayor" Comí mucho ceviche, causa, lucuma.


Por la mañana fui el Museo Larco. Museo es muy bonita. Tomé muchas fotos con mi cámara. Tiene 45 000 piezas, eso significa que muchas fotos fueron tomadas.

Encanté Museo Larco




El segundo día por la mañana fui la "Catedral Basilica de San Juan Apostol y Evangelista" y por la tarde fui la "Plaza San Martín" Fui el espectáculo Brisas del Titicaca.


La estructura de la catedral era increíble. La Catedral es tan grande, y tiene mucha historia.

El espectáculo era tan increíble para ver, es muy popular para ver esto en Lima.

Todas las atracciones estaban muy abarrotada.



Fui a regresar a Ho Chi Minh el miércoles a las once de la mañana. Fui triste que tuviera que dejar Lima. Tomé muchas fotos hermosas. Me encanta la cultura y la comida. Sin duda volveré.








Observations of eco dome:

  • After the week without walls trip I came back to see that my grasshopper is still alive and living.
  • I saw that my grasshopper was surviving by eating the plants that I got from the school garden.
  • Unfortunately I found that there was grass in the eco dome that had grew mold on it.
  • After two days of founding out that the grasshopper i had in there had survived it died, it died becasue of the mold that was growing from the grass.

Some notes I will list for some small tips on how I can build my eco dome better, so my grasshopper will survive longer.

-Do not add in too much water as this can kill the organism in your ecosystem

Eco dome design components like:

  • This time when re-building the eco dome I did not add in any food into the eco dome.
  • I have added in one green plant that looks like lettuce into the eco dome and also kept the corn that was sprouting a plant (there were three of these corn plants that were growing)
  • I scattered in a bunch of rocks and especially i added in bits of charcoal everywhere. This will help absorb the excess water that's in the eco dome.
  • After putting everything in the eco

Observations of eco dome:

  • Coming back to the eco dome there is mold growing from the corn, and the small pieces of corn that was spread everywhere growing a plant.
  • The patches of grass and moss has died.
  • The cricket had died, maybe due to the mold in the eco dome. Mold in the eco dome can poison the cricket and grasshoppers, and so this is something we have to avoid.
  • The plants had also did not survive in the eco dome.

Eco dome design components like:

  • This time when re-building the eco dome I did not add in any food into the eco dome.
  • I have added in one green plant that looks like lettuce into the eco dome and also kept the corn that wimg_0701as sprouting a plant (there were three of these corn plants that were growing)
  • I scattered in a bunch of rocks and especially i added in bits of charcoal everywhere. This will help absorb the excess water that's in the eco dome.
  • After putting everything in the eco dome I poured in 25 mL of water into the dome.

This is a picture of the corn that was sprouting a plant.

Things I Learned: 

WIth the many different things that can be added into your eco dome so that you can create a good ecosystem. One thing that is important is to learn that the plants or veggies you add into the dome can be hard to maintain. It's ok if it dies the important thing you have to try to avoid is mold. Mold might form and this is not good for the ecosystem you created. The mold can poison your organism in the eco dome. So try to get things that will not have mold grow on it.


Observations of eco dome:

  • All the plants that were put in had died due to overwatering since there was a big amount of water in the pot, and it seems to have leaked into the soil.
  • screen-shot-2016-11-15-at-4-29-55-pmThere is water droplets all over the container meaning that most of the water had either leaked into the soil and since the container was right in front of the sun, the water had evaporated in the container creating the water droplets.
  • The cricket had died after five days of being in the eco dome. It seems to have died to the lack of air and food in the eco dome.


Many other people has the same ground plan. The usual is there are plants in there, some food, rocks, water, and of course a grasshopper or a cricket in their eco dome. What is needed to keep the organism alive is a source of food, water, and oxygen. I have added plants in there to create oxygen, and have also added a lot of water all over too keep the plants alive and for my organism. As for food I have added in a banana and some bits of corn. There is no specific amount of material needed to build the eco dome. When added two living organisms together it will be harder to keep them both alive. This is because of the two organisms whatever the species fighting for resources. Many die because of either 

Eco dome design components like:

  • This time I have flipped my container to the side. I did this so that I had more space to create an ecosystem in my eco dome.
  • When create the container into 4/4 i added around ¼ of soil into the container. I have a mix of different type of soils. It is mixed with the soil provided by Mr. Swart, sand, and also a soil i had brought in that had seeds mixed into
  • For food I have added in lettuce at the far back, and I have also added in half of a banana with a piece of its peel in there, and also pieces of corn.
  • I had gotten some plants from the garden and have added it in there, also with some rocks.
  • Another important thing I have added was charcoal, because the charcoal can absorb water since in my last eco dome i had too much water in there.

Ecodome design components like:

  • Container, for the eco dome (7kg)
  • One cricketscreen-shot-2016-11-15-at-4-29-36-pm
  • Plants, it creates oxygen for the cricket
  • Some fruits and veggies, for food
  • soil , for the plants to grow
  • Some seeds, to grow some more plants
  • Water, to drink and help the plants grow


Changes made on design day:

Instead of using flowers and grass, I used different small plants around the eco dome. I scattered the seeds and had a pot just for water and there was a hole on the bottom of the pot so that the water can be used to nourish the other plants.


In quarter one we made a News paper and Lit circles. For the news paper we used the format of journalism to create it, afterwards we got in a group added our articles together and made a newspaper. For the Lit circles we had a group that read the same book and in each meeting we would play games connected to the book, and discuss the relevant things about the book. The whole experience was very fun to do, but the only thing hard was trying to get enough information about the article I was writing, and designing the page for the news paper. I wrote about cravings and when finding for the information to make my article even better it was quite hard, but after awhile of researching I found it. With the topic I had, I got a chance to get some food to taste just for the article, that was very fun and yummy. Also interviewing people and connecting with them, and finding out what they liked for my article was very fun.

What I learned was that making a news paper isn't as easy as it seems. When I was writing the article I had always remember not to make it to long so that it would fit into the news paper. Also when creating the design there are many small details that go into it that we don't really realise. Many things go into the news paper like the font, colour, format, and etc... I also learned to put in more power words into my writing. The power words do make the article better in everyday. It adds a nice touch with everything else in the article.

It has been really fun in Quarter one, we learned many new things and got settled into eight grade just nice. Even though things are harder I still like how it's going so far. With the different things we have done so far, and the different projects, and subject I am excited to see what come along in the other quarters. I would say that things are harder, but the teachers here really do help when we need help, and don't understand whats happening, and I really like that. So far so good in quarter one.

Click Here to go and the my article for the news paper.



How did it go conducting research? Triumphs? Challenges?

I had used the school data bases and other websites, but throughout the whole research I didn’t find the information I needed. There were very little articles about my revolutionary thinker. It was hard to find the specific information that I needed, and because of it I had to widen my search by going too different data bass, from books, websites, images, and others.

What did you learn about yourself when you had to take notes?

What I learned about myself when taking notes is that I always have a small icon to connect with the writing. Going more into connection in note taking I learned that I like to connect my notes to each other. When connecting I read it more clearly and it makes things easier for me to remember the important information.

What insights did you gain about narrative hooks that you may not have been so aware of before?

Using narrative hooks in writing is actually quite important. I always thought it was just too capture the attention .It is part of capturing the reader's attention, but also this is the time where you introduce your topic and you show why you subject is even worthy of reading.

 What narrative hooks did you experiment with in your writing?

I used many different types of narrative hooks, and the ones that really capture my attention were the simpler ones. Things like imagery, details, and other simple things that I can add really enhances it. It’s not about how fancy it is, as long as you feel like it can really hook the interest of the reader.

What discoveries did you encounter as you were vlogging?

When vlogging I could see the difference of the writing mentally, and verbally. When just reading mentally my brain replaces the missing things that are needed to understand properly. So when I was reading it out loud I could hear what I wrote, and when I heard my mistakes I could fix it correctly.

2 Historical Narrative Paragraphs VLOG

Historical Narrative w/ Musical Accompaniment VLOG

Reflection VLOG


What is your BIGGEST TAKEAWAY (BIGGEST LEARNING) from our Revolutionary Thinker’s Project?

Even with the knowledge and how great the discovery was, it can be quite hard to find the past of a great revolutionary thinker. My revolutionary thinker had discovered something very important to humankind today, yet when researching about him it was quite hard to learn about him. I learned that we take this discovery for granted, and we don’t seem too give William Harvey the man who had discovered blood circulation enough credit. There are many more great revolutionary thinkers that never really get the credit they deserve, and I think we owe too them to give it to them.

In this unit we had a project about the renaissance, we had to pick a topic and work on it. I chose painting techniques used during the renaissance. First we had to find our sources, I found mine from the links on moodle. After with my partner we made a  plan and did some summaries for the articles so that we could talk about it during the fair. After making a plan we had to bring it to life by working on it. During this process we had to change some things that wouldn't fit into our project. The plan that we worked on really helped me keep organized, and it helped me and my partener work smoothly. Some of the troubles we had was the some things that we had planned before, but as we kept working it would not have fit. We got some feedback from Mr. Post about the interactive part of the presentation which really helped us.