January-Centers, Sports Day, Tet Field Trip

After our Winter Break, we returned to school ready to work and play with our friends again. We had many new discoveries to make during our center time. We worked with clay, we learned a new math game called Bump, we used a magnifying glass to look closely at coins (pennies). We built new structures with blocks and continued to enjoy the home corner.

In January we also participated in Sports Day. We were all on 5 different teams. We enjoy many different water activities around the big field. We had lots of wet fun!

We celebrated Tet by going to see the Tet decorations at the Crescent Mall. We only had 10 of our friends in school that day but we still enjoyed the trip. Our parents came along and we had a little picnic at the end of our visit.

Here are photos from our learning in January.

Crescent Mall Tet Display Field Trip


December-Math Morning, Gingerbread Cookies, Concert

We had a great time with our families during our EC Math Morning. Each family had a chance to play games and create patterns in a variety of ways and in a variety of places. All EC classrooms were available as well as the pod and our outside play area. The children enjoy having their family members at school.

We also read many different versions of The Gingerbread Man. One version included a recipe to make our own gingerbread man. We mixed up the dough and had to shape and create our own gingerbread man without a cookie cutter. Great fun was had by all. We had a variety of interesting cookies to eat!

Here are pictures from our learning during the month of December.

After our concert, we enjoyed time with our families eating yummy snacks brought by our parents. We also gave our parents a little gift that we spent lots of time making with our own little hands! It was a calendar with 12 pictures made from our handprints.



November-Gardening and Creating Patterns

We spent most of November deep in our unit “Living Things.” We spent many days digging in the dirt, visiting the garden areas near our play space and planting our own little gardens to take care of. We planted herbs, pumpkin seeds and a variety of flower seeds. Many children discovered seeds all over our play area. We figured out the seeds came from the giant seed pods from the trees all around us. We have a collection of our seeds that we use during our inside center time. We have made pictures with them, counted with them and created beautiful designs with them.

We also spent most of November looking at patterns all around us. We created patterns using many of our classroom loose parts and math manipulatives. We created movement and sound patterns with our hands, legs and feet. Here are pictures from our learning in November.

Patterns, patterns everywhere!

Worms and Snails and Grubs Oh My!

We are so lucky to have a beautiful outdoor space where we can run, jump, climb and explore nature. Everyday we find interesting things to investigate. We have been finding and collecting worms and snails and beetle larvae (we affectionately call them grubs)! We are learning what these creatures eat, how they move and how they live.

We also try to go on nature walks all around school on a weekly basis. On these walks we have found snail eggs, roach egg casings, beautiful leaves, mushrooms, a variety of snails and insects too! We are learning how to:

  • notice and appreciate the natural world
  • take care of the living things we find
  • use new language to explain the world around us
  • use scientific tools

Fine Motor Skills

Fine motor skills are activities that require the use of the small muscles in the hand. These activities include grasping small objects like beads, holding writing tools correctly, cutting, buttoning, zipping and using tape. These skills are critical to every area of a child’s life. During the school day, the children get plenty of opportunities to strengthen these skills. Being able to manipulate our snack and lunch containers and pack/unpack our backpacks allow us to feel successful and independent!

What’s Cooking

When we cook we are learning how food is prepared. We are working together to take turns and follow directions. We are also learning new words like: chop, measure, stir, ingredients, knead and simmer. We read stories that inspired us to make applesauce, bread and spaghetti. The bread and spaghetti were definitely our favorites.

Literacy Development

Language and literacy are tools for thinking and communicating. In our EC classroom, children find meaningful ways to use language and literacy as tools. The children are immersed in rich stories, new vocabulary words, and plenty of opportunities to write and draw their own thoughts, ideas and stories. They spend time each day looking at and discussing books on their own and with friends. We have a blank story book where we draw and tell about our own stories or ideas. We are learning to recognise letters and words that are all around us. Some of us are beginning to write the words we need. When Nanyao built a castle, she wanted everyone to know the castle was her creation…she made a sign with an adult’s help. Ada and Brandon found the letters in their name and made necklaces. Leo found the letters in his name on the  light table. We know that exposure to great literature and a print-rich environment on a daily basis, makes a big difference in a child’s literate life!