That one important cycle I keep forgetting

Hello welcome back again. The design cycle is important when designing things yet it can also be quite important in different things. Today my example will be playing soccer. See this might not be that important for a striker but be a playmaker it’s really important. For example  this weekend we came up with cycle so we could score. First we had to imagine a way to score. Then our plan was we had an idea to come with a pass down to me so we could score. We then had to get in our place though before we do the actual play one of the defenders caught onto our plan so we had to evaluate it fortunately plan 2 worked. Have you ever had a plan and then one thing happens and have to do it all over  again?.


That Guy

Hello welcome to the first blog this new school year. So I wanted to say a few things about myself. My name is Davy and my favorite sport is actually Netball but most of the time I play Football Or soccer if you’re in North America. I like to act what do you like to do comment down below. Also last year I was in the school play. I am also 10 and I have been at ssis for 8 years. Thats pretty much everything I can think of so bye bye.

Book club book post

Love,stargirl was the name of our Book.

I would recommend this for anyone who wants to read the worlds longest letter. Really it’s a funny and sometime serious book. I would rate 4 out of 4. It’s about a girl named star girl moves from Arizona to ?. The place is a mystery. She meets her neighbors. One is a five year old “Human Bean” another hasn’t stepped outside her house in 9 years. A hot tempered 12 year old girl and Perry Delloplane, the blue eyed thief. She’s writing to someone named Leo Borlock.

Team Magellan

On May,31,2017 Hubery,Riku, Alex and I were performing our skit. First we started by writing the script. The script now is different than how it was at the start. We practiced and made swords. That all helped because we did pretty good.  I performed with Hubery, Riku and Alex. Sadly all 3 of them are leaving this year. And they’re the only ones leaving in our class.  We performed this for our explorer unit. Our play was about Ferdinand De Magellan. He found the Philippines. He was trying to turn them into christians. He died in Mactan, Philippines 1520.I am Proud about how realistic we made our skit. Mr Ross said to make the skit as realistic as possible. Most others were funny. One thing I would do better is help the others speak louder so people could hear them.If we rated ourselves 1-4 I would rate us a 4 because we made it pretty realistic and tried really hard. I like how the props turned out. So that’s why I think it’s a 4.I like Christopher Columbus in Mrs. Sylvesters’ class because it showed what Columbus was like in his childhood. Also what made him inspired to be an explorer and try to sail to India.


Who’s Magellan?

A couple weeks ago we finished making Nao Victoria Magellan. Magellan was born 1480 died 1519. He found Mactan, Phillipines. He was traveling to the west to get to the spice islands now known as indonesia. this is victoria one of the 4 ships with Trinidad, San Antonio and San Tiago.  He died in Mactan, Philipines. He sailed on Trinidad but we made Victoria cause it’s the only that had information. Victoria sailed From monaco on the same route but dissapeared. Elcano took place as captain but 4 years later he died of scurvy. Heres some pictures of the ship.

Book Club Book Review

This was the Book we were reading about for Book clubs I Would rate this 4 Out of five. I gave it four cause Cause it has a good Plot but a little inapropriate. The plot is About a brother and a sister trying to be the better one. The younger sister’s name is Megan and the older brother Is Greg. Megan calls Greg El Grosso or just Grosso. Greg calls Megan Megamouth. Megan Really loves hockey and every time she gets to play it she will play it and Greg spent all Summer Getting stronger To empress someone But then something takes a turn. Also Megan works at Dunkin’ Donuts Part time. But one day while she is delivering French Crullers she becomes friends with someone named Emily but life takes a twist when something horrible happens to Emily. With this sibling rivalry It will be hard for these two to ever like each other. My favorite paragraph was the Part where something Happend to Emily and it had lots of emotion in it which makes it my favorite Paragraph. I Would recommend this to anyone10+ .

The Film Festival! And A bit about Documentaries

Have you imagined walking on a red carpet up on stage In front of a Crowd Taking pictures of you then Watching your new Movie? Well March 28 2017 Was the Grade four Film Festival. I Liked How It was like a real Film Festival With the Crowd/Parents and The Red Carpet Where we got pictures taken of are selves And the MC’s Who helped present the new Categories and the Documentary. With Out a doubt i was proud of my documentary and how me and my team worked really hard on it to make it great. But there was also a bad side to our documentary cause in my documentary after the credits the music of our music kept going on in a black screen 🙁 But I think people thought that was how it was suppose to be so i’m okay with that! Now Back to my point at the beginning this was at school for our learning and feel what it’s like in a elaborate But people become Documentarian’s for a different reason even though you’re thinking they’re doing it for fame and these fancy Festivals but really they’re the same as everyone but trying to make people do what they think. And most of the time there trying to make the world a better Place. Like I said before they’re people like all of us but trying to make the world a better place.

The Silk Sheets And the Bat River Next to the Crescent mall

First We Walked all the way to The Star Bridge (Rainbow Bridge) At the end we Drew sketches and Wrote some poems. After that we went on top of Rainbow Bridge and Helped Lee Tracy Put our Long piece of fabric in the water. It was a 30 minute process but when we were close to finishing the Project Alex and I ran and We acidently tore Off the top part of the fabric. After we started heading back to the School. It took a while. We also learned what sustainability is. It is basically If everyone eats pork at the same time and keep hunting them and not allowing them to Have babies they will Eventually become extinct. That is not sustainability. sustainability is when people eat something and Then let it have babies then let it have babies again then eat it.

Here are some pictures


My Field Trip to the medicine Museum and Ao Dai Museum

We went to the Medicine museum. It was an hour long to get there from school. W learned that there are two famous Herbal Doctors that were more famous than the rest. We learned different Herbs have different abilities to heal someone like if you rub a coin on your elbow when your elbow hurts then it will Feel much better. We also watched a video at the end. It was a 15 minute drive to the Ao Dai museum. First I got to design my own Ao Dai. I then saw different Ao Dai and then ate.



My field trip To a puppet show

Today we went to the water puppet show. I was in a group with Kai, Riku and Jenniffer. We asked questions about the Water puppets. We learned how to function the puppets this is how… We then had our snacks at a park. Instead of eating I sat with Hubery talking about clash Royale. After I that did that are group interviewed 4 people from the park.  Our first interview for some reason we walked around the park like we had no idea what we were doing. Our next interview we were sucessful And we kept interviewing people till it was time for lunch. when we were walking there for some reason at the start we were close to the end of the line but at the end of the walk I was the first in the restraunt. I had grilled pork for lunch with rice with fish sauce on it. I was of the first people to start eating (Some people started eating after I finished my desert but I eat fast) I then started walking not knowing what to do. Riku was suppose to be taking pictures but I did them instead. We started looking for someone to interview. We found someone but after 30 seconds Riku looked at me and said ” To loud I ended the interview” We were angry but Riku had a good explanation. If it was too loud we would not here the person who we were interviewing.