The new book club Book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ( Joey Pigza swallowed the key © )


Last week on June 2nd I finished a book called Joey Pigza swallowed the key.  It is a series book.  On this book we find out about Joey’s life.  His life is like he once lost a dad that ran away and his mom had to run after the dad.  So Joey was left alone with his grandmother.  I recommend this book because It has very interesting paths like how the dad ran away from the mom and stuff.  It is very interesting you should check it out.


Art Shading Awesome sauce

For a week in Art I have been working on a masterpiece that is awesome it is a wonderful turtle! I am regretting drawing a turtle because I wanted to draw Genji from Overwatch because It is cool. I think that it looks nice but I can make some little changes. I think that I learned that I should go with something I really cool and agreeable So I won’t regret it.My drawing skills changed by learning how to shade.


The Age of exploration SKIT!

Yesterday, we did a play describing how the explorers had went through in their voyage.  There is a video below.  My partner was Cheuk Kai, we did a play about the infamous explorer Marco Polo and his Barber. Sometimes I find it hard to make the skit with a group of people .  But we always ask the teacher for any help that we need.  I was proud that I spoke louder than usually.  I should have talk more clearer and memorize the lines.  I would rate my self 2-4 for this occasion.  I like the other skits like the Sacajawea skit because they talked loudly and clearly also they were a little bit silly.

I also like the magellan’s skit because they were very creative on the production but a little bit confusing they talk very loud and clear except for Riku.  So that’s what I did yesterday on May/31/2017 wow! nearly the end of the year.



The Explorer Ship

Our Unit explorers just past I had to do well some work during the build of the ship here’s a photo. I’m doing the script for a play at school Hopefully it works out.


MY explorer is Marco polo he was born in 1254, venice the country of birth is Italy he sailed from south of venice, the DATE OF DEATH IS 8 January 1324.

Book review about The Pinballs

rating 2 stars

This book is confusing because the next chapter is always something random or introduce a character.  I really think that the book isn’t that great either ( spoiler alert!!! ) Thomas J always get turned or Carlie or someone named Harvey but still give a star to be kind.  I think that someone who feels like being bounced around and think that he is the only one being bounced around I suggest to read this or someone that is interested in Betsy Byars or someone trying to read all the books in the world that I probably doubt also it is horribly funny plus I dont really like the ending because its just another character introduced.  Or someone who thinks the cover looks good then 10 pages later they quit end of review bye 🙂 .

River art(Lee Tracy){}

Today, I just went to the Star bridge ( Rainbow bridge ) with Lee Tracy the Eco artist and poet. We got to dip the fabric on top of the Star or Rainbow bridge.  Today I also learned that Lily pads are WATER PROOF.  I’ll tell you about it when you put water on it. it will separate to little balls. Today I studied the word sustainability when I was introduced to it.  I got blown away about what it meant. It meant thisIn ecology sustainability (from sustain and ability) is the property of biological systems to remain diverse and productive indefinitely. Long-lived and healthy wetlands and forests are examples of sustainable biological systems. In more general terms, sustainability is the endurance of systems and processes. The organizing principle for sustainability is sustainable development, which includes the four interconnected domains: ecology, economics, politics and culture. Sustainability science is the study of sustainable development and environmental science. It was a fun day.  I did a poem and a sketch.



Puppet show in Ho Chi Minh C.ty


Today I went to Destrict 1 for a field trip to a puppet show. i got to control a puppet when we were there. little did I know that my mom got me a little souvenir when were done. after that we interviewed people we only got 3 though… we all went to eat after that at Ben Thanh market. I ate too many food we had a great time there. Tommorow I’m going to Ao dai museam.

some photos