In this ecodome rebuild 2 our cricket died really soon. From looking at the ecodome and how the cricket died so fast, we guessed that the cricket either drowned, or it died because of the lack of oxygen. So this time we added a little less water and we added one more plant. We also decided to balance out the less water by adding tomatoes (which contains high water) so the cricket won't drown and will have enough water at the same time.


Will the cricket drown?

Will the cricket have enough oxygen?

Will the cricket eat the tomatoes?

Things we put in:

Tomatoes 35g

Soil 50g

3 plants (medium-small sized)

Water (3/4 cup)


Object Amount Reasoning observation
Container N/A We need a container to put the ecodome The clear one works really well for us to see our cricket.
Tomatoes 35g We need food for the cricket and also balance out the water we took out from the ecodome The tomato might work because the cricket might get a lot of water this way
Water 3/4 cup we put a little less water because the cricket might drown The water can help the plants and the cricket
Soil 50g We also put a little less soil so it would balance out the water and won't be that dry The soil we put this time we mixed the black soil and the brown soil just to see if it would matter

Day 2 ecodome rebuild

In the first rebuildwe changed the food and the amount of water in the ecodome. We Also changed the food from high water containing carrots to dry apple skin.


Will the plants survive?

Will the crickets survive on apple skin?

Will there be mold?

Things we put in:

Apple skin (23g)

Soil (60-70g)


Container that is a clear jar

watet (1cup)

Object Amount Reasoning Observation
Container N/A for there to be a ecodome that is sealed It is clear and easy to see inside
Apple Skin 23g So there would be no mold and have food for the crickets we couldn't really see it so maybe it decomposed or the cricket won't eat it
Water 3/4 cup So the cricket would have water and the plants can survive The water was still too much
Soil 30g we didn't put too much soil to the cricket has room We need more soil because the water is too much



Day 1 ecodome original

In this project we have to make a eco-dome with a container that completely seals it from the outside world. We added plants, soil, food, and we put a cricket inside the eco dome to see if it will survive over christmas break.


How will the cricket get air?

How will the cricket have water?

How will the cricket have food to eat?

Things to put it:

Container with cap to seal container

Soil (50-60g)

Water (1 cup)

Nuts and carrots (22g)

plants (from outside the highschool)

Object Amount Reasoning Observation
Container none To have a sealed place for my ecodome it does pretty well sealing the container because the water stays inside the container.
Soil 50-60g To let the plants survive It starts to grow a lot of mold on the soil
Water 1 cup To let the plants survive and let the cricket have watere to drink the water will stay on the side of the container after it evaporates so the cricket can drink it
Nuts and carrots 22g to give food to the cricket The amount of food didn't really change.
Cricket 1 To test the ecodome It was pretty active when we opened it

To me the hardest part of the journalism unit was that we had to write the article so that the reading level is not so hard. This part is hard for me because we have always been taught to write the best we can and use big vocabulary words but in the journalism unit we had to write a level down so sometimes I had to pause and think about my writing and if it is too hard.

Despite being pulled back on the writing part I think I did well on the designing because to me it looks like a real newspaper and the design makes it easy to read. Another part I am proud of is my headline was very dramatic but it was also true, which will make people read my paper.

In quarter I will be aiming to be able to follow the rubric better and have all the parts required for the writing in my paper. In quarter one I didn't really take advantage of the rubric so some parts of my writing were missing. So in quarter 2 I really want to be smarter and take advantage on the rubric and use it well.

For this project we had to make a faire booth about our subject and I did it on a very famous poet named Dante. I made a poster about everything you had to know about him, which is the background information you would need for playing my game.My game is a choose your own adventure story in one of the 3 parts of his most famous writing, the Divine Comedy. Mine was in Inferno(hell) because it is thee most interesting one. In my choose your own adventure if you make the wrong choice you will be stuck in hell. So, be careful 🙂

As the best tailor in this town, I need to go to the magnificent fair that happens every year. I didn't have enough money though so I went to Lorenzo de medici and asked for a loan but he kicked me out. I was so mad and sad I sat at the stairs infront of his palace. Then a blacksmith came up to me and he was like, "Hey mate, I am looking for a booth, wanna share booths?" I was like "Hell yeah!" so we worked together. Than, an armory guy came to me and was like I wanna join you and he destroyed all my clothes.

I learned about a lot of things in the renaissance. I learned that the renaissance was a time where people just lived their lives.  Lorenzo de Medici was very powerful and had a great palace, also the merchants and the lawyers. There was also guilds, permission to be in the group of people to own a shop doing the thing everyone in the guild do.

I think the rpg was a great way to learn and it was very fun playing this. I think I learned more this way than reading documents because this is fun so I remember what happened and what I learned.

This video talks about poverty and how to stop it. It also talks about how poverty has reacted and improved these past years. I learned that poverty has gone way better in the past years and I think that is very interesting because that kind of represent the success in the government. It will help me make better decisions in my life because I know the stats so I will be able to make a better choice.

Right now the grade six is having the project we did last year, the dragon apprentice. Because we did it last year, we have a lot of experience and we can help the grade six. So we made a video to help them get the basic idea of what to do and what not to do. My teamates are Pedro, Seung A, and Jessie. We really tried to make it funny so the sixth graders will want to watch it and we also tried to make it short so they won’t lose focus while watching the video. We also tried to have music in it so they would not get too bored of the video. I think this video should teach the sixth graders what to do and what not to do because we added a lot of tips in it that we think is good. I really hope all the sixth graders good luck!