In Social Studies, before we went on Week Without Walls, we mummified fruit vegetables. We mummified apples, cucumbers, and tomato. First, we got a plastic bag and put salt and baking soda into it. Next, we took the seeds out the vegetables. After that, we wrapped the vegetables with toilet paper and put them into the plastic bag. Finally, we let them sit for 10 days.

After we came back from WWW we opened the plastic bags. They smelled horrible and were covered in salt and baking soda. The cucumbers turned yellow and the apples turned brown. All the vegetables were dried out.

My three favorite activities in our Social Studies class were: Mummifying Fruit and Vegetables, The cross and un-cross game and the attendance questions. Although mummifying fruit and vegetables was disgusting I still liked it. I learned how the ancient Egyptians used to do it and the process. I liked the cross and un-cross game because it makes look carefully and listen. In order to win you have to pay close attention and try and not get distracted. I like the attendance questions because it is something new that I have never had before and I learn something about my classmates each class.

I learned that people long time ago would more likely settle near bodies of water and areas with a lot of vegetation because they need water and vegetation to survive.

I am proud of my Mediterranean sea because it took a very long time to build. I am also proud of the whole thing.

If I could do something different I would make my Mediterranean sea more like a circle because it is more like a rectangle.

I do not enjoy making vidoes of myself talking but it was not that bad. I had a script to help me out. I typed it up instead so that it was less obvious when I was reading it.

The main thing that I forgot to do was to get quotes from the book. This had a big impact on my grade. Something that I could work on is my presentation skills. I could have talked more naturally so that it sounded more smooth.

I included most of the things on the rubric. There is nothing that I did that was outstanding and there was nothing that I did very bad.

Overall I think that I did ok and I am happy with my grade. I definitely think I can do better. Next time can work on my speaking skills and I have to include quotes from the book!  I think making the video was a good way to talk about about our books.

Today and last class in ELA, we learned about PAF. PAF stands for Purpose, Audience and Format.

Purpose is the reason why you are writing the pice. Examples of reasons why you would be writing a pice could be to entertain, inform, explain, review etc. Purpose is important because if you do not have w reason why you are writing than it is pointless.

Audience is who you are writing to. This can be one person or many people. Your audience does not have to be someone you know. Any who reads your piece is your audience. Your friend, your parents, your teacher or an age group.


Format is how you write your piece. Slang, Formal or standard english. Format is important because if you are writing to your close friend you would probably use slang and if you were to write to your teacher you would probably use formal.

I found PAF challenging but it was helpful to learn.

In host country we learn how to speak Vietnamese. I find this very helpful because I live in Vietnam. I typing in vietnamese was challenging at first but I am improving. I find the tone marks very hard to remember. Now days I can pronounce full sentences correctly and type them as well. I can use this in real life.


From February 24 to February 26 we went to Cat Tien National Park. The bus ride there was about 3 hours long. Feeding the moon bears, watching the gibbons and the night safari were my favorite activities. Unfortunately when we went to feed the moon bears there was one bear that would not go back to its cage so we had to put the food in bamboo and throw it over the fence. But, I was ok with that.

After we fed the moon bears we looked at the sun bears. Then, we went to the gibbons. We were suppose to look at the leopard but the leopard was moved to another national park in Vietnam. When we visited the gibbons most of them where in big cages. There was one wild female with it's baby. There was also a wild male gibbon. The wild gibbons were communicating with the ones in the cage.

At the night safari we went on a big truck with seats on top. When I looked back it was completely dark I could not see a single thing. The first animal that we saw was a deer. We saw many deer. I saw one huge bat, squirrels and a few civets. It was much colder than I thought it would be. After the ride my hair was white because of all the dust.