Social Studies Ancient Egypt Reflection



I learned that Egypt was called the Gift of The Nile because the Nile flooded annually which provided silt for the Egyptians to farm with.I also learned about Reeds and Papyrus and how it was used to make paper, rope, tools and baskets. I also learned about geographical features and there advantages and disadvantages like the Mediterranean Sea, the advantages are that it is rich in fish and the disadvantage is that the water is salt water so you can’t drink it.I am proud of my voice recording because it was clearer than most of my voice records.I’m also proud of my world since its very organized.One thing i would do differently is to make my world more realistic.


My Ancient Egypt World Video

The Scary Shark Tank!!!?

Suddenly the serious judges call up my group name and tell my group to come up to the stage.I was so nervous that I almost peed in my pants and I started to present in a enthusiastic voice and said the first sentence it was scary but after a few words it was easier to speak and present and after the shark tank presentation our group found out that we got a red light and we were happy but also sad at the same time because if we got red light then we got to take a break and if we got green light we would have to work more but maybe get a chance to put the thing that you wanted to put in like my group was bird houses so we wanted to put in bird houses so anything was fine even do we failed.

The thing that I think I should improve is my presentation skills and my script writing skills also the thing I think me and my group did well is the proposal and a bit of team work.

If you wanna see my proposal click here!!!

Cat Tien Trip Reflection!!!???

Last week I went to Cat Tien National Park. We went there for our super unit called “Green Dragons”. It was really fun and creepy. When we arrived the first thing we did was river crossing. River crossing was really cool, we got to go on a ferry. The ferry was very big but looked very old and rusty. It took about 5 mins to get to Cat Tien. For safety reasons we had to wear life jackets.


Happy Moon Bear

In Cat Tien one of the must go is the moon bear centre. In the moon bear you can make food for the moon bears and the sun bears. There’s 2 types of food the one that I made was used by bamboo, bananas, banana leafs and dog food. The other one was peanut butter. They didn’t use machines because this place is very Eco friendly. After you made the food you got to hide it for the moon bears. You hide it because the moon bears have to learn how to hunt for food in nature so they can be releasedWhen you are done you get to see the amazing bears! It was really funny to see them try to find the food.

Night Safari!!!

Another attraction that was cool was the night safari. You get to see all the amazing wild life of Cat Tien. I really liked the night safari because you can see all sorts of animals that you don’t see in your daily life. One of the animals that I saw was a Pygmy Loris. The pygmy loris has very big eyes and it is very cute. I also saw 3 types of deer, 1 snake, 1 rabbit and 2 weasels. We saw the animals because there was an huge flash light shining light around us.

The last thing we did was the Bon Fire which was the most weird. We got to play games and ate mouth watering roasted marshmallows.

Over all I think Cat Tien was very fun and risky.



















Information Report Reflection

Today I got to publish my information reports.We got marked on  a sheet called “CARP” which stands for Contrast, Alignment, Repetition and Proximity.Heres a picture.

The strength of my report was good.I got a M which means meeting and is the second best.The progress was going smoothly for me because I have a idea of my topic which is bullet trains so I could be on track until the deadline of the information report.

The thing I should do better is repitition because I got a 2 on that and all the other ones I’m okay at.

Bullet Trains

My reading goal 4 the next 2 weeks


My goal for the next two weeks is to read more chapter books because before I read a lot of picture books and not a lot of chapter books.

Action Plan

My action plan for that is by when its reading time I usually have to choose an chapter book and only sometimes read picture books.


Jan 12:So far I just read one chapter book and one atlas so it is working pretty well.

Jan 13:I’m still reading my atlas and i’m finished with my chapter book.

Jan 16:I finished my atlas and is in the middle of a chapter book.

Jan 18:I just fished my chapter called sqeals on the wheels book and will be reading another book.

Jan 20:I’m reading a chapter book and a non-fiction book at the same time.The chapter book is at home and the Non-fiction book is in school.

Jan 23:I’m still reading my non_fiction book and finished it.

Jan 26:I’m starting to read chapter book.

Science Report

In school me and my partner did a experiment. Our experiment was what happens when you add sodium polyacryate into water and baking soda.

The experiment was a success. Our prediction was correct because our prediction was it would make a fizzing reaction.It was really cool because the water turned into a snow like substance and the baking soda fizzed.

I think next time we can be more organized because when we were getting ready to film we took a long time so grace the filmer got impatient and moved to the other group and I think our group worked well and that is my report!Thank You! 


On Wednesday me and my team had an B-ball tournament called “SISAC” at my school.It was very tiring,we had to run around and play B-ball from 12:30 till 5:30.Our team got 4th place which was fine.We could off got 3rd place if BIS didn’t get an free throw because we fouled and could off got 1st or 2nd place if CIS and AMIS didn’t cheat because off the horrible referee but over all it was quite fun.