long walk to water reflection

1describe what you did at each station?

Station 1 I carried a bucket on my head and I did it twice. Station 2 I carried the bamboo stick with two buckets on my back. Station number 3 I made dirty water into normal water. Station 4 I fetch water using a bucket to get water.

2.What was most difficult or challenging about the activity. Why was it difficult?

I think it was mr.bình’s station because  it hurt a lot when you put the bamboo on my shoulder.

How did you deal with the challenge?

I switch from shoulder to back and it feels better.

What ideas do you have for making this trip more interesting or realistic next year?

Ithink It is good and I already get the feeling.

my art pictrue

I chose to draw a robot because one of my story is about engineers and before i don’t know how to draw a robot so i look online. I learned how to draw a robot and shade it. I think I need to work on shadows because when I color the shadow the colors don’t blend in and mix.

20 hour project reflection

My class is doing a thing called a 20 hour project and we are supposed to do something for

20 hour to improve at it and mines was to go to the black dragon in mope.io

I did it but when I got to that level  my mom took my macbook when I was about to screen shot for proof. I think I became a lot better.

my plan is…….

Hour 1: Watch Youtube and see how most people get up to the black dragon.


Hour 2: Start to practice the tail biting skill and using some animals ability to reach to my goal.  

Hour 3: After that I watch on Youtube some tip of how to eat lower people and how to troll other players when they are higher level than me and donkey is the best troll material.

Hour 4: I try to get to a black dragon with my friend helping me.

Hour 5: I keep trying.




A thing I did that used the design cycle

First I imagine winning my uncle at chess! Then, I plan what piece my uncle hates the most in chess and does not know how to counter it and I will use that piece. After that I design a strategy of how to start  and what could happen etc. I play the chess game and I WON MY UNCLE!!! Last but not least I evaluate on what moves I did wrong and how I could win quicker.

ping pong zip liner

Challenge #1

Backward-LookingWhat problems did you encounter while you were working on this challenge? How did you solve them?

When we poked the stick through the cup but the stick just keep sliding out so we decide to tape it but it still slide out.

Inward-LookingWhat was satisfying to you or frustrating to you during the challenge?

The thing that was frustrating for me was trying to make a lot of knots using dental floss.

Outward-LookingIn what ways did your product meet or not meet the goals of the challenge?

Our zip liner had too much friction so it could not move.

Forward-LookingWhat would you change if you have a chance to do this challenge over again?

we would change instead of using dental floss and use some metal rings.

Feelings: What were some of the different feelings you experienced during the challenge?


Ship building

I am building  ship with my group. We have to build a ship of our explorer and my groups explorer is Ferdinand Magellan. The part I think was the most fun was building the ship. I learned what explorers sail for and what troubles they have to face.

Book review

Dear readers,

me and my book clubs mates read a book called a week in the woods. The book was about a boy named Mark and he is in 5th grade and his mom and dad said that he has to move houses and he doesn’t  want to switch schools because he doesn’t want to leave his friends. He goes to his new school and started very lonely but later he starts to have friends. There is a program that is called a week in the woods and you go to the woods and camp out there for a week. Mark went to the woods and on the first day he got suspended  for bringing a knife and the sheet of paper said no knifes but it wasn’t Marks fault. It was his enemy and the enemy gave him the knife. Finally the teachers found out who did it and that kid got in trouble.