Pair of Eyes that Don’t See Through Glass Coffins

Her corset bones waiting to be laced.

Ice chilling down her vertebrae, wings frozen.

Her hollow collarbones, misplaced.

Her heart, torn, her mind replaced, broken.


Her emotions hidden behind a mask.

Her identity chained, bounded, trapped.

The incisions, a blood red painting, abstract.

Her ribs, a birdcage ready to be unpacked.


The knife cuts deep into her pale, plastic skin.

Red rivers flow along the marble floor, stained.

It reveals her narrow blue ribbons, her sin.

Her crimson juice is slowly, painfully drained.


Her body is a chopping block, rotten meat.

Her soul, a flame, an extinguished heat.



Sleeping Beauty 睡美人

有一次, 一個寶寶女孩出生。她是皇家寶寶。有一天,一個邪惡的巫婆詛咒她。當她是十六的时候,如果她觸及針然后她會死。 她長大了很美和很甜。她愛唱歌. 她很喜歡吃甜食. 有一天,天空是灰色的,她動了針。她倒在地上. 每個人都睡著了. 直到王子吻了她,她醒了. 天空再次變得陽光明媚. 大家都很開心.

Yǒu yīcì, yīgè bǎobǎo nǚhái chūshēng. Tā shì huángjiā bǎobǎo. Yǒu yītiān, yīgè xié’è de wūpó zǔzhòu tā. Dāng tā shì shíliù de shíhou, rúguǒ tā chùjí zhēn ránhòu tā huì sǐ. Tā zhǎng dàle hěn měihé hěn tián. Tā ài chànggē. Tā hěn xǐhuan chī tiánshí. Yǒu yītiān, tiānkōng shì huīsè de, tā dòngle zhēn. Tā dào zài dìshàng. Měi gèrén dōu shuìzhele. Zhídào wángzǐ wěnle tā, tā xǐngle. Tiānkōng zàicì biàn de yángguāng míngmèi. Dàjiā dōu hěn kāixīn.

That Fast & Furious Moment: The Time Our Four Wheels Won Fourth


In the course of the past two weeks, the Mile-nator was built. We knew that if we wanted to win, we would have the find the most suitable but the most functional materials. Not only does using lightweight materials useful, it is very fragile too. There were many times when our car broke. One incident was when someone accidentally stepped on it. Although heartbroken, it gave us an idea that would furthermore save our car. For our wheels, we decided to use plastic CD’s because it seemed like the most reasonable choice. The body of out car is made up of cardboard and two bottle caps which act as front wheels. The force that acts upon our car is the rubber band, which is different compared to everyone else.


Newton’s first law, inertia, applies to our car because it states that an object will remain at rest or continue moving unless an outside force acts upon it. In our case, the outside force is the rubber band. The vehicle stays at rest when we don’t uncoil the rubber band, and is moving after we uncoil it and let it go. Unlike the other balloon-powered vehicles, once we let out vehicle go it will run on the four wheels given and not release air. Because of the uncoiling, it really depends on if the rubber band is coiled enough that it goes at a fast enough speed or distance, or it becomes tangled.


Newton’s second law, acceleration, states that an object with more mass demands a greater force to move it. By using lightweight and recyclable materials, the Mile-nator isn’t as heavy. If it isn’t heavy, it doesn’t require as much force needed on a heavy object. If we used a heavy object, not only would it decrease the speed and distance of our car because its weighing it down but it will also push the vehicle down altogether. This is why we chose not to use and metal our heavy objects or any wooden pieces.


Action and reaction is Newton’s third law, and it requires that when an action is taken there should be an opposite reaction. In the Mile-nator’s case, the action is the coiling of the rubber band and the reaction is the wheels turning as we release it. Without the rubber band acting as the force, the car wouldn’t move at all. It wouldn’t even pass the starting line.


Although I don’t want to admit, I think that the A.N.T 2000 is the losing car. I think so because their wheels weren’t ideal, as they used cardboard and it doesn’t react as well on hard surface. Even if the car has an air balloon mechanism, it doesn’t give the car too much of a boost. The car often loses control too. Another major loser was us because we had problems with the rubber band in the first place. Overall, I think that this was an interesting project. It tested our minds and it challenged us to think outside the box.

This is the End- Seventh Grade Memories

Seventh grade has been one of my best times in school so far. I developed more self-esteem and confidence in myself but also improved in academics. Our advisory was probably one of the wildest, funnest advisories ever. We had very memorable moments together, we listened to some of Adam’s bad jokes, and enjoyed some of the best cakes I’ve ever tasted. Ms.Mckinnon always does her best to soothe us on our birthdays, treating us with cake and a Smencil. However, school is still about academics and grades. I tried to maintain a very balanced grade on every subject and I think my parents are satisfied with my scores. I am especially happy because I didn’t suffer in Math and Science, both I struggled during the last year. I have learned that slacking off is not an option. I managed to break through and become an underdog, at least to myself. All I need to know is that I’m trying my best and doing good. It not only proves to my parents that I’m a loyal student but also a maturing teen. Although all the struggles through the school year may have been tough but all of my friends’ kindness really lifted me. I don’t know if eighth grade can compare to seventh grade but the future awaits. I will most definitely remember Ms.McKinnon and her hilarious remarks against Jonathan. I will miss having the teachers pushing me forward to strive. I will most definitely remember my time in my advisory.

Final Chapter (Fourty Book Challenge Reflection)


    This is the last page of the final chapter. The end of the story. The last word of a poem. The last melody of a song. The last coat of paint on the

Image by Pamela Mckinnon
Image by Pamela Mckinnon

canvas. The end of my seventh grade school life. This year, I’ve read forty-four books, ranging in different genres. Over the year, I have found out that I prefer fiction over non-fiction, informational over mystery. Every word seems to touch me as much as any character. I have excelled in everything except Biography. I am more of a reader and book adventurer this year than last year and have evolved from the sluggish reader that I used to be.Books have improved my vocabulary and helped me with writing tests. However, the Forty Book Challenge itself isn’t as intriguing and it seems more like a forced activity. It isn’t a free read but a forced read. Overall, reading is not as bad as I thought it would be. I actually grew to like it and am always captivated and hooked to the story that I read. My point of view on reading may have change but it may be because I’m forced to read. 



Let Them Eat Cake (Final Free Write of the Year)

    There is only one Marie Antoinette, but there are two different people in my heart. I look up now into the oval mirror and see barely a trace of the mud-splattered girl dashing through woodlands on her horse, or the barefoot girl wading at Schonbrunn. I have become what Mama set out for me to be. Majestic. Poised. Graceful. A Dauphine and now a Queen. I was  grown up, preparing for my destiny as a royal. Being married to the King of France has its perks. I am bestowed with a life of glamour and luxury with no expenses. A life with opulent jewels and

Image by blmiers2

haute couture dresses, created by my dear dressmaker Rose Bertin. A life where my platinum blonde hair is dressed in the most outrageous,but posh hairstyles in the whole of Europe. I once dreamt that I would be like Mama, brave, courageous, daring. When I was brought here by the royal carriage, I was still Maria Theresa Josepha Joanna, a shy girl who knew nothing about being a Queen. The Court of Versailles was strict about how royal French ladies should act so I had to learn how to be like them. As I pass the Hall of Mirrors in the castle of Versailles, I think about what Mama would do in this situation. Present herself in the best manner? Speak her utmost mind? Be the wise queen and make the decision for the sake of Austria? Every time she speaks, I am amazed at how I count the steps to the dining room for tonight’s ball. I, however, wonder how the feeling would be when I am crowned as the Queen of France, no longer the Dauphine. I am precisely too elegant to be sliding through snow in the winter at Schonbrunn or toying with mud. I grew out of it. If I was to be the ruler of France, I have better learn how to be Marie Antoinette. The guards open the door and I walk into the room. The saccharine and fragrant aroma greet me with a warm welcome. As I glide through the room, the sweet scent follow me. I could no longer resist. As I flip my hands through the gilded table, I suddenly stop. I pick up a peach-colored macaroon and placed it into my mouth to satisfy my taste buds. The sweet, luscious flavor of the pastry exploded in my mouth. Everything was simply divine. Out of nowhere, a guard pushes through the door.

  “Ma reine, les citoyens français sont exigeants pour la nourriture. Ils veulent votre tête!”

    “Qu’ils mangent de la brioche!” 

The Forty Book Challenge Self Assessment

Knowledge has been passed through generations and generations of human kind. A warrior with knowledge is destined to win. A snake who knows the time to strike will not leave with a hungry stomach. Knowledge is as sweet as honey and as thick as a boulder of army men. Obtaining knowledge can be found in the books stacked neatly on the shelves of your library. A picture may be worth a thousand worth, but the words in a book are worth more than thousands and thousands of words. These words are treasures. This pass year, I have read 32 books so far and only need 8 to reach the climax of my goal. I have read some of my favorite books and some of the books that I’ve never heard of. It is good to experiment. However, only reading in one genre can be boring. You have to try and I know I have. It has helped me in my writings, tests, and personal thoughts. Though I lack in Biography and Mystery, I am hoping to read a few of them before the handle of the school reach an end. Biographies never really get me and I can never find one that I am interested in. Mysteries may have some of the best action-packed details but I have never been able to pick up one and continue reading it.

To reach the climax of my goal, I want to read 8 books in the next two weeks. It may be impossible but only the best has made it through. I may not have as much time left as I hoped but I am willing to try my best. I will “stick” my eyes in books in the next few weeks. I want to complete the challenge and I know I can. I will read more than the expected time each day to finish them. I am really hoping to come out of this challenge on top.

The Other Side of The Mirror: The Other Side of Truth Reflection

The Other Side of Truth by Beverley Naidoo is a breathtaking, adventurous tale of a brave, teenage girl named Sade who is struggling with her family after her mother was mysteriously shot. To escape, she and her brother, Femi, fly to London illegally, and was left by the adult that brought them here. The book itself has different aspects to it. You can really sense the characters like you’re experience the mayhem with the siblings. The

Image by RalphHightower

story was supported with rich, vibrant details and alot of educational words that I have yet to learn. Every chapter is a new exhilarating experience with new peaks and glimpses of Sade. The Other Side of Truth flows nicely and is a subtle, but elegant, read. This book leaves readers in a whirlwind of thoughts. I truly love this book. It is one of the few that I really like to open up and look at. Listening to the struggles of a teenage girl going through alot really gave me something to think about after the book has ended. Beverly Naidoo really knows how to amplify up small words into a gigantic work of art. Don’t wait to pick up this book!


Benji’s Adventure Time : A Blood Cell’s Story


Greetings, I’m Benji the blood cell! My adventure begins at the right atrium. Before I get squeezed by the atrium to the triscupid valve, I have a little rest in the atrium. I am usually a healthy blood cell. Later, I end up in the right ventricle. After that, it contracts and I take a quick tour through the pulmonary valve. I flow to the pulmonary artery, then to my lungs. I need to travel to the lungs to get rid image (1)of the CO2 I’m carrying. I drop all the waste in the capillaries and leave to pick up Oxygen. I then travel through the pulmonary vein to the left atrium. The left atrium squeezes me through the mitral valve. I end up in the left ventricle. The left ventricle contracts, pushing me to the aorta valve.  I flow through the aorta valve and go up into my hands. As I travel around and through the body, I stop to pick up some glucose in the blood and head to the  capillaries to drop of the glucose and the oxygen. I then pick up the wastes and then jump into the veins and travel through the superior vena cava. On the way back, I remove all the waste, except the carbon dioxide. I drop off the wastes in the organs. Once again, I’m back in the right atrium in a flash. 

Final Recall (Free Write 4)


As the birds soared across the orange amber sky, the sun started to lower and the midnight blue started to rise. I was preparing for the ball that was held tonight. I slapped on my best suit and combed my hair,until it seems like it was stitched to my head. I placed a mint in my mouth and neatly

Image by dnkemontoh

dressed my eyebrows and headed out the door. When I opened the gold, gilded door, the first thing I saw was everyone on the white marble floor. The glass chandelier was set pitch perfect, highlighting my hazel eyes and sweet,ochre hair. I searched around for Olivia but she wasn’t there. I turned around and saw a different sight. She was glimmering, in an emerald green bejeweled  gown with her fire orange locks pulled back. Her skin was an ivory color and she was the definition of gorgeous. We danced all night and I had the night of my life. Everything went smoothly until it seemed like an earthquake was among us. The Titanic shook and we all trembled. Before I knew it, I was gone. She was gone. I was Jack from the Titanic. Help me.

Inspired by the Free Write topic “Iceberg”