Experiencing Melaka


Taking a Selfie with Coach.

Photograph by Mr. Sylvester, 2014

“Biking was interesting because I got to race the Sammy rat and afterwards he gave me a good spanking” – Malachai, a fellow WWW participant

               Ready at the starting line, we all felt like racers, revving engines, and narrowing our eyes at the instructor, telling us “the signal” to go or not. The gun fired, not literally, and we were all off on the long 18 km bike ride. Right away, we all felt the beating sun, blasting its lava glaze onto our skin. But that wasn’t our main worry. It was the water bottles that got most of our attention. The ill-fitting water bottles fell from the bikes of those in front, getting in the way of the back wheel and tipping some off their bikes. Luckily I saw the problem because the people ahead started to wobble, and so I fixed my bottle. Looking at wonderful, tall trees  while enjoying the bike ride was one of the best events of the visit to Melaka. Even though it was an extremely hot and exhausting bike ride, the experience of spectacular sights made it worthwhile.


A view of Crown Shyness at the Forest Research Institute of Malaysia

Photograph by Mr. Sylvester, 2014

“The Canopy Walk was rather a new experience, but it wasn’t as impressive as I expected” – Tom, a WWW member

               Telling myself not to look down, I looked down, and the strange thing was, I couldn’t get my eyes to look anywhere other than the ground, because the view from above was like being in a whole different world. The Canopy Walk was a very silent and peaceful walk, allowing the nature-ness to be able to sync in, where you could hear birds humming in tune and trees brushing back and forth with the breeze. That’s the main point of the Canopy Walk, and there is no better way to enjoy such a site than being high up. The feeling of being up high off the ground meant we felt like birds, and the fact that the walkway was held up by two ladders made it necessary to walk extremely gracefully.


Introducing ourselves to the kids at the orphanage

Photograph by Mr. Sylvester, 2014

“The Indian Orphanage was really fun because we got a chance to learn more about their religion” – Jack, a WWW contributor

               Arriving at the Orphanage, we could see all the kids’ hair slicked back, and wearing formal clothes, while we thought we were the ones wearing formal clothes. Clearly not. The young kids were all super kind and also cute. They happened to also know how to speak English, while we were asking how to say “Hello” in Malay. Playing with the kids was a wonderful time, but what was out of the ordinary was that when dinner was served we needed to eat with bare hands, something I and the others hadn’t done since the time we were wearing diapers. After all the kids had given out their Facebook addresses, it was time to say “Selamat Tinggal” and head out with a load of good memories.