These are the videos for the swimming unit:



By: Russell, Max, Dac Lan, KhaVy, Haley, and Ana


  • There are four goals and four teams which are wearing fins on each side of the pool.
  • All of the teams will be split evenly and will each have one goal.
  • All goals are evenly sized.
  • There will be water dodge balls in the middle of the pool, and coins are scattered underwater.
  • There will also be buckets with weights inside of them to keep them underwater.
  • Lastly, there will be rings which will have a team’s water polo ball. A water polo ball worth 20 goals while a normal ball is only worth 1 goal.
  • There will be teammates who have different jobs as well depending on your team's strategy, such as some will focus on getting as many coins as possible. Others might focus on scoring points through rings or goals. Some might protect their ring and goal from other teams.
  • The objective of the game is to get as many points as possible in the given amount of time (10 minutes). In that time, you must first pick up all the coins inside the pool and put them in your bucket which is underwater. After, you must take the normal balls and try to shoot them into the other team’s goals. When there is only one minute left, a whistle will blow and you can take your water polo ball, and score it in another team’s empty ring. This will score you 20 points. When time is up, your team will grab your bucket and count all the coins you have collected, as well as count up all the points you have scored in goals or or ring. The team with the most points wins and get one point.
  • After that round, you rotate in clockwise and start over. This cycle will repeat until you have ended up back in the same spot as you were before. The team with the most rounds won at the end is the winner of the game.



  • Same sized goals x4
  • Water Dodge Balls x15
  • Water polo balls x4
  • Buckets x4
  • Coins x50
  • Weights x4
  • Fins (Depends on how many player are in the game.)



  1. You cannot pick up the buckets until the game is done.
  2. You cannot hit or target people with the dodge balls.
  3. You can only score using the water polo ball at the last minute of the game.
  4. You can steal another's water polo ball if it is floating in the pool. You cannot take your ball out of the ring, and score over and over. You must leave it there.
  5. There can only be one water polo ball in each ring.
  6. Once you’ve scored a goal, you cannot get the ball back out from the goal. You must swim away, and get a new one. Not the one you previously used.
  7. You cannot steal a ball someone is holding. You can only take a ball if you see it floating in the water.
  8. There may only be one goalie at each goal.
  9. Once the game is over, you will hear a whistle being blown. After the whistle is blown, you must stop what you are doing and listen to the teacher to directions. You may not score goals when time is over.
  10. Goalies can take balls from out the goals, and can throw them into the middle of the pool.
  11. Be careful of where you are swimming because of the fins you are wearing might accidentally hit someone.
  12. You cannot steal coins from the other team’s buckets.
  13. You can only hold one dodgeball at a time when shooting goals.
  14. You can only grab 3 coins per travel back to your team’s bucket.
  15. You can only throw one ball in one net each than you can go and get another ball to throw in another net.(You cannot throw the same ball in the same net.)
  16. Be honest about your goals that you have scored when telling your score.
  17. Be safe and aware of the others around you.
  18. Everyone should be active.
  19. Have fun! May the best win.



This is a picture of a volcano and the colors and sections stands for the sections of the volcano.  Magma is in the magma chamber. Magma is a hot melted rock, It goes up threw the central vent  and it releases ashes and lava. Volcano can form when two plates diverge under the ocean. They can also form when tow plates converge for example: like when the ocean crust converges with the land crust the ocean crust starts to dive down or submerge under the other. They rub each other and it cause the friction to melt the crust. The hot magma create great strong pressure and over a long time it start to go up through the cracks.

I think learning about the form of government is important because than you will know the rules and the things that the government did for the country.

I think that Athens, I think there government is good because there really nice and smart. Even if they don't have strong army but they treat each other nicely and respectfully. So I think that Athens is a good and strong Government.


In what areas do you feel successful in math this quarter? I tried to do more math questions and get over with the hard ones.
In what areas are you unhappy with your progress this quarter? I am unhappy that these month I stopped doing ALEKS questions.
What goals can you set for next quarter? I should do more ALEKS and submit more in 3D game lab.

I like this project because... I get to learn more about Ancient egypt, and I also get to learn more about the game minecraft.

The thing I don't like about this project is that you need to record your voice it makes me shy and scared of people hearing me talk.

But this time in Social Study Mrs Wolf gave us lots of time, and I felt really confident sharing with her my minecraft problem, and letting her listen to my voice.



When I was in Cat Tien I was in group 2 and my room mate is Phuong and Rena. When we got there we had to cross a river by a boat. Then we got to know who was our cabin teacher so that if we have any question we can ask that teacher. Mine is Mrs Heatwhole. Our cabin was medium size so we rest and then we had to go to all the activaty.

The gibbon was also very cute!!!!!!!!!

The next day we get to see the moon bears they are cute we had a book so we can write about what we see. I drew a moon bear and I wrote about it. The moon bear seem to look weak but when we see it eat the food it crack the bamboo open by only it hands and mouth. Then while we were writing we heard that the sun bear were fighting over something. Sun bears is a different kind of bear. The day was at night we went hiking pretty spooky and scary but it was fun because weirdly I can still see even without my flashlight. Then when we got back to our cabin we had to get ready for the bonfire tonight. The bonfire was fun. We get to cook the marshmallow the marshmallow was yummy!!! Then we shower and change and our teacher come in at 10:00 and turn of the light and we slept.

The next day we woke up and we went to breakfast I can't believe that I was late for breakfast on the day we are going to go back to SSIS. Breakfast was good. Then we went back to our cabin and then we pack up and leave our luggage outside. Then we have free time in our room or we can visit other but have to be in the same cabin. It was fun playing and talking to one jee and Hee Woo and also Ajin. Then we leave around ten.  Then we get on the bus.I was in bus 2 so I go on bus too. Same bus that I go when I just came there. I sat with Rena. We talk and we watch movies. When we get there I told my dad about Cat Tien.

24735255224_6c526349a0_o  The gibbon!    25070272470_ce631ee413_z Sun Bear24739156183_03c6f812d3_o Moon bear

In this design unit I learn a lot I learn the safety rules, I learn how to use the driller and the hard part of this unit is we had to make a cube out of real wood. I was surprise that we had to use wood. The first time I use the driller I was pretty scared but it turned out good. It was pretty hard when we had to try to make the wood same size so that it will fit together but then we put the peaces together and it turned out good! It was hard work.

24489204846_4800857151_o        24346768902_0469b49dbb_z