In Mandarin, we recently learned about Daily Routine and we also made a poster. This is the poster and the video is down below. We learned about what time we wake up, when we eat breakfast, lunch, dinner, when you go out of school, When you sleep and etc. It took some time making the poster so I hope you understand. xD

I'm proud that I have good grades for Mandarin and I got all A+s for tests. The words for Motorcycle, Bicycle were hard.

This is synchronized swimming that we did recently. We only had about 1 hour and a half so this is what we did. We tried our best and there is supposed to be 6 people but one person was sick and another person was sick the other day so it was a bit hard to tell them all over again and again but we made it through. Thanks!


Monarchy is the first out of all four. Monarchy was ruled from 2000 BC to 1200 BC. Monarch is when a king or queen rules everything but its usually a king. They have all the power.


Oligarchy is the second of the four. Oligarchy means few. So a few gummies ruled from 1200 BC to 600 BC. They were mostly mean and bad so the rich people grew more and more richer and the poorer people got more and more even though they do all the hard work and the rich people only go to parties and play.








Tyranny is the third of the four. Tyranny ruled from 600 BC to 500 BC. Usually, Tyranny is usually from the armies because they had made the oligarch go out from the top.


Democracy is the last one. They ruled from 500 BC till now. There is Direct Democracy where you have to and can vote on every single problems and there is representative Democracy where you choose people who will vote instead of you because you might be really busy and when people call you for vote, then you have to go right away. Korea, America etc are using representative Democracy nowadays.

*What did you know about these forms of government BEFORE we started this unit?

I literally knew nothing. I only knew about monarch and that they were kings and queens. I didn't know that there was four types of government. I definitely didn't know about oligarch, tyranny but I did heard about democracy somewhere but I forgot what it meant.

*Why is it important to learn about forms of government?

It will help you in the future and you have to know about these things because even now, its still going on and we need to know how it started.

*Which form of government do you think works best & why?

I think the democracy works the best because everybody can vote on what they want to do but the only bad part about it is that some people might listen to people who goes up a stage and say their opinion and lots might go with him/her.

There is so many that you can't even count all of them! Eat Fresh - Subway, Kids and adults love it so the happy world of - Haribo, Have a break, Have a - Kit Kat, Just Do It - Nike, I'm lovin' it - Mc Donalds, Delicious and Refreshing - Coca Cola, Think Different - Apple, I Will - Under Armour etc. When you hear the words eat fresh, didn't you think of Subway right away? Well I did. I love Subway personally and I also ate it recently. When you have to eat something in a fast time, you will have to go to Subway and you can also choose what to go in your sandwich. Why don't you try going to Subway if you never tried or go one more time. I bet its really awesome. When it says eat fresh, I think about fresh lettuce picked right now. Crunchy and watery. I think Eating Fresh is the slogan.

We read a book called Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. It was kind of hard because of the vocabulary words so I recommend this to 5 through 8th graders but it was still good. I will not give all the story away to you guys so I'll only tell you the  summary. There is a main character called Scrooge. He is really mean, cruel and fiend. Three spirits comes along and lets him see him past, present and future and during that time, what people think about him. In the future, he sees his own grave and no one comes. Then, when he gets back to normal, he treats everyone really specially and give the poor people money and good supplies and food to live. Because he was very rich but didn't use his money. Thanks for taking your time reading and find out more about Christmas Carol!!

In Social Studies class, we have been learning about mummies. So Mrs. Wolf let us mummify the small tomatoes and a slice of apple. We mixed baking soda and salt together to make the mummifying powder and we stuffed them into the tomatoes and tried to do the same with the apple slice. Then, we wrapped them in tissue and put them in the bag of the powder mixture. We then stayed after a week and looked at the vegies finally. WE SAW THIS.... screen-shot-2016-12-06-at-8-11-24-pmAND THIS.... screen-shot-2016-12-06-at-8-11-09-pm

The top three activities I liked the most in Social Studies class this semester is mummifying the vegies, making the Minecraft video, and playing the two colored pencil game. I really liked playing the game because I 1. wanted to know why I was wrong every time and because everyone enjoyed it . I liked the Minecraft also because I never even played Minecraft before. So it was kind of new of me and I like doing new things and trying them as same as mummifying the vegies today. I really enjoyed Social Studies this year.

Hello!! I'm Sihyun and this is my video about ancient Egypt!! I made this video mainly in minecraft and I hope you enjoy!! Thank you!! And my reflection is down here.   🙂

  • What did I learn about GEOGRAPHY & EARLY HUMAN SETTLEMENT from this project?

I learned that the nile river was very important to settlements because the water was very clean, they washed their clothes, showered and also drank the water. The nile river flooded every year and that helped the farmers to farm.

  • What am I proud of most in my project?

I am proud of everything because its my first time using minecraft but I am  most proud of the house that I made and it comes at the end of the video. In minecraft, some of the papyruses could stay on grass but some of the papyruses couldn't.

  • What would I do differently if I were to do this project again?

I would make everything more professional and I would want to make people, animals, and more houses and I would make everything a little more bigger. I would make my nile river more longer because I said the nile river is the biggest river in the whole world and I would like to make my mediterranean sea more larger and put some more fishes

I think I'm doing fine on catching on the 3d game lab. I'm not going too far ahead nor too far behind my goal.                                                                                                                                                I think I was not that happy about the part when when I got A right before parent conference because I thought it was going to effect my grade or something worse.                                          My goal for next time is  I'm in the 3 year path so I want to go to the two year path when there is a long break like the winter break because I think I can do it if I have enough time and stuff.Image result for I LOVE MATH

We had to read a book in ELA class. They were called Lit Circles.  After we had done all the lit circles and read all the books. When we were done, we had to do the vlog and post it on you tube and our blogs. In our vlogs, we were supposed to include the introduction, Blurb, Conflict, main characters, theme, rate the book and recommend to people with reasons. We had to say everything clearly and with standard english. We had to look at the camera most times and only could glance at the notes that we wrote. We were also not supposed to show our notes to the camera or the back of the the notes. You had to we not so loud and not so quiet. And the distance between the camera and you have to be equal as possible. If you followed all the instructions, you could get a A+. I forgot to add so much about the main character and the theme. So the total grade that I got was a B.